Air Purifier Plants Pack ( Green Warriors )
Air Purifier Plants Pack ( Green Warriors )
Air Purifier Plants Pack ( Green Warriors )
Air Purifier Plants Pack ( Green Warriors )

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Air Purifier Plants Pack ( Green Warriors )

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Product Description- Air Purifier Pack

Bamboo Palm Tree is a superb houseplant giving a tropical interior look to home or office spaces. The Bamboo Palm has variegated leaves and the plant is tall and similar to bamboo. This robust plant and their alluring green fronds is a classic addition to any indoor spaces.

Spider Plant is one of the easiest and pleasant plants to grow is Spider Lily. The leaves of the plant are long and thin with greenish-white edges and attractive foliage. This plant is adaptable and easy to nurture. The long arching leaves of this plant can add an extraordinary look to your indoor or outdoor property. 

Green Money Plant has large, glossy, green heart-shaped leaves that can brighten any indoor space.Money plant is the ideal plant for offices, shopping centres, hotels and other public areas as they are easy to maintain in low light and are efficient at removing indoor pollutants.

Product Specifications - Oxygen Plants

Bamboo Palm: This plant belongs to the Arecaceae family, which is native to the Central American and Mexican forests. This plant is commonly called Reed Palm, Clustered Parlor Palm and Cane Palm.Bamboo Palm Scientific Name - Dypsis lutescens

Spider Plant: This plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family. It is a species of a flowering perennial plant and is native to Southern Africa.

Green Money Plant: This green pathos plant or Devil's Ivy, belonging to the Araceae or Alocasia family, has large, bright green heart-shaped flat leaves

  • Botanical Name- Chamaedorea seifrizii, Chlorophytum Comosum & Epipremnum aureum
  • Plant Type- Tropical/Perennial
  • Suitable for- indoors
  • Blossom- spring, summer
  • Growth of Potted Plant- 1-1.5 ft
  • Pot Dimension- 4 inches 

Benefits & Usages-Air Purifiers

  • Improves Air Quality
  • NASA Recommended Air Purifiers
  • Gives a colourful decor