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Neem Powder
Neem Powder

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Neem Powder

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Product Description- Powder Neem

Neem extract is an extremely non-toxic and organic matter used for gardening and farming. It protects the crops from insecticides and other pests. This tropical evergreen tree is native to Southeast Asia. Neem cake powder improves the soil by providing micro and macro nutrients. 


  • Medicinal Properties
  • Used as Pest Control
  • Bio-degradable Resource

Product Specifications- Neem Powder for Plants

Suitable for indoors, house gardening, container plants, outdoor, terrace garden, etc.

Benefits & Usages- Neem Powder Organic

  • Bio Organic Neem Powder reduces the nitrogen loss in the soil
  • Neem powder is bio-degradable and can be used with other fertilizers
  • Neem cake is highly recommended for soil amendment
  • This powder is cost-effective for house gardening

How to Use Neem Seed Powder?

  • Neem Cake is used as an organic fertilizer in agriculture
  • Neem Cake Powder for Plants is also used as a natural nematicide
  • Neem powder contains NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) which is helpful for healthy soil
  • Deeply mix the Neem powder with soil and other garden soil mix

Facts about Neem Giloy Powder

  • Neem is regarded as antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal
  • Neem Powder for plants enriches the soil

Inside the box- Neem Cake?

  • Organic Neem Leaf Powder

FAQs - Neem Powder

What should be the ideal neem powder for plants dosage?

25 gms per pot is the ideal neem powder dosage for plants. 

What are the fertilizers or manures to be added to potted plants?

Organic fertilizers or cattle manure, vermicompost, bio-compost, garden soil mix can be added to the potted plants. 

How to grow plants organically?

Add organic fertilizers or cattle manure, vermicompost, bio-compost, garden soil mix to the plants and avoid any chemicals. 

How to prepare good quality garden soil at home?

Add nitrogen-rich organic matter, use peat moss, bio waste, neem powder to the garden soil. 

What is the benefit of neem oil in agriculture?

Neem oil protects the plant or the crops from pests. It is completely non-toxic and bio-degradable. 

What is the best organic fertilizer?

Cow manure, kelp, alfalfa meal, chicken manure, and limestone are some of the best organic fertilizers. 

How to make neem oil for plants?

You need cold-pressed or raw neem oil which can be put in a spray and then can be applied to the plants. 

How to use neem powder on plants?

Neem powder can be poured by digging the soil near the roots.