Small Gardens

Small garden is literally a living garden in miniature. The focus is on creating and growing the garden on a very small scale. Miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs are paired with small-leafed perennials and ground covers that make up the understory of the garden bed. This helps you fulfil your dream of having as many plants as you want in a tiny space. Scale it down to fit into a single quirky planter for home sweet home. Hit up GreenBeen, The Miniature Garden Store, and it’ll have you sorted with a personalised mini garden that’ll spruce up your space.

A brand that specialises in garden solutions, splurge on everything from terrariums to succulents in mason jars. And what seals the deal for us is that it personalises the garden to tailor the needs of customer.

Working with indoor and outdoor plants, GreenBeen is open to entirely customising your mini garden, even though they have a few readymade pieces. We’re also loving their hanging gardens or kokedamas, which is a Japanese gardening concept, where ornamental plants grow in a ball of soil, covered in moss, and can be hung up. Pretty neat, huh? Other cool stuff they do include decoupage planters, themed gardens, mini ponds in your mini gardens and succulent bouquets, which is a bouquet of succulents that can be replanted.