Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

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Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

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Product Description - Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

Roseopicta Dottie is an impressive dark green plant with vibrant pink stripes on the leaves. The leaves are shiny and showy. This is the perfect plant to add value to your interior. This gorgeous plant thrives in indirect lighting and can instantly brighten up any living space. This plant is commonly called Rose Painted Calathea Dottie and Rose Painted Prayer Dottie. 


  • Unique Ornamental Foliage
  • Air-Purifying Ability
  • Pet-Friendly Plant

Product Specifications - Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

This plant belongs to the Marantaceae family, which is native to the rainforests of South America. 

  • Botanical Name- Calathea Roseopicta
  • Plant Type- Tropical Perennial/Ornamental Plant
  • Suitable for- Indoor
  • Blossom- rarely blooms
  • Growth of Potted Plant- 50-60 cm
  • Pot Dimension- 4 inches

Benefits & Usages- Calathea Dottie Plant

  • The contrasts shades can enhance the beauty of indoor properties
  • Calatheas are fast-growing plants which is an added benefit for gardening enthusiasts
  • Yellow Calathea Dottie is a suitable gift for occasions like weddings, birthdays and housewarming parties

How to take care of Dottie Plants?

  • Place the Calathea Roseopicta under bright indirect light
  • Water the plant when the upper layer of the soil gets completely dry
  • Medium to high humidity is required as part of Calathea Dottie care
  • Place the Pin-Stripe Calathea in north or east-facing window
  • Calathea needs to be moist but should not be sitting in water
  • Calathea Roseopicta Vs Dottie propagation is carried out by root division
  • Wipe the Calathea leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust from the leaves
  • Mist the Calathea Dottie to maintain the humidity and freshness

Facts about Calathea Roseopicta Dottie Plant

  • Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves and damage the foliage
  • Keep the Pink Calathea Dottie away from the heaters and AC vents
  • Lack of water or extreme light can curl the plant
  • Polka Calathea Dottie is a pet-friendly plant
  • White Calathea Dottie removes impurities from the air

Inside the box- Dottie Calathea?

  • Calathea Dottie Houseplant
  • 4 inches Colored Self Watering Pot

FAQs - Dottie Calathea

How do you care for a Calathea Dottie plant?

Maintain humidity by regular misting. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry and place the plant under bright indirect light. 

Is Calathea Dottie an indoor plant?

Yes, Calathea Dottie is a tropical and luxurious indoor plant. 

Is Calathea a Dottie?

Calathea Dottie is a member of the Calathea Prayer Plant family. 

Is Calathea Dottie easy?

Sufficient care and attention is required for this striking tropical plant. Lack of care can damage the ornamental foliage. 

Should I mist my Calathea?

Yes, the Calathea Dottie needs regular misting to sustain the humidity as well as freshness. 

Is Calathea hard to care for?

Calathea Dottie is an exotic tropical plant with dazzling ornamental foliage. This plant requires sufficient care and attention to maintain its natural beauty. 

How often should you water Calathea Dottie?

Calathea Dottie can be watered once a week or when the upper layer of the soil becomes dry. 

How do you revive a dying Calathea?

There should be enough humidity and the soil should be moist and well-drained. The plant should be kept in bright indirect light to be revived. 

Why does Calathea leaves move?

Calathea leaves move in order to seek the light. During the day, the leaves drop down and at night, the leaves turn up closely and the undersides of the leaves are visible. The leaves’ movement is natural and normal. Calatheas are known as prayer-plants for this specific reason.