List of Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home in 2021

List of Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home in 2021


Interior designers these days always try to include indoor plants on their list to decorate your place. Psychologists also advise people to plant indoor houseplants as they can increase their confidence and morale. Indoor plants are said to increase your productivity as well. The freshness is always a plus. They can freshen the air around you and act as an air purifier.

To make your place look more attractive you can always have those cool pots and place them in your house. Another thing people prefer these days is purchasing the hanging pots and having their hanging garden. The indoor hanging plant pots won’t even take much of your space. You don’t need to adjust or move your furniture to make room for the plant pots. You can simply go for the hanging baskets indoors – they won’t take much of the space on the floor. And they look much more attractive as well. Nothing is stopping you now, we are here to recommend you the best indoor hanging plants - give them a look and select the ones you like the most.  

Indoor Hanging Plants: Easy to Care Hanging Houseplants | Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Thrive in Apartments

 Air Plants

Classy low maintenance plants

Air plants are just the plants you are looking for if you are a beginner. They are completely low maintenance. The best part about them is that they don’t need any soil to survive. They have unmatchable looks. They look very classy when put in terrariums. Go fetch a hanging terrarium today to plant your air plant. You can add some attractive accents and trinkets to the container to enhance the charm. Remember that they need plenty of light and a place with good air circulation. You need to keep a hole in the terrarium. 

Bird’s nest fern

Epiphytes in the wild

The scientific name being Asplenium nidus, these are the epiphytes in the wild. They do latch onto other plants around to get support to grow to their best. They are one of the best indoor hanging plants as they don’t need too much sunlight. Remember that too much sunlight can burn the leaves and turn them yellow. The shape of the leaves also depends on how much sunlight you feed them. Less sun flattens their leaves. These indoor hanging plants love humidity – they are from the tropical rainforests. You can also plant them in the bathroom.

The arrowhead

Arrow-shaped leaves

The arrowhead plant has the scientific name – Syngonium podophyllum. Why the name? These plants have arrowhead-like vines on them. The shape of the leaves of the plants can change with time. You don’t need to trim the leaves – just allow them to grow them by themselves. Look for a long-hanging plant basket indoor. These plants have different shades you can choose from. The popular shades are green, pink, and burgundy. These plants also prefer humid places like the kitchen or bathroom to grow.


Money plant

Proper Vastu plant

One of the easiest growing indoor plants with the scientific name Epipremnum aurem. They can be used as low light indoor hanging plants as they can survive in moderate light and can even go without water for a few days. They would be perfect for your bedroom. The heart-shaped leaves are said to bring prosperity and luck to your life. The plant is also considered to bring wealth according to Vastu. Thus, the name. They are also known to remove harmful toxins from the air. These plants are gonna give you some good sleep as they can give you plenty of oxygen even during the night.


Spider Plant

Covers all the horizontal and vertical space

Also known as the Chlorophytum comosum in scientific terms. These plants can cover plenty of horizontal and vertical space in your room to give your place the perfect look. The leaves are adoring and thus the plants are also called airplane plants or the ribbon plant. They can purify the air around you, and you don’t need to worry if you have got pets at your place, they won’t cause any harm. Keep them in wide baskets as their leaves can grow pretty long.

The ripple peperomia


Heart-shaped striped leaves

The heart-shaped leaves of these plants are some of the most beautiful leaves you’ll see. The peperomia caperata has got different colours that you can choose from. The indoor hanging plants come in grey, red, green, and in cream colours. The beautiful indentations on the leaves of these plants are why people like them so much. The perfect conversation starter when placed in the dining room, bring them in today.


Long flowering stems

These beautiful indoor hanging plants with flowers need full sunlight and a good amount of water to grow to their level best. The long flowering stems are just the perfect way you can enhance the charm of your place. Do fill the pot with a lightweight commercial pot mix to make sure they grow perfect.

Plants Perfect for Hanging in Your Home

People do prefer plants that are hard to kill because of their busy schedules. There are a lot of indoor hanging plants which can grow even if they don’t get the proper care. These are best for beginners.


Devil's Ivy

Can be grown anywhere

Also known as the money plant or the pothos, these plants can thrive in almost any surrounding. They need little light to grow and would still grow in varying temperatures. Place them anywhere and they would still gift you those beautiful heart-shaped leaves.

1.    Heartleaf philodendron


Evergreen climber

This evergreen climber has got beautiful heart-shaped leaves that you can show off when you get a visit from your guests. The glossy texture of the leaves looks so attractive and they might also bloom your beautiful white flowers. They are drought tolerant and can survive in the worst scenarios. Use a damp paper towel if you observe the leaves getting dry. They are also known as the sweetheart plant.

2.   Spider plants

Perfect for beginners

Don’t let the name scare you, there aren’t any spiders crawling out of the plants. These plants are the perfect ones you can fetch if you are a beginner. The plantlets can also be used to grow a new plant, the curved leaves of these plants will throw enough oxygen and clean the air for you as well. The plants prefer humid places.

3.   English ivy

Cover up the walls

The English ivy or the Hedera helix is the perfect plant for dining room décor. They can spread a lot, so give them enough space and room so that the adoring vines can grow to their best. These plants can cover up any wall on their own. A beautiful ivy wall always looks attractive. Let the leaves dangle loos from the hanging basket you are using. People would always admire the elegant vines. 

Mistletoe cactus

Perfect low-light hanging plants

Doesn’t they look charming? They are one of the best low-light indoor hanging plants. As the name suggests, they don’t need much water to thrive as well. They would even bloom flowers and sometimes these adoring small edible berries that have a grape-like taste. The stems of these plants can grow up to 20 ft in the wild. They may take some time, they grow slow.

4.   The string of hearts

Beautiful foliage with heart-shaped leaves

The name is enough to tell you how beautiful the heart-shaped leaves look. They are absolutely low maintenance, their look might make you think the opposite. They can tolerate you missing the watering schedules, just keep them in places where they get enough light. The colour of the leaves can turn paler if they don’t get adequate sunlight. The more the light, the greener the leaves are. Go fetch your Rosary vine today.

5.   String of pearls

Leaves resemble peas

They look as beautiful as the string of hearts. The leaves look a lot like peas. This is succulent and a creeping vine. They require very low watering. Hanging plant baskets indoors suits best with the string of pearls. The vines are pushed to one side and can create a spilled effect. The trailing stems of these plants can grow up to 2 or 3 feet long.


6.   The Boston Fern

Air purifying plant

If you are looking for indoor hanging plants in India which would also help clean the air, Boston fern is the plant you can go for. These plants prefer a humid environment. They look gorgeous because of their feathery fonds. Ensure that they can hang a bit and is far from the ceiling so that they get proper air circulation. Unlike most air circulating plants, Boston fern is completely safe for pets.

7.   Staghorn

They don't need soil to grow

Another indoor hanging plant, the Staghorns also known as the air plants –don’t need soil to grow. They can usually grow from a backing board or probably a tree – you can easily hang them as you would do for a picture frame. Look for the perfect size to do so. These plants are native to Australian rainforests, so it's pretty obvious that they are gonna love humidity. They can grow in filtered lights too, ensure that you give them enough protection from hot and cold blasts.

8.   Peace Lily

Bring peace into lives

These hanging indoor flower plants, along with their charm, can purify the air around you. They can help remove harmful toxins from the air. If someone’s prone to overwatering, they should always try the Spathiphyllum. They can also grow in fish tanks. Give them enough light and they will gift you the perfect white flowers the whole year.

How to Care for Hanging Plants

Hanging plants do demand care. Growing them in a container especially when they are hanged up, isn’t similar to growing a plant in the ground. Here are a few tips you can follow –


Every plant indeed demands a different watering schedule, but when you plant a plant in a container, the watering schedule changes. They can absorb water from the soil when planted in the ground, you can afford to miss some of the watering schedules, but not in hanging pots. You need to reach up and lift the pot from below to check if it feels light or heavy. Touch the soil and go about an inch deep to check if it is dry, water them thoroughly. Ensure that there are drainage holes in the pot. Remember that every plant has its water requirements.

Replacing plants

There’s nothing to get scared about to transfer a plant when you are following mixed planting. Transfer it to a new pot when it’s finished blooming. Do ensure that the other plants don’t get hurt in the process. Fill the void with more soil when you do that. Don’t be afraid to cut parts of the plant when they look straggly.


Just like pots need frequent watering because they don’t get enough like when planted in the ground, you need to provide the soil with enough nutrients as well. Go for liquid or dry slow-release fertilizer. Follow the directions mentioned in the packet of the fertilizer. D remember that you gotta use the fertilizer when the soil is moist.

Hanging Houseplants ideas in 2021

Hanging houseplants are always the charmer ones. They always give off cool vibes. The hanging planters are just the best idea you can come off when you are planting plant babies. They would simply beautify your place. There are a lot of different ideas you can put up in your place when you prefer having hanging houseplants in your place. Here are some of the ideas regarding the indoor hanging plant pots.

Clay-based pots

Retains moisture

They are used to bring the rustic charm along with them. Remember that they dry out a lot faster than the other pots.


Sophisticated planters

This type of pot can hold the water a lot better than clay-based pots. They are perfect to add a touch of sophistication to your place.

Circular planters

Easy to hang and beautiful

They can be used for almost all types of plants. You can hang them quite easily.

The tall ones

Needs more soil to fill

If you are planning on planting plants that have a deeper root system, and if the plant demands more soil, go for them.

The hanging jungle


Stunning display

It is time to mix things up to create your hanging jungle with the hanging plant baskets indoor. You gotta create a green oasis in the well-lit parts of your home. Add different sizes and shapes.

Kokedama display

Kokedama display

Another great way to create your hanging garden is going for the kokedama display. Look for indoor hanging plants for sale today to go all zen with the Japanese style of gardening.

Hanging terrariums

Classy look

This is just class. One of the most elegant-looking pots you can get for your indoor hanging plants. With the perfect whimsical and dreamy touch, terrariums demand good-sized openings for the right amount of air circulation.


How to take care of hanging petunias?

The hanging petunias demand daily watering, especially during the summer. You can also water them twice in extreme heat. Let the water drain, and don’t allow the soil to stay wet.

Can you grow cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket?

Yes, you can, the best variety would be cherry and grape tomatoes. Because of their small size, they can hold up to containers much better.

How to hang a plant from the ceiling?

Using adhesive hooks is the best way you can do that. Don’t worry, you don’t need to drill your roof for the same. You can easily get them from a nearby big-box store with office supplies.

Where can I buy pots for plants at a low cost?

Visit any local store to get the perfect hanging pots. You can also go online to search for the perfect pots along with the indoor hanging plants.











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