Orchid Care : How to Grow and Care for Orchids

Orchid Care: How to Grow and Care for Orchids

Growing houseplants has a magic of its own. Watching your baby plant growing bit by bit gives you a sense of satisfaction and calmness. This helps you feel better. You’d find psychologists recommending growing plants at your place for the same reason. This helps us get relaxed and fight all the stress from our work life. You get more mature and sensitive when you start taking care of the plants, you learn to care and learn patience. You know that one day that plant is gonna bloom you a beautiful flower which would be enough to make your day and that’s what all of this is for.

Orchid is one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow at your place. It is from the family Orchidaceae, which has almost 1000 genera and more than 25000 species worldwide. This family is famous for its attractive flower plants, especially in the wet tropics. These are monocotyledonous plants. The word ‘Orchid’ comes from the Greek term ‘Orchis’ for testicle – it's because of the shape of the root tubers which one can easily find in some species of the orchis.

Orchid is a nonwoody plant and is perennial – these are generally categorized under terrestrial or epiphytic herbs. They prefer growing on other plants much more than being rooted in soil. The species of orchids that grow on other plants are vinelike and they have spongy roots. Those spongy roots are responsible for absorbing all the water from the surrounding air. Some of the species can make their food while some depend on the dead organic matter – they can obtain nourishment by a fungus living in their roots.

The ecological distribution is big enough. The family, as said, is primarily tropical. You can find several species in the northern and southern temperate zones. You can get at least 4 species from the very north of the Arctic circle. The other species can be found in the Northern temperate zone. The flowers are generally found in prairies, bogs, grasslands, and hardwood forests.

The orchids get mature generally between 5 to 8 years and are naturally healthy between that time. Orchids come in about 35000 different varieties and have so many different colours to adore. Starting from the famous blue orchid, purple orchid, vanda orchid, to the foxtail orchis, every orchid symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and intrigue.

Advantages and disadvantages of orchids

There are both pros and cons of growing orchids like most other things. Let’s start talking about the advantages of having orchids –

Advantages –

Easy to grow –

Growing orchids isn’t time-consuming at all. They just need the proper water, light, and air like most other plants. It also said that soft music helps them cheer up. You might hear people saying that growing orchid is a hard job, that’s just not true – we assure you. Even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy the beauty and colours of the flowers. Orchids last for years.

The fragrance –

This is one of the most popular reasonsfor buying an orchid plant. There are different types of orchids and the fragrance might differ. Some types of orchids would just cover your whole living room and bless you with the scent. Imagine spending every day with that scent. Some varieties would resemble a raspberry, citrus fruit-like smell. The scent also attracts insects and birds – this can propagate and help in continuing their life cycle by pollination. The scent can also help you fight stress and anxiety. This can help you bring mental peace.

Oral and bone care –

The flower can help maintain the density of teeth and bones. Orchid flower is rich in calcium and magnesium – this makes them an excellent source for maintaining our teeth and bones. This can also help prevent osteoporosis and teeth damage.

Anti-oxidants –

It is not a popular fact but they are anti-oxidant rich – they are often used to ward off free radicals. The consumption of the flower can promote regulation and repair the damaged cells. They can keep cancer at bay. The anti-oxidant can also help you keep healthy and wrinkle-free skin.


Environmental problems

This is quite common. Problems like Bud blast are very common in orchids. In this case, your orchid needs a high level of humidity which is not always possible. Too much light can cause yellowing of tissues and little light can darken the foliage. They are very sensitive to light – so you need to keep the light as constant as possible.


This is something you always need to take care of. Orchid plants are always prone to pests. Mealybugs and scales (immobile pests that grow cotton-like covers), spider mites (hard to see with the naked eye, leave fine web-like structures wherever they feed), and thrips (they feed on pollen and are observed to be running around on blooms) – not only one, but you have to look for different kinds of pests, which make it hard sometimes.


Fungal and bacterial diseases on orchids is another thing you need to look for. They can also grow black or mushy) need special attention. You need to remove the damaged roots and reduce watering levels in such time. They shouldn’t be placed in standing water. Leaf spots and bacterial rots are also common in orchids.

What benefit does the orchid get from the tree | Relationship between orchids and trees


As we said, orchids often like taking support from other trees to grow. They have this symbiotic relationship with the trees. In a symbiotic relationship, both the organism can be helpful and not harm each other. Orchids tend to grow on few parts of the trees to collect organic debris and water. They mainly target the inner branches. Trees with rough barks – the ones which can hold water and also humus in their cracks are what orchids prefer more.

They can glean minerals, nitrogen, and decaying organic matter from the host tree. Epiphytes like orchids, they can increase the moisture in the air, and thus keep their surrounding humid. This can further help the trees absorb nitrogen from the air for their growth.

Although the orchid plants don’t harm the host, they can cause damaging branch breakage. Trees with rough barks can shed pieces of their barks periodically. Some can also produce chemicals that can also inhibit growth.

Medicinal uses of orchids

There are many ways orchids can be helpful enough in creating medicines for us. The medicinal properties of the orchids were discovered by the Chinese people at first. They are commonly used in form of medicinal tea. They can help improve our immune system, eyesight and help fight cancer.

Salep is a traditional beverage used in turkey as a medicine. This is done by grinding the tubers of orchismilitaris,orchismascula, and some other types of orchids with ovoid tubers. This is also consumed by many Syrian, Iran, and Saudi Arabian people. This can cure sore throat and digestive problems.

Moth orchids

Moth orchids

Many people prefer growing moth orchid trees. This is the most lovable orchid which gives off beautiful scent and colour to your place. They live best on colder days. They can easily brighten the tables and windowsills of any place. Moth orchids are the largest grower of indoor plants in the southern parts. They are just perfect for beginners, they won’t demand a lot of attention. There are different variations in the colour, sizes, and bloom – people are gonna enjoy the charm every year.

Growing orchids

Buying orchids

You can grow an orchid seed once you purchase from the nearby store. You can also find the blooming ones online as well.

Reblooming and Repotting

You can always cut off the bloom spike from the base of the plant when an orchid has stopped flowering. Fertilize well, and leave the orchid pots in bright and direct light.

Repotting is also an option. You gotta do this only when they are not blooming.


Overwatering is more dangerous than underwatering in the case of orchids. They are generally planted in the bark or sphagnum moss – this helps them grow better. The material must be fried out before you water them again. Remember that bark holds more water than mosses. Never leave the roots in standing water. Grow your orchid farm today.


The orchid plants like bright and indirect light like most other houseplants. If you plant them indoors, the best place would be an east-facing window. You can go for southern or western windows too, but ensure that the light is indirect. Just don’t go for the northern ones – they won’t meet the lighting requirements.


The normal home temperature would be just fine, that is 70 to 80 degrees.


You can visit the local nursery for an orchid fertilizer and apply according to the instruction in the packet. Try Dynamite Orchids and Bromeliads (10-10-17), this slow-release food is gonna be good enough for your orchid.

Orchid extract

The orchid extract can stimulate skin cell vitality. This supports cellular metabolism in us. This can also promote cell regeneration and strengthen our cell membrane. Protecting the skin immune system is one of the primary reasons people prefer orchid extracts.


How do you take care of orchid plants?

Orchids are quite easy to take care of. Just provide them with enough bright and indirect light. Water them right, avoid overwatering. Only water them when you find the soil dry.

Is orchid indoor or outdoor plant?

Orchids can be grown both indoors and outdoors. They just need proper light and water to grow. If you grow them indoors, provide them fertilizer.

Is the orchid plant good for home? Is orchid a good indoor plant?
Yes, they can prove to be the perfect plant for your home. The fragrance is so enchanting. And the lovely colour variation is always gonna increase the charm of your place.

Can I grow orchids in India?

Yes, you can. Just ensure they get bright and indirect sunlight.

What does the orchid plant symbolize?

The orchid plant symbolizes love, luxury, beauty, and intrigue.

Can I put an orchid in the bedroom?

Yes, you can. But ensure they get bright light.

Are orchids good luck?

Orchids are said to bring good luck to our lives. The fragrance also cheers us up and can increase productivity by fighting stress. Bring an orchid to your place today.

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