Secret Care Ideas for Golden Pothos You Didn’t Know

Secret Care Ideas for Golden Pothos You Didn’t Know

Golden Pothos is one of the first plants which generally comes to our mind when we look for the perfect indoor plants, right? There’s nothing much they do or bloom, but there’s this aura. They do attract people. Their leaves are enough to impress a guest visiting your place. Pothos or the ‘Epipremnum aureum’ (You don’t need to remember it though) is known for its leaves and how easy maintenance they are. They might not gift you buds or flowers or leave an aroma that you can show off. But the leaves- they are just magical. You’ll find people looking for the golden pothos leaf. There are different pothos around, with different colours and patterns in the leaves. But the most popular one is the golden pothos plant.  

You don’t need to work too hard though, to help grow golden pothos. But, like everything around in the world, they do need care. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, you don’t need much experience growing it. It might forgive you if you neglect it for a day. They are disease-free, so you won't catch up on anything. They can tolerate low light and thus are one of the ideal indoor plants.

The Golden Pothos- Basics

Well, the botanical name for the pothos is ‘Epipremnum aureum’. Don’t get scared if someone refers to pothos as Devil’s vine. There’s nothing devilish about them. They are found in Asian countries and the Western Pacific islands. The golden pothos plant is known for its durability, it can sustain a lot. Don’t start doubting yourself asking how to care for golden pothos, it’s not a master science. You just need a basic plant care knowledge. 

The Golden Pothos- Basics

The Golden Pothos

One of the most beautiful things about them is the fact that they can grow even from cuttings. Want more than one golden pothos? You can use one to grow others as well, just cut a hefty piece keeping the roots and stems in mind – and just like that, they’d grow. You can grow them in soil. But if you are looking for ideas about how to grow golden pothos in water, don’t worry – you can do that as well. They can grow in soil as well as water. 

The golden pothos leaf is glossy and has a heart-shaped structure. And the creamy gold touch is the best part for a golden pothos plant leaf. Although they can sustain dark tones, keeping them in dark for too long might lose glossiness. Moderate or bright light is exactly what they need. If you have one of the fluorescent lights, the golden pothos is gonna love it. As a bonus, you receive air purification from their leaves as well. They are known for their toxin removing abilities. So if were you, and I find a place having golden pothos plant for sale, I won’t let it go. Although they are quite affordable. 

Tips on Growing Golden Pothos

As said, one can grow golden pothos both in soil and water. Growing the plant in soil is quite easy. For the best result, you can add some earthworms and a few natural fertilizers. They don’t need any special treatment. 

How to Grow Golden Pothos in Water?

People do get confused thinking about how to grow golden pothos in water. Potting soil does get messy sometimes, so some people prefer growing the plant in water. Take a vase or a jar to store a some water. People do often ask if they need some special type of jar or something. Don’t worry, a cheap jar (go for a one with a darker colour, if available) with tap water is good to go. Just ensure that you clean the algae from the container whenever needed. 

How to Grow Golden Pothos in Water?

Money plant in a jar

A few drops of liquid fertilizer every 5-6 weeks will be enough to help the plant grow to its best. Try avoiding direct sunlight. Bright to moderate sunlight is needed for the golden pothos to grow in water with a temperature around 21-32 degrees Celsius. Ensure that the jar is filled with clean water, otherwise, you might have to rest the water about a day if it's chlorinated before you put the plant in it. Do change the water every 2-3 weeks as water loses oxygen after some time. Ensure that the roots stay below the water line regularly. 

Golden Pothos Care Guide

Being said the fact that they don’t need much care, there are some factors you need to keep in mind and ensure that they grow out to be perfect. Because sometimes, you will start noticing the golden pothos yellow leaves if not taken care of. 

  1. Bright sunlight 

Bright sunlight

Golden pothos does need bright and moderate sunlight to get the best results. Having said that, remember not to feed them sunlight directly. They grow the best with indirect sunlight. The balance of light needs to be ensured, otherwise, the leaves might get burnt. Like most other indoor plants, do keep them near a window. They look the best near a window, and with that, they won’t get the sunlight directly. If the colour starts fading, and they turn pale, that’s a sign that you need to reconsider their placement. They might be getting too much sunlight. 

Pothos feeding off sunlight

  1. Room Temperature

The Devil’s Ivy is found in the Solomon Islands. And it's best if they get similar temperature conditions. Do keep the room temperature between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal condition for your pothos to grow. You’ll see how quickly they grow if you can maintain this temperature. As we said, they can withstand unusual conditions. They might withstand temperatures as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t grow a plant below that temperature. The leaves might start turning black or you might start observing stunted growth. 

  1. Don’t Overwater

Don’t Overwater

The golden pothos doesn’t need too much water to grow. Remember not to overwater. Overwatering might result in golden pothos turning yellow. The golden pothos plant yellow leaves are nothing new. Most of the beginners and even the experienced ones face this issue. You can let the plant drain water after you water them – you can do the same by emptying the saucer below the pot. 

Pothos leaves turning yellow

Like overwatering turns the leaves yellow, too little water can result in curling leaves. Nobody wants that, as the leaves can start dropping after a certain stage. Water that plant when you observe the top 2 inches of the soil getting dry. 

  1.  Fertilizer

One can grow golden pothos without using a plant fertilizer, but the best results are always when the soil is fertilized. If you prefer fertilizing the plants, do so every 2-3 months. Don’t overdo it. You’ll find many decent water-soluble houseplant fertilizers. The primary nutrients they need would be iron, potassium, zinc, boron, cobalt, copper, magnesium, sulphur, and calcium. You can go for inorganic or organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers might not work as fast as the inorganic ones, but they are the healthier option. 

  1. Keep the pests in check

This might sound obvious. Most of the indoor plants are attacked by pests. That can damage the plants. Removing bugs is needed. Do so by wiping down the golden pothos with a solution of water and rubbing alcohol. Ensure that the solution isn’t strong. You can use environment-friendly insecticides as well. 

Secret Tips to Let Your Golden Pothos Thrive Well

There isn’t a single way you can help your pothos to grow. Here’s a list of secret tips and ideas you can consider.

Epsom salt

Golden pothos plant yellow leaves can be treated by using Epsom salt. Epsom salt ensures that the plant doesn’t lack chlorophyll. Take a gallon of water with just a tablespoon of Epsom salt and use a sprayer to spray the solution on the leaves. 

Keep the plant warm

Pothos don’t like cold drafts or cool weather. So do provide them with a warm and brighter spot especially in the winter. Ensure they stay above the 10-degree centigrade mark. 

Cutting and replacing

Another idea that does provide success in terms of golden pothos is cutting the plant and rooting them in water. When you cut them ensure that they have the last leaves. Then you can just plant the same in the mother pot back. 


How does a philodendron differ from a pothos?

The leaves of the philodendron are much more heart-shaped. Their leaves are thinner and have softer textures. The leaves of the pothos are thicker and larger. The leaves of the pothos are waxier as well. 

What are some uses of a pothos plant?

Pothos have abilities to purify the air around them. Their leaves are capable of removing toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide. They also eliminate odours. You’ll also observe alleviation of eye irritation. 

How quickly do golden pothos plants grow? 

Pothos do grow fast when taken care of. Just keep the above factors in check and your pothos can grow up to a range of 12-18 inches every month. Their growth might slow down if they don’t find the ideal conditions.

What is the price of a Pothos plant? 

Pothos are quite affordable. They are one of the most affordable indoor plants available in the market. The golden pothos plant won’t cost more than Rs 200 to Rs 300 per piece. 

Why did my pothos plants develop spikes?

This results from the improper cutting of the plant. Cutting the plant below a leaf node might result in the same. The hormones in the stem when cut irregularly spurs new roots. This results in aerial roots which appear on the stems. 

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