Corporate Gifts

If your brand is planning a corporate event and looking for some organic and living gift, green plants should be your best choice. They are long lasting gifts for any occasion. Besides being an eco-friendly gift, this is an indication in a form of nice gesture that your corporate house acknowledges its social responsibility toward the environment.

Today when simplicity accompanied with greener impact is the call of time, plants are great gifts that symbolizes consistent growth with relatively low maintenance.

You can add an element of revolutionising theme to your corporate event by choosing a perfect green gift. Also, this encourages your event participants to be more adaptive towards innovative gifting concepts.

Plants as a gift aims to project the corporate house’s direct connection with Mother Nature, amid the relentless pushes suffered by an urban lifestyle marked by the hustle and bustle.

By gifting a plant, you can inculcate a strong bond of affection, humanity, and care with your events attendees. Well-tended indoor plants encourage customers, stakeholders, employees, and employers bonding.

Now, making your corporate house’s ecological and social impact is super affordable and convenient. GreenBeen is providing an opportunity to choose plants as a gifting option that will be cherished by everyone.

The benefits of choosing GreenBeenGreen Gifts’ over regular gifting options have been listed for your quick reference: –

  • Gifting a plant is like gifting life
  • It uplifts the mood and helps reduce stress
  • It gives you a sense of companionship and fills up the empty voids
  • Reduces overall carbon footprint
  • Natural Air Purifier
  • Enhances the image of the corporate as environmental conscience and responsible towards the planet

Small plants, potted plants, or house plants, you may choose any unique and exemplary eco-friendly corporate gifting item from the GreenBeen portal and we offer excellent discounts on bulk deliveries. The doorstep delivery of the plants by the brand is one of the most significant advantages that a corporate can enjoy as the deliveries are assured safe.

Plants that produce fragrance or flowers or both render two-way benefits: pleasure and promise of being a novel gift for a lifetime!

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