Rubber Plant Variegated- Tineke Rubber
Rubber Plant Variegated- Tineke Rubber

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Rubber Plant Variegated- Tineke Rubber

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Product Description- Ficus Elastica Tineke

This impressive Elastica Tineke is perfect for art lovers. The white, burgundy, dark green and light green abstract patches on the leaves make the plant look very alluring. The splash of colors of this plant can enhance any corner of the room at home or offices. 


  • Easy to Care and Maintain
  • Attractive Ornamental Foliage 
  • Adaptable Houseplant
  • Striking Variegated Shrub

Product Specifications- Tineke Rubber Plant

This plant belongs to the Moraceae family, which is native to South East Asia. The common names of this plant are Rubber Fig, Rubber Bush, Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant and Indian Rubber Tree.

  • Botanical Name- Ficus Elastica
  • Plant Type- Ornamental Plant
  • Suitable for- Indoors
  • Blossom in- Rarely bloom
  • Growth of Potted Plant- 2-5 feet
  • Pot Dimension- 4 inches 

Benefits & Usages- Rubber Plant Tineke

  • Indoor Tineke Rubber is a perfect gift for new homes or offices
  • Ruby Rubber Plant is a fast-growing plant
  • Variegated Rubber Plant can fit  at any corners to beautify interior décor
  • Burgundy Rubber Plant is one of the easiest plants to maintain

How to take care of Tineke Rubber?

  • Ficus Tineke Ruby needs bright indirect or filtered lighting arrangements
  • Water the plant when the upper layer of the soil becomes dry
  • Rubber Plant Caring Tips includes misting the leaves especially in summers to maintain the humidity
  • To keep the leaves shinier, rub the leaves with a damp cloth or sponge
  • As part of the Ficus Elastica Tineke care routine, keep it away from the heater or AC vents
  • Prune the leaves of Ruby Tineke Rubber Plant to encourage growth
  • Ruby Tineke Rubber Plant propagation is carried through branch cuttings and place in a new pot

Facts about Tineke Rubber Tree

  • Extreme direct sunlight can scorch the leaves
  • Placing Ficus Decora Tineke in too dry and cold temperatures should be avoided
  • This is one of the oldest houseplants globally
  • Excess fertilizers can cause salt buildup on Ruby Tineke Rubber Plant

Inside the box- Rubber Tree Tineke?

  • Tineke Plant
  • 4 inches Colored Self Watering Pot

FAQS - Tineke Rubber

How do you care for a Tineke rubber plant?

Place the plant under bright indirect light and mist the leaves to maintain freshness. Water the plant when the topsoil feels dry. Keep the plant under constant humid conditions. 

How big does a Tineke rubber tree get?

As a houseplant, Tineke can grow up to 2-10 feet tall.

Is a ficus Tineke a rubber plant?

Yes, Ficus Tineke is a rubber plant. 

How long does it take ficus Tineke to grow?

Rubber plants can grow up to 10-20 years. 

How do I get more variegation in my rubber plant?

Maintain humidity and lighting arrangement to develop more variegation to the rubber plant. 

How do I make my rubber plant bushy?

Prune or trim the dead, damaged or dried leaves to make the rubber plant bushier.

Are variegated rubber plants rare?

Variegated Ruby Rubber plant is a rare one. 

Should you mist a variegated rubber plant?

Yes, misting the rubber plant can maintain the humidity and evergreen look. 

How often should I mist my rubber plant?

Mist the plant as per season requirement. In summers, the leaves must be regularly misted.