Aglaonema Pink Beauty Plant

Aglaonema Pink Beauty Plant

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If you have just entered into the world of gardening and are looking for an easy way to start, Aglaonema Pink Beauty is the plant for you. Also called the Chinese Evergreen, it will stay happy and beautiful in low indirect light with little water. Its bright pink leaves add the right amount of jazz and colour to any space and décor. Draws attention individually and lends colour in a pack. 

Product Details:

    • Aglaonema Pink Plant (6 inch- 12 inch)
    • 6-inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot

Care Tips:

    • Light- Bright indirect sunlight
    • Water- Once A Week Watering
    • Where to grow- Bright indoors
    • Maintenance- Low maintenance

Special feature:

    • Ornamental Foliage
    • NASA recommended Air Purifier