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Cow Manure

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Product Description- Cow Dung Manure

Cattle manure is nothing but pure organic fertilizer which is rich in nutrients. This manure is developed and composted from the cow feces. The organic matter in the cow dung consists of bacteria that make the soil healthy for plant growth. This agricultural waste composition is a popular practice in rural areas and now it’s highly used in house gardening. 


  • Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer
  • Nutrient-Rich Organic Matter
  • Natural By-Product

Product Specifications- Cow Manure

Cow dung is the residue passed from cattle’s gut which is undigested. This natural by-product is being used since ancient times. Cow dung is also known as cow pats, cow manure and cow pies. 

  • Suitable for- Houseplants

Benefits & Usages- Cow Dung Compost

  • Cow dung can be mixed in the soil or can be poured as a top dressing
  • This natural fertilizer is a boon for organic farmers
  • Cow dung manure for plants promotes fast and healthy growth
  • This natural by-product is used as an insect repellent

How to Use Cow Dung Fertilizer?

  • Loosen the plant-soil with a digging tool
  • Pour the cattle manure near the root area
  • Water the plant sufficiently so that it mixes with the soil
  • Using cow manure can reduce the plant from getting diseases

Facts about Dried Cow Dung

  • The cow manure N-P-K ratio implies that the cow dung has 3% Nitrogen, 2% phosphorous and 1% Potassium
  • Cow Manure Fertilizer improves the texture of the soil and retains the water
  • Cow pats is used as fuel, biogas producer and building material
  • Cattle manure is utilized in papermaking

Inside the box- Cow Dung for Plants?

  • Cow Dung Manure

FAQs - Cow Manure

What is cow manure fertilizer used for?

Cow manure is used as a natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly fertilizer for houseplants, organic farming and gardening. 

How much cow manure for a vegetable garden?

The cow manure should be used as per the adequate potting dimensions. Too much cow dung should be avoided. 

Is cow dung a good fertilizer?

Yes. Cow dung is a very good chemical-free organic fertilizer. 

Can I replace compost with cow manure?

Fresh cow manure needs a process while the compost is a ready fertilizer. 

How is the cow dung made to be composted?

Make a 3-4 square feet pile and spread a 3-inch layer of dry organic matter. After every 3 days, turn the pile. When the material changes to dark brown and flaky with an earthy smell, the compost is ready. 

Is cow dung really antiseptic?

Yes, cow dung is antiseptic and free from bacteria. It also acts as an insect repellent. 

Is feces the most unpleasant common smell?

Yes, it the one of the most unpleasant common foul smell. 

Can cow manure be used on vegetables?

The cow manure should be used as per the adequate potting dimensions. Too much cow dung should be avoided. 

What is the best fertilizer for honeysuckle?

An all-purpose fertilizer is good for honeysuckle. 

Can we use a fresh cow dung solution as a fertilizer?

Raw and fresh cow dung can be harmful to the plants and the soil.