Scrub them with soap and water before you use them again.

ย It is best to use a mix that drains well since the number one problem with indoor plants is overwatering. For most indoor plants, we recommend PRO-MIX Soil. For cacti and succulents, try PRO-MIX Premium Cactus Soil Mix.

We recommend Marphyl Soil Enhancer for most indoor plants. It is water soluble, so you stir it into water. Then water the plants with the solution. Fertilize less often in the winter, when the plants donโ€™t grow as fast.

Yes, we often look for requested plants. Sometimes it takes a while before we can get one shipped in, but let us know what you are looking for and we will call you when we find it.

You can grow almost any plant including blooming plants with a grow light equipped with a special light bulb for plants.

Try cast iron plants, Chinese evergreens, Swedish ivy, or pothos.

High light plants require direct or strong sunlight for most of the day. Medium light plants should stay out of direct sunlight but still should be in a bright room. Low light plants should be away from the window.

You have to really try to kill cast iron plants, philodendron, or mother-in-lawโ€™s tongue.

Try philodendron, pothos, rubber plants, mother-inlawโ€™s tongue, dracaena, spider plants, cast iron plants, or umbrella plants.

First look at how much light your plant will receive in your home or office. How much room will it have to grow? How careful are you when taking care of your plants? Can you tell when a plant needs watering? Does your schedule take you away from your plants for an extended time? Are there any hot or cold drafts where the plants will be?