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Garden Soil Mix

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Garden Soil Mix

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Product Description- Potting Soil

Garden soil mix consists of ingredients like vermiculite, perlite, calcined clay, peat moss, sphagnum moss and also, shredded bark, and other commercial mixes. It adds extra nutrients to the plant soil. It is a soilless blend of organic matter mixed with the plant soil to improve the overall plant growth and health. 


  • Best for Soil Aeration
  • Retains Water & Moisture
  • Provide Nutrients to the Soil

Product Specifications- Potting Mix

Suitable for indoor, outdoor, house gardening, organic farming, container gardening, potted plants.

Benefits & Usages- Potting Mixture

  • Potting mix helps to retain the moisture of the soil
  • Organic Potting Mix can be used for container gardening

How to Use Potting Soil Mix?

  • Garden Soil Mix is a ready-to-use mixture for potted plants, succulents, flowering plants, etc.
  • Soilless Potting Mix can be used weekly or monthly depending on the plant type and size

Facts about Soil Mix

  • Succulent Potting Mixture improves the structure of the soil making it nutrient-rich
  • Soil mix for plants can be used for terrace gardening

Inside the box- Plant Potting Mix?

  • Potting Soil Mix

FAQs - Garden Soil Mix

How to reduce water retention in soil?

For water retention, apply compost, add organic matter to the soil, and feed your soil from time to time. 

How to make the soil fertile naturally?

To boost soil fertility naturally, use compost consisting of organic matter diligently. Organic matter includes cocopeat, soilless mixture, peat moss, perlite, and more. 

How to make garden soil mix?

Garden soil mix can be made using organic matter including, vermiculite, perlite, calcined clay, peat moss, sphagnum moss and also, shredded bark and other commercial mixes.

How to prepare good quality garden soil at home?

Use manure that is rich in nitrogen, worm castings, organic mulch, and other organic compost for healthy garden soil. 

Should I mix peat moss with potting soil?

Potting soil can be mixed with peat moss to make organic compost. This will provide nutrients to the soil. 

What happens if you add sand to garden soil?

Sand is nothing but uneven small particles of rock. It will not hold water or any nutrients. Hence sand can be added along with other organic matter or compost. 

What is Good Garden Soil?

A good garden soil is crumbly, it has a rich organic matter with a well-drained and moist texture. 

What is better for growing, compost or worm castings?

Compost consists of rich organic matter like shredded bark, peat moss, cattle manure, vegetable waste, etc, and worm castings are compost made using decomposition of bio waste using earthworms. 

Can we grow plants with manure only?

Yes, we can grow plants with only manure as it helps for seed germination. 

Is it a good idea to put sawdust on garden beds?

Sawdust can be added to the garden beds however, it absorbs nitrogen for decomposition. Hence, the nitrogen which is required by plants is taken by sawdust. If you want to add sawdust to the soil, combine it with other nitrogen-rich organic matter.