About Us

Headquartered in Noida, GreenBeen.in is an online store that specialises in the doorstep delivery of plants and garden solutions across India. Its mission? To encourage more people to adopt a more sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle by making the purchase of plants easier and more accessible.

The Need

It is no secret that a significant percentage of people, particularly those in metropolitan areas such as the Delhi/NCR region, want to be more involved with nature.

Why? Because forest acreage has shrunk drastically over the last couple of decades. Overpopulation and haphazard civic expansion have led to rapid deforestation in and around major metropolises. The sound of chirping birds has been replaced by honking cars, traffic, and pollution. With little to no exposure to the calm, relaxing, reassuring presence of nature, stress levels have reached alarming proportions amongst urban Indians – and there are only so many weekend retreats and holidays that one can take in the mountains.

This is why many Indians living in big cities are now looking to invite nature into their homes by building their own gardens. Unfortunately, many are unable to pursue this most commendable of interests because of a lack of time. Our founders saw an opportunity to address this gap by providing people with well-packaged ‘live’ plants through an online horti-commerce platform.

And that’s how GreenBeen.in came about!

GreenBeen’s USP

What sets us apart in the nascent horti-commerce space is a dedicated team which cares deeply about nature and the ongoing environmental degradation. The GreenBeen.in team holds extensive horticulture experience and is backed by a strong network of experts, as well as a robust supply chain comprising best-in-class logistics service providers. This ensures that every plant reaches the customer with the same care, love, and attention-to-detail that it is grown.

Building on its vision for a greener and healthier tomorrow, GreenBeen.in plans to introduce on-demand gardening solutions and services in the future. This will ensure that plant owners and horticulture enthusiasts have anytime access to the best advice, guidance, and support to help reclaim their own little slice of nature in their expansive lawn or terrace/balcony gardens.

So, if you would like to create a dedicated nature-infused niche in your home, browse through our extensive catalogue of plants, sourced from all corners of India, and pick the ones that complement your tastes and preferences – right away!