Sempervium (Lakshmi Kamal) with Ceramic Pot
Sempervium (Lakshmi Kamal) with Ceramic Pot

Sempervium (Lakshmi Kamal) with Ceramic Pot

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Laxmi Kamal Sempervivum is a mat-forming, evergreen, succulent perennial, up to 4 inches (10 cm) tall, forming rosettes of fleshy, ovate, pointed, maroon-tipped, green leaves. Short spikes of pink flowers appear in summer. Perfect for containers, rock gardens, as a ground cover, or anywhere else you can imagine. When this plant grows into a wider clump it is more likely to start flowering. When it does flower you will notice that the rosettes that have the flowers will die after flowering, however the rest of the clump will not die, and continue to grow, filling in the spaces.

Product Details:

    • Sempervivum (Lakshmi Kamal)
    • 4 inch Ceramic Pot

Care Tips:

    • Light: Full sun to partial shade
    • Water: Typical water needs for a succulent
    • Dimension: Plant grows up to 6″ (15 cm) tall, Plant grows up to 8″ (21 cm) wide
    • Characteristics: Not cold hardy, Propagation by leaves, offsets, and cuttings, Winter Dormant