Bundle of 5 Healthy Home- Office Plants

Bundle of 5 Healthy Home- Office Plants

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Surround your home with these best pollution killer plants for clean and healthy environment. This plant pack contains 5 NASA recommended excellent air purifier Plant along with coloured pots

Product Details:

    • Jade Plant- Green (Succulent Plant)
    • Syngonium Plant
    • Areca Palm
    • Money Plant- Green
    • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Sensation) Plant
    • 5 Coloured Plastic Pots (6 inch-15 cm)


    • Best Plants to keep in AC rooms, desk & home
    • Best for low light condition places
    • Easy to care & Low Maintenance
    • NASA recommended Air Purifiers
    • Reduces the CO2 levels
    • Removes the toxins from air & keeps dust levels low