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Product Description- Vermiculite

Hydrous Phyllosilicate mineral or Vermiculite is a potting mix for plant soil. Where to buy Vermiculite? Well, Vermiculite is easily available at any local nursery store or simply go for Vermiculite online at Greenbeen. Vermiculite soaks up the water and holds it. It is best used for soil amendment and moisture retention. Vermiculite has nothing to do with worms however, it received such a name because when the mineral is heated, it exfoliates into a large worm-like structure, hence the Latin name, Vermiculite meaning, “to breed worms”. 


  • Natural Soil Additive
  • Moisture Retention 
  • Provides Nutrients to Soil

Product Specifications- Vermiculite for Plants

  • Botanical Name- Hydrous Phyllosilicate mineral
  • Suitable for house gardening, indoor, outdoor, organic farming, terrace farming or gardening

Benefits & Usages- Vermiculite Soil

  • Adding Vermiculite to soil improves the soil texture
  • Vermiculite helps in seed germination and soil structure

How to Use Vermiculite Gardening?

  • Organic vermiculite is used to condition the soil or for soil amendment
  • When you are planting seeds, the use of vermiculite is recommended
  • Use vermiculite to repot outdoor container plants
  • Mix the large, medium or fine vermiculite particles with compost or DIY potting mix

Facts about Vermiculite Potting Soil

  • Vermiculite and Perlite Mix loosens the compacted and heavy soil
  • Horticulture vermiculite is safe for your gardening
  • Types of vermiculite includes large, medium and fine particles

Inside the box- Vermiculite Hydroponics?

  • Vermiculite Compost

FAQs - Vermiculite

What is vermiculite used for?

Vermiculite is used as a potting mix for soil amendment, moisture retention and to provide nutrients to the potting soil. 

How much vermiculite to add to the soil?

Around 25% of vermiculite is recommended to be added to the soil. 

What is vermiculite concrete?

Vermiculite concrete is a product used in construction. It is mixed with cement and water for building purposes. 

Are perlite and vermiculite the same thing?

No, even though they are both used as a potting mix, perlite is used for soil aeration and drainage while vermiculite is used for moisture retention. 

Is vermiculite dangerous in gardening?

Horticulture vermiculite is safe for gardening purposes. 

Which one is best vermiculite or perlite?

Vermiculite and perlite have their own characteristics. Vermiculite is used for moisture retention and perlite is used for drainage and soil aeration. 

What is vermiculite made of?

Hydrous Phyllosilicate mineral is heated and the exfoliated material is vermiculite. 

How much pH level exist in vermiculite?

The level of vermiculite is 7.0 pH.

The Ideal density of vermiculite required for plants?

25% of Vermiculite is required depending on the size of the pot and the type of the plant. 

Can we grow plants in coco peat?

Cocopeat can be used in the potting soil for its organic and soil aeration properties. 

What are the various ingredients used in bonsai soil?

Ingredients used in the Bonsai soil are, pumice, lava rock, akadama, gravel and organic compost.

What is soilrite? How is it used?

Soilrite is an organic, environmentally friendly soil conditioner used for good drainage and soil aeration. Soilrite consists of a mixture of horticulture perlite and Irish peat moss. 

Does all vermiculite contain asbestos?

No, all vermiculite does not contain asbestos. 

Is having vermiculite insulation in your attic a big deal?

Vermiculite insulation is problematic if it contains asbestos. 

Can we use sand instead of vermiculite?

Sand can be used in the potting mix however it is not recommended because sand has low nutrients and vermiculite is used for moisture retention.