Petunia Flower

Petunia Flower

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The popular flower of the same name derived its epithet from the French, which took the word return, meaning "tobacco" from a Tupi Guarani language. An annual, most of the varieties seen in gardens are hybrids. Petunias are one of the most popular bedding flowers. 

Product Details:

    • Petunia Flower- Plant (Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink)
    • 6-inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot

Care Tips:

    • Light- Full sun, can also tolerate lesser light
    • Water- Regular watering
    • Where to grow- Garden/ terrace/ balcony
    • Maintenance- Any organic fertilizer would do at 2 weeks gap

Special feature:

    • Ornamental
    • Fragrance, Attracts birds