Soil & Fertilizers

Soil and fertilizers are primary components of a garden. Although fertilizers and manures can be arranged, developing the right soil for your kind of gardening needs is difficult, especially for urban gardeners who face time and space constraints. Fertilizers and manures readily available are pesticides enriched. But if you are a follower of the organic gardening concept, you would need cowdung khad; vermicompost khad or compost Khad organics, and micronutrients.

Organic fertilizers enrich the soil by supplying nutrients to the microbes present in it, essential for keeping a healthy and balanced soil ecosystem. These microbes help fight disease organisms, renders secondary nutrients, and micronutrients to the soil, and create humus, which is incredibly helpful for water and nutrient absorption.

GreenBeen provides a solution related to soil & fertilizers to every new and pro urban gardener.

We provide pesticides, fertilizers, and organic manure for those who want the same for gardens . Our range of chemical fertilizers comes with the most significant benefit of being available in granular and liquid forms. These are very less expensive in comparison to organic fertilizer and act quickly, feeding plants in the lesser period.

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Besides fertilizers, we are assisting our clients with how to prepare gardens soil for the best results. Our suggestions include knowing about a variety of fertilizers that can enhance their soil quality and improve their garden health.

We provide the best horticulture sand for gardening. But, if you are having difficulty finding horticulture sand, we can help you substitute it with horticultural grit or builders’ sand to improve your soil drainage and results in happy and healthy plant growth.

The doorstep delivery option of your requirements with an easy and affordable payment strategy is our USP. Additionally, we help ensure that your garden soil is not contaminated, which poses a health risk to your plants.

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