Golden Money Plant

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Golden Money Plant

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Product Description- Golden Money Plant

Golden Money Plant is famously called Lucky Plant. It is said that Pothos Money Plant brings prosperity, wealth and happiness. The heart-shaped leaves are pleasant and glossy with a splash of greenish-yellow shades. 


  • Popular Houseplant 
  • Perfect in Hanging Basket
  • Recommended by NASA
  • Low Light Survivor

Product Specifications- Gold Money Plant

This plant belongs to the Araceae family. This plant is commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, Solomon Islands Ivy or Hunter’s Robe. 

  • Botanical Name- Epipremnum Aureum
  • Plant Type- Air Purifying Plant/Foliage Plant
  • Suitable for- Indoor/Outdoor 
  • Blossom in- Rarely bloom
  • Growth of Potted Plant- climbing/hanging plant
  • Pot Dimension- 4 inches 

Benefits & Usages- Money Plant Marble Queen

  • Ideal for shopping centers, public spaces, corridors, windows, table-tops, etc
  • Money Tree Houseplant is a fuss-free low maintenance plant
  • It is said that Golden Money Plant reduces anxiety and stress & spreads positivity
  • This plant is a great option to improvise a home or room corner in a stylish way
  • As per Vastu Shastra, this plant absorbs harmful radiations and provides clean air

How to take care of Golden Pothos Money Plant?

  • Water needs to be poured twice a week
  • Indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight is sufficient for the plant to grow well
  • Organic manure every month is recommended for the efficient plant growth
  • Ageing yellow leaves can be pruned
  • If the plant is outgrowing then it can be repotted
  • Variegated Money Plant care includes misting if the plant is too dry
  • This plant can be propagated by the stem cutting process
  • Pests and bugs can be kept away by applying neem oil spray

Facts about Money Plant Marble Queen

  • Gold King Money Plant reduces stress and anxiety if placed at house corners
  • This plant can even survive in low light
  • NASA has recommended this plant as one of the top plants to improve the air quality
  • Direct sunlight can scorch the plant leaves, hence it should be avoided
  • As per ASPCA, Money Plant is not toxic for pets but can still upset if chewed by the pets
  • Gold Money Plant is believed to have an aesthetic appeal for home decor

Inside the box- Gold King Money Plant

  • Golden Money Plant
  • 4 inches Colored Self Watering Pot

FAQs - Gold Money Plant

How to grow a golden money plant?

Golden Money Plant propagation is carried out by simply stem cuttings and can be grown in soil as well as water. 

How to take care of a golden money plant?

Golden Money Plant can thrive well if the room temperature is maintained. Neem oil can be misted to keep the pests away. Natural fertilizer can be used for efficient plant growth.  

Difference between money plant and golden pothos?

There is no such major difference between Money Plant and Golden Pothos. Pothos are generally climbing or hanging plants. Money Plant having the same features is known as Golden Pothos Money Plant.  

How do you take care of a golden money plant?

Golden Money Plant care is easy. Just water it twice a week, mist the plant for dust-free leaves, prune the aging yellow leaves and let your plant thrive and climb for stunning home décor. 

How do you take care of a money plant?

Golden Money Plant is a low-maintenance plant. Twice a week watering, monthly organic manure, timely misting and pruning are some variegated Money Plant care tips. 

Does a money plant need sunlight?

Partial sunlight, indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight is sufficient for the Money Plant to grow well. 

Is golden pothos same as money plant?

Golden pothos are generally evergreen and hanging plants. They climb through aerial roots with any support like railings, poles etc. Money plant has the same characteristics, hence Golden Pothos is considered similar to Money Plant.