Simple Guide to Growing Marble Money Plant Indoors

Simple Guide to Growing Marble Money Plant Indoors

Recently it was discovered that some metro cities in India are under danger zone for the worst Air Quality Index (AQI). This describes the bizarre condition that we are facing in terms of health and lifestyle. It is even scary to think about the future generation. With westernization in food, lifestyle and perceptions, the next-gen may face multiple issues concerning physical, mental and emotional health, as well as overall lifestyle. It is getting harder and harder to breathe pure air and oxygen, a basic necessity and foundation of life. It is obvious to stress the reason behind all these mishaps. Deforestation, urbanization and lack of green spaces, environment degradation and whatnot. Everybody is aware of the symptoms, reasons, concerns as well as solutions. Now it is so crucial to think or rethink what is happening around us and how can we fix this. Nature has all the solutions if we open our eyes and minds toward it. We need to incorporate, embrace, live and breathe greenery. We need to think of ways to surround ourselves with a green and clean environment. There are a plethora of plant varieties that we can bring home to start with. Some plants are recommended by NASA for their air-purifying qualities.

Among these, one such plant is the Marble Money Plant. This pothos is just hard to kill and a very low maintenance plant. Let us dig into the details of Money Plant Marble Queen.

Ornamental foliage plant

Money plant,a very common plant, is found in severalhouses. You can also find it climbing on railings or poles. Out of a variety of money plants, the marble money plant is a popular house plant normalized in tropical regions like Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. There are several common names of this plant that are, Ivy Arum, Ceylon Creeper, Golden Pothos, Hunter’s Robe, Money Plant, Soloman Islands Ivy, Silver Vine, Devil’s Ivy and Marble Queen. This plant can survive even in rooms with fewer lights. White marble money plant climbs with the help of the aerial roots. It looks stupendous in a pot as well as a climbing vine.

The marble money plant is ornamental foliage.Botanically, this plant is known as Epipremnum Aureum. The evergreen leaves have white patches which is a beautiful combination to view.

White Marble Money Plant Benefits

Money plant doesn’t mean that you’ll get money out of it. Money plant is named so because it is believed to attract wealth. As per Vastu Shastra, planting pothos can bring good luck, happiness and wealth. Apart from this seemingly true benefit, there are other benefits of the Marble money plant.

Marble money plant leaves

Let us look at some of the important benefits of the Marble Prince Money Plant.

Air Cleansing Benefit

The marble money plant acts as an air purifier. Air pollution is a serious issue. There are some things that we can do or incorporate which will help to curb air pollution. The process can be slow but we can surely reach there. To start with, you can place a marble money plant at any corner of your room, even if there is a low light area. This lovely plant will cleanse the air around you plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the greenery at the comfort of your home. This plant is also a great interior décor option for intact offices.

Anti-Radiator Plant

Apart from removing the toxins from the air, the marble money plant acts as an anti-radiator. It helps to curb the radiation caused indoors in homes as well as offices. It is a good idea to place the Marble money plant on work desks in offices.

Stress Reliever Houseplant

Marble money plant removes the toxicity from the air giving you positive vibes. It is believed that the marble money plant helps to relieve stress. Placing the money plant marble in the bedroom will help provide good sleep and will keep away the negativity.

How to Grow and Care Marble Money Plant?

Marble money plant can be grown as you wish. In water, or as a climbing vine, hanging and trailing. It is one of the easiest plants to grow.

Let us go through the growing guide for Marble Money Plant:

  • Money plant needs sufficient light, but it can also grow under low light
  • Water the plant adequately, check the top layer of the soil, if it dries out, provides enough water
  • Marble money plant is a climbing vine, make sure there is ample space for the plant to grow
  • Lack of space can restrict the growth of the plant
  • Use an all-purpose fertilizer to feed the marble money plant
  • Money plant needs appropriate nutrients mostly during the growing season
  • Clean the leaves of the marble money plant to keep the leaves evergreen
  • Use a sturdy ceramic, plastic or metal planter with well-draining and aerated soil
  • Rotate the planter from time to time so all sides of the plant get enough light
  • Money plant can also be grown in water, ensure the container is of appropriate size
  • Do not let the plant tilt, in that case, there might be a need to tie the plant so that it climbs

Marble Money Plant Propagation

Marble money plant is very simple to propagate. Little plantlets can be cut down and sowed in the soil or also placed in the water container. Cut the small plantlet which is sprouting a baby stem. Separate the baby plant from the mother plant. Ensure the soil is well-drained and aerated. Let the soil be a little bit moist.

Marble Money Plant Price and Online

Marble money is easy to purchase. It can be found in any local nursery store and can also be purchased online through authentic websites. It can be available at a reasonable price range from Rs. 100. Money plant is not at all an expensive plant.

Beautiful ornamental plant

If you’re looking for a fuss-free plant to grow, the Marble money plant is the best option to consider.


Here we’ve answered some frequently asked questions for you.

How do you care for a marble Queen money plant?

Marble Queen Money plant is easy to care for. Just water the plant when the topsoil is dry, provide sufficient light and feed the plant during the growing season.

Is Marble Queen pothos a money plant?

Marble Queen Pothos is a variety of money plants.

How do you grow the marble Prince Money plant?

Marble Queen Money plant is easy to grow and care for. Just water the plant when the topsoil is dry, provide sufficient light and feed the plant during the growing season.

How can I make my marble money plant grow faster?

For the marble money plant to grow faster, ensure the plant gets sufficient bright filtered light, water and nutrients i.e. fertilizer to grow. Do not overwater the plant and make sure the soil is not too soggy.

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