Your Guide to Growing a Money Plant at Home

Every one of us has heard about money plants, right? Sadly the plant doesn’t bloom Money, but it does have those big heart-shaped leaves which look lovely. Even if it doesn’t give you money, it would surely gift you the look you want for your home. They grow fast, you’ll have your house covered in green in no time. They can grow almost anywhere. That’s kinda the best part about money plants. They would grow in soil, and you can grow money plants in water as well. 

You might have seen walls of a living room full of leaves of the money plant, how impressive does that look? That almost changes the vibe of the room. Everything starts looking fresher than ever. Apart from that, you get a free background to click some cool pictures in. Along with that, you get some fresh oxygen as a bonus. Or, have you seen the whole house covered with money plants? That changes the whole look of the house and gives a vintage feel all over. It is said that, when a money plant is grown in wild forests, it can grow up to 50 feet tall.  

Epipremnum aureum is the money plant’s scientific name. Money plant is also known as the Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, or you might even have heard the name Devils Vine. So don’t get confused when you hear either of the names. The most popular name is of course – The Money Plant. Why money? Well, that was the same thing that strikes my mind when I first heard the name. Why money if it can’t gift us a hundred buck fresh note? Well, it’s considered to be one of the luckiest plants according to the money plant Vastu. It’s said that the money plant improves the financial condition of the house it’s planted in. Well, it’s a saying, let’s try it out and check if it’s true. Go buy a money plant today. It’s one of the easiest plants to handle. 

Money plant benefits

We have talked about how lucky the money plant is and how easy it is to handle. Let us talk about the other reasons you should fetch a money tree today. We can’t say for sure if the plant would improve your financial conditions, but there are some things we can say that you would benefit from having a money tree plant at your place. 

Air Purification

What better reason can you have to plant something? With pollution everywhere, including your home, air purification is something really important especially if you have kids or aged people at your place. Money plants will act as an air purifier and remove all the airborne pollutants from the indoor air. They are famous for removing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon monoxide from the air. With more oxygen in the room, you plant, it gets easy to breathe and sleep.


Along with purifying the air,  money plants are also known to act as an anti-radiator. The increase in radiation levels especially in offices and nowadays in our homes as well is nothing new. We know how toxic the radiations are. Money plants can reduce the radiation levels which are emitted on a large scale through devices like computers, mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Placing the plant near a WiFi router is most advised. 

Stress and anxiety

This generation suffers from stress and anxiety almost every day. Be it from work pressure or relationships, anxiety is nothing new. Money plant is known to energize us by reducing stress levels and fight depression. It can help fight sleeping disorders as well. 

Spread Positivity

Money plants can neutralize symptoms of the sick building syndromes. They do absorb negative energies from the surroundings and helps to spread positivity. They can keep the diseases at bay. 

The Money plant Vastu

As said, a money plant is said to bring good luck and prosperity to your life. The five leaves of the money plant in a branch are said to symbolize the five elements of Feng Shui – the earth, water, air, metal, and wood. According to the money plant Vastu, it's best to place your plant in the southeast direction. It is known to keep marital problems away as well. Because of the adoring love-shaped leaves of the plant, it's known to mend broken relationships and bring love to your life. 

Cleanses water

Planting money plants in water has been proved to work as a water cleanser. It frees the water from nitrates. Nitrates are harmful to fishes and other water animals. Money plants are beneficial in aquariums as well. All the reason for you to buy a money plant today. 

Types of money plant

Money plants, as said can grow and thrive in almost every climate and condition. Money plants have got different names though. It has got different types as well. You’ll find a lot of different money plant varieties. 

The Golden Money plant

We’ve said how the money plant is also popular by the name of Pothos. Golden money plant is popular by the name of Golden Pothos or the Devil’s Ivy. Why golden? The leaves of the golden money tree plant are covered with golden and yellow splashes. This is one of the most popular types of money plant. You can also plant them in the hanging pots in balconies – they would look beautiful. They can also thrive in darker environments. 

Split leaf

The leaves of this money plant are larger than the others. They are drought tolerant as well. Like most other money plants, they can also live in low sunlight conditions. They don’t have heart-shaped leaves but are lobate in structures. The botanical name of the plant is Monstera Deliciosa. The name might sound monstrous, the thing is, these plants can take nutrition from other plants as well. 

The Marble Prince and the Queen

Add a pair of the Marble Prince and the Marble Queen money plants to your home to have the perfect collection. The leaves of the Marble Queens have a creamy white tone in them whereas the Marble Princes have white and green coloured leaves. Marble queen does need a lot of bright sunlight, the best would be for at least 4-5 hours of bright sunlight. Marble Princes are best suited indoors. The patterns in the leaves will add a beautiful touch to your indoors. 

The Swiss Cheese

The swiss cheese or the Monstera Obliqua has got glossy leaves with variegated patterns in them. The patterns almost resemble cheese. It’s a climber as well, so you don’t need to worry about positioning them, they can grow almost anywhere. Bright and indirect sunlight is what they prefer.

Silver money plant

You must have heard this name. The plant has a botanical name – Scindapsus Pictus. The Silver Money Plant is known as satin pothos. They have beautiful foliage and have shimmery silvered coloured patterns over the green leaves. They don’t need direct sunlight, so can be grown indoors as well. Keep them near the windows. 

Neon Money plant

The foliage of these plants is unique – different from the other money plants. They have bright golden-coloured leaves with a glowing effect. The shine can be observed more in the young leaves. 

Jade plant

Also known as the Epipremnum Aureum, they are found mainly in tropical regions. They can grow both indoor and outdoor. Leave them dry for a few days, and they would still survive. They have dark green leaves. Anyone would love the heart-shaped leaves. They always add a classic touch to your indoors. 

Bigleaf Money plant

The leaves have thick trunks and are quite big. Any beginner can grow these plants. They don’t occupy a lot of space and are quite low-maintenance. Leave them for a few days or even if you miss the watering schedule, they would still grow on their own. The botanical name of the Bigleaf money plant is Scindapsus Aureus.

Money plant in water

As said, the money plant can also grow in water. Most people prefer having a money plant in water rather than planting it in soil. You don’t have to worry a lot about watering the plants every single day. Apart from that, you don’t need to get your hands dirty handling the soil. You just need a jar, doesn’t matter which material. It can be plastic or made up of glass. Just ensure that you do change the water every month to get rid of the algae. You can use a liquid fertilizer as well, to get the best results. Below are the steps you can follow to grow a money plant in water. 

  1. Take the jar, a glass jar is the most advised. However, you can go for a vase or a plastic container as well. You can even plant money plant in a bottle. It’s best if the jar is transparent so that you can check the development of the roots from the outside regularly. You can also go for a dark-coloured vase or jar – that can also help in reducing algae by blocking the light from entering. 
  2. You can start growing money plants with tap water only. Make sure it's clean though. Check your chlorine content in your tap water, if there’s chlorine, let the water sit for about 12 hours – that helps in evaporating the chemical. Plant the plant later. 
  3. Adding fertilizer to the jar is a plus. You can always purchase a liquid fertilizer from a nearby store. This improves the growth of the plants. Although, you can continue without this step. Using an all-purpose fertilizer with a balanced strength of about 1/6 to 1/4 will give the best results. 
  4. Once the above steps are performed, you can plant your money plant now. From the cut side, put the plant down in the water. Make sure that there aren’t any leaves in the lower section and ensure that the nodes stay soaked in water. 

Performing the above steps can help you grow the perfect money plant in your home. That’s how you grow a money plant in water. But maintaining a plant is indeed the harder part. To make sure your plant grows to its fullest, make sure you keep the below points in check. 

Money plant care

  • Change the water in the jar once or twice a month. Water loses oxygen with time right? Changing the water regularly helps the roots of the plant get enough oxygen. Along with that, changing the water and cleaning the jar from time to time removes the algae from the jar. While you clean the money plant pot, make sure you transfer the plant in a different container for that time. 
  • Adding a dilute liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks is considered to be the best way to keep the money plants satisfied. Make sure the strength of the fertilizer isn’t more than 1/6 to 1/4. 
  • Try not to expose the plants to lesser than 10 degree Celsius. Try to maintain room temperature to get the best results. It would be best if you can maintain 15 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius. 
  • Try potting and repotting the plant. You need to ensure that the plant remains root-bound. You can start growing the plant in a small container to give the roots some room and not get stretched and then transferring it to a bigger jar. 

Money plant Vastu

Money plant is considered to be a lucky plant. It is said that it can bring you good luck and prosperity and improve your financial condition. Talking about the money plant Vastu, here are some tips you can follow to spread positivity around yourself. According to the money plant Vastu, you shouldn’t let the plant touch the ground – it is considered to be bad luck. Try positioning the plant in the following positions in the following places – 

Living Room

It is best to keep the plant in the southeast direction – this can attract luck and prosperity. Southeast direction is said to be ruled by Venus and Lord Ganesha which symbolizes wealth and luck as well. 


Try keeping it away from the footrest or the headrest if you plant it in your bedroom. You can keep it on the left or even on the right side of the bed.


Keeping the money plant in bathrooms won't do any harm, money plants can easily grow in the humid corners of a bathroom. 

In the corners

It's said that the corners of our houses bring negativity and depression. Try plating money tree plants in the corners of your place to fight negativity and minimize the stress in your home. 

Directions to avoid

Try not planting the money plant in northern or eastern walls. Jupiter and Venus rule the north-east direction, and as they are not compatible with each other, it is said that keeping the money plant in the northeastern direction can result in losses.

Near electronic devices

As a money plant can absorb heat and radiation, one can place it near TVs, computers, and routers. 

Money plant price

Money plant is quite affordable. You can easily get a piece of Money plant at about Rs 30 - Rs 50 from your nearby store. If you want multiple plants, you can buy more than one plant, but remember that you can always use one plant to grow more than another, once you cut the stems and plant it somewhere else, it would start growing. 

Does a money plant need sunlight?

Money plants grow best in bright and indirect sunlight. If the question is – if they need sunlight, the answer would always be - YES, they do. 2-3 hours of sunlight is always advised. That being said, they don’t like high temperatures. If the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius, make sure they don’t get direct sunlight – that can burn the leaves. So, it depends on where you live. They would prefer direct sunlight only if the temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius. Too much direct sunlight, in that case, can make the leaves dry. 

If you plant them indoors, it's best to grow them near a window or a place where they get indirect bright sunlight. 

How often should you water the money plant?

Money plant doesn’t need too much of water. So be careful about the fact that you don’t overwater them. Infrequent and deep watering is the most advised schedule. Probably a few times a month. Watering it once every week is also suffering. That does depend on the temperature and the amount of sunlight it receives. Wait until the soil in the pot dries to about two to four inches deep. If the leaves get curled, you’ll know that they need water. More water turns the leaves yellow. 

Why is my money plant dying?

When you observe yellow or droopy leaves in your money plant, it is not a good sign. It’s a sign that your plant might be dying. Watering the plant too much can make the roots of the plant rot. This can kill the plant if repeated. You’d observe wilting, yellow, or sometimes brown leaves. You can even observe a mildew smell. Check the roots of the plant, if you observe black or brown roots, it can be a bad sign. 

Cut the rotten roots away, and use fresh potting soil and plant it back to revive the plant. You can also apply fungicides. Make sure the excess water from the new pot finds its way out. Water until the soil dries out. 

Long and direct sunlight above 25 degrees Celsius can also kill the plant. Make sure you give them a mix of sunlight along with shades. You might need to change the plant position in that case. 


Is a money plant non-flowering or not?

The Arum family of the Araceae is where the money plant belongs to. Money plant is a non-flowering plant and doesn’t produce any seed or flowers. It reproduces by stem cuttings. 

Is Devil's Ivy the same as a Money Plant? 

Yes. Devil’s Ivy is just another name for the Golden Money plant. They are the same plants. 

What does a money plant release during the night? 

Most of the other plants leave carbon dioxide during the night. But money plant does release Oxygen during the night – which is why it is advised to be planted indoors. 

What are the Best Good Luck Plants? 

Along with Money plants, other plants like Palms, Lucky bamboo, snake plant, jade plant, potted orchids, and basil are also considered to be good luck plants. 

What is meant by a money plant? Is it really a plant? 

Yes, it’s a plant. Money plant is a plant that is considered to bring good luck and prosperity to our lives. It said that It can improve the financial condition of a family, thus the name. 

How will indoor plants purify the air? 

Indoor plants like the money plants remove toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, and carbon monoxide from the air and as a result purifies the air. 

How to care for a money plant growing indoors in water? 

Make sure the plant gets bright indirect sunlight and you change the water of the jar every month so that the roots get enough oxygen to grow. 

Can you show some pictures of your money plant? 

What are the benefits of a Money Plant? 

The money plant works as an air purifier. Along with that, it can remove radiations from our home if placed near electronic devices like TVs or routers. It helps in fighting anxiety and negativity and helps you sleep better. 

Can a money plant be kept in the bedroom?

Yes, a money plant can be kept in the bedroom. It’s best to keep them near the window so that they can receive bright and indirect sunlight to grow at their best. 

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