The Secret to Growing Money Plant in Water

The Secret to Growing Money Plant in Water

 Growing plants indoors? There’s a possibility that you are gonna face some challenges if you are a beginner. Although there’s nothing to worry about, it's not some rocket science. There are some things you need to keep in mind before you start. Although, most of the indoor plants are low maintenance, and sometimes they won't even miss you. We understand that you are a bit scared if this is your first time, don’t worry, we’ll guide you right through it.

Money plants or the pothos are the most popular houseplants you’ll come across. They can grow in soil, or you can even plant money plants in water. Money plants are also known as the Devil’s Ivy. Don’t get scared by the name, the name might sound ‘Devilish’, but the plants aren’t. They kinda are the exact opposite. The heart-shaped leaves of the plants would charm your place. The plants are also known as one of the luckiest plants you can grow indoors.

Most people don’t like growing plants in soil and instead prefer water. There are a few plants that satisfy the requirement, and a money plant is one of them. If you want to know how to grow money plants in water, you are just at the right place. You can grow the plants in water, you just need a container and tap water for the same. They will grow just perfect. And as they are low-maintenance, you don’t need to worry much about them and take constant care. What are you thinking about then? Go buy a money plant today.

How to Take Care of Money Plants?

Money plants are really easy to take care of. You don’t need to be scared if you have a busy schedule and you are worried about the fact that you might not be able to give the plant too much time. Well, they don’t need too much time. You just need to remember a few facts and do just a tiny bit of work to ensure that they grow perfect. You can grow the plant both in soil and growing money plant in water is also possible.

Money plant in soil             

Money plant in soil grows up to 12 feet

If the plant gets proper care, it can grow up to a height of 12 feet. Isn’t that amazing? Even if you are a beginner and the plant gets average care, it will still grow about 7 feet tall. Let’s talk about the different factors you need to keep in mind when you are growing the plant in soil –


Remember that the soil must be well-drained. The best way to plant the Devil’s ivy is to fetch some river sand and mix it with potting soil. The water can be easily drained this way. The sand would help in aeration and proper drainage which can make the plant prosper well. Soil with high pearlite content can also be used.


Just don’t overwater the plants. That’s the only thing you need to remember. Adequate watering and underwatering works for the pothos, but overwatering can kill the plant. If it's summer, water it once a week – that would just be enough. You can also touch the topsoil and observe the dryness to understand if the plant needs watering. If it’s winter, water it every 2 weeks. Ensure that there isn’t water clogging.


This isn’t necessary. Money plants can do just fine even without fertilizers. But you can feed them some fertilizers once a month if you want. Always apply the fertilizers in the evening, otherwise, the roots might get burnt in the daylight. Don’t fertilize the plants during the winter.

How to plant money plant in water

One of the easiest ways to plant money plant

The best part about money plants is that you can grow money plants in water. Many peoples prefer to grow the plant this way. People don’t like having potted soil indoors as they don’t like cleaning the place again and again. Growing a money plant in water is as easy as growing the plant in soil. Here are the steps you can follow to grow the plant in water –

  • Start by taking a healthy stem of the plant, a thick stem of about 30 cm in length is the ideal size.
  • Make a sharp cut to plant the cutting in water. A cut of about 45 degrees is the best you can do. Make sure you cut it above the node. The node is where the leaves of the plant grow from.
  • You can use a glass jar, a bottle, or even a ceramic pot to continue. Fill the container with water. Tap water would do, but there shouldn’t be too much chlorine in it. You can let the water rest for a day so that the amount of chlorine decreases. Make sure the jar covers at least one node.
  • When you use water to grow money plants, you need to ensure that it gets indirect sunlight, otherwise, the jar can start the growth of algae. Keeping it somewhere near the windows would be just fine.
  • You’d observe new roots coming out after one or two weeks.
  • The last thing you need to ensure is that you need to change the water as soon as the water turns turbid. That’s generally about two weeks. Maintain the water level to cover the grown roots. That’d just do.

How to Grow Indoor Money Plant in a Pot?

You need to get the perfect size of pot for your plants. Remember that money plants can grow big, so it’s better to purchase heavy or big pots. Small pots might restrict the growth after some point in time.

The size of the pot depends on the size of the plant you wanna grow. You don’t want the plant to fall off, a large-sized plant in a small pot can do that. You can start with 6 inches pot made of clay, ceramic, or plastic. But when the plants grow a bit and get matured, you need to transfer them to a big pot or container. Select neutral soil that has a pH range between 6 to 7.5. After the plant reaches a certain height, you need to add more potting soil mix of peat moss or perlite.

Add a wood exactly in the middle of the pot so that the plant gets support when it grows. Push the wood until you feel it to the bottom, harden the soil so that it can hold the wood. At least 12 inches pot is necessary.

Giving support to hold the money plant

Home-made fertilizer for money plant in water

There are a lot of homemade fertilizers you can use to increase the growth of your money plants. Roots can draw the nutrients from these fertilizers. People do look for fertilizer for money plants in water as when you grow the plant in water, the plant can’t draw a lot of nutrients other than Calcium and Magnesium unlike money plants grown in soil. That’s why you sometimes need to feed the plants with fertilizers once every month. Let’s take a look at some of the best homemade fertilizers you can feed your money plant in water.

 Eggshells mixture

Apply with 50% of water

It doesn’t need a lot of items to make this fertilizer. Just some eggshells would do. Take about 5 eggshells and wash them in water to remove the membranes. Crush them next. Fill about 0.5 water in a glass and mix the eggshells in it. You’d observe a white-coloured mixture. Keep the mixture covered for about 5-6 days. Apply the fertilizer with 50% of water in the plants and you’re good to go.

Banana Peel mixture

Apply with a ratio of 1:1 with water

You just need three banana peels which are to be properly cut into small slices. Try to cut them as small as you can, this can quicken the process. Take a water bottle with 500 ml water and put the slices in it and mix it well. Keep the bottle covered and leave it for a week. Similar to the eggshell fertilizer, you need to add a 1:1 ratio of the fertilizer and water to the plants.

Used tea fertilizer

This is one of the most popular homemade fertilizers. You can continue this process with both tea leaves and the powder. Take the tea bags or the powders you’ve once used to make tea. Put the used tea in a water-filled bowl. Keep it like that for a day. You’ll get the fertilizer ready and would observe the brown colour. Mix the fertilizer with some water before you feed the fertilizer for money plant in water.

The secret to growing a bushy and healthy money plant

There are some facts that you need to remember to take care of your pothos, which we have mentioned above. That being said, here are some extra tips we have put up for you so that you don’t miss the chance of seeing a busy and healthy money plant.


It’s always about the right resources you add to your houseplant to ensure that they grow healthy. The right amount of water and nutrients would just do that. Seaweed solution and compost are the perfect resources you can go for when you want your money plant to grow to its best. The soil or water doesn’t always provide the right nutrients to the plants, or they do get leech away with time. Growing money plants in water would need some homemade fertilizers like the used tea or banana peel fertilizers. Also, do change the tap water every 2 weeks or so to avoid fungal growth.


The right amount of light is equally important. Only providing the plant with enough nutrients isn’t enough. Plants are nothing without the perfect amount of light. Do provide them with bright sunlight for speedy growth. Ensure that they don’t get direct sunlight otherwise you might observe your money plant leaves turning yellow over time.


Infrequent watering or overwatering is another problem with houseplants. Beginners can’t always judge the right amount and time to water their plants. Bad watering can lead to browning of the tips of the plant. Do a sticky test to make sure that the plant is getting the right amount of water. That is, touch the soil and if the soil sticks to your hands and feels moist – then you are doing just fine, it doesn’t need more watering for now. Let the soil dry – especially for the money plants. As soon as the soil feels dry and powdery, water it again. Also, ensure that there is a proper drainage system in the pots.


Plants like the money plants need to undergo pruning to grow perfectly. This ensures healthy and bushy growth. Remove the dead leaves and branches if any. Clip the ends of your money plants so that there’s enough side growth.

Money plant in a glass bottle

Charming money plants in a bottle

People do often ask about how to grow money plants in a water bottle. This always looks charming and is the perfect DIY for you this season. To get this attractive glass bottle look, follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Cut a few stems from the money tree.
  • Place the plant in a glass bottle or glass jar.
  • Place some stones in the container to secure the plant. You’ll observe the shoots growing some roots around them.
  • Then pour some tap water into the bottle
  • Change the water every one or two weeks.


Money Plant: Vastu and Feng Shui Tips

As the name suggests, it’s said that money plants can bring wealth to your life. This can bring luck and prosperity to your family. Along with other money plant benefits like – air purification, reduction of radiation, the plant can also reduce stress. The plant can bring positive vibes to your life. You just need to follow some rules so that you get the full benefit from the pothos.

When kept indoors, place the plant in the southeast direction of the room. The southeast direction is said to be ruled by Lord Ganesha and rules by the planet Venus. Ganesha can remove bad luck and the planet Venus attracts wealth,  thus the placement. This is proven by the Vastu sastra.

According to Feng Shui, you need to bring the five elements namely wood earth, fire, water, and metal into action. Place a plank of wood in the middle of the plant to ensure support to the plant, water it correctly, the soil acts as an earth element, you can tie a red ribbon to resemble fire, and place a coin nearby to satisfy the metal element of the Feng shui.


What are the fertilizers for money plants?

Homemade fertilizers like banana peel used tea, and eggshell fertilizers work best with the money plant in water. You can add compost and seaweed solution if you are planting money plants in soil.

 How to care for a money plant in water?

Fill the jar with tap water and ensure that the water gets replaced every one or two weeks, otherwise, the jar will attract fungal growth and algae which isn’t a good sign for your plants,

Do money plants grow better in water or soil?

Money plants can grow in both soil and water equally if taken proper care of. There are different steps to be followed for the different cases. Go through the blog and you’ll get the perfect answer for each.

How to grow along and bushy money plant?

Keep the soil fertilized with compost. Make sure that the plant gets enough bright and indirect sunlight during the day. Change the water every 2 weeks if you are growing the plant in water.

 How many times in a day should I water a money plant?

Money plants should be watered only when the soil gets dry. Touch the soil, if it appears to be sticky, let it dry and only water when the soil feels powdery.

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