Aralia Variegated White Mini Plant
Aralia Variegated White Mini Plant

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Aralia Variegated White Mini Plant

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Product Description- Aralia Variegated

Aralia Variegated White Mini Plant is a beautiful ornamental plant. This evergreen Aralia has cute little leaves with a white shaded border. This is a tree-like mini plant with variegated foliage. 


  • Ornamental Plant
  • Miniature Tree Look
  • Creative Gifting Option
  • Best as Tabletop Plant
  • Suitable for Home Décor

Product Specifications- Aralia Variegated Plant

This plant belongs to the Araliaceae family, which is native to tropical India. 

  • Botanical Name- Polyscias Guilfoyle/ Ming Aralia/ Polyscias Fruticosa
  • Plant Type- Tropical Plant
  • Suitable for- Indoors
  • Blossom in- Rarely bloom
  • Growth of Potted Plant- 4-6 inches
  • Pot Dimension- 4 inches 

Variegated Aralia Plant Benefits & Usages

  • Any indoor settings with bright indirect light is good for the plant growth
  • This is one of the best plants to decorate living spaces
  • Aralia Variegated White can be placed in an aesthetic pot to add value to the interior
  • This plant can also be placed in commercial areas as they are easy to care for and nurture

How to take care of Aralia Variegated White Mini Plant?

  • Water whenever the upper soil gets dry, over-watering should be strictly avoided
  • Repot when the roots outgrow the pot
  • Twice a week watering is generally recommended
  • Insecticidal soap can be used to keep the pests or bugs away
  • Aralia Miniature White thrives in bright indirect light
  • Aralia Variegated Propagation is carried through a simple stem cutting method
  • Aralia Variegated Mini Plant Care includes trimming the tips to promote growth

Facts about Aralia Variegated Mini Plant

  • The common names of this plant are; Spinach Leaf, Polyscias Guilfoyle Variegated, Geranium Aralia, Aralia Miniature White (Small)
  • Do not constantly change the pot place as it may disturb the plant growth
  • The leaves of this plant are lacy and spinach-shaped with green, white and cream shades

Inside the box-Ming Aralia?

  • Aralia Variegated White Plant
  • 4 inches Colored Self Watering Pot

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FAQs - Aralia Variegated Mini Plant

Is Aralia an indoor plant? 

Yes. Aralia Variegated is an indoor ornamental plant.

How do you care for Aralia? 

This is a low-maintenance plant. All you need to do is water the plant twice a week or when the topsoil is dry. Use mist to keep the leaves fresh and away from bugs. Place the pot under bright indirect light. Trim the leaves to promote plant growth. 

Does Aralia need sunlight? 

No. Aralia Variegated is an indoor plant, it doesn’t need direct sunlight. 

Why is my Aralia dying? 

Excess watering or fertilizer can lead to root rot. This can be a reason if the plant is dying.

Is Aralia poisonous to cats?

This plant has irritating toxic contents which can be poisonous to cats. 

Can you root Aralia in water? 

Aralia is recommended to be rooted in the soil for efficient plant growth.

Why is my false aralia drooping? 

Lack of sufficient moisture and humidity can lead to plant drooping. 

Why are my Aralia leaves turning yellow?

Temperature drop can be one reason if the leaves are turning yellow. Overwatering can also make the plant leaves yellow.