Want to Grow a Palm Tree at Home? You Must Know This

Want to Grow a Palm Tree at Home? You Must Know This


The idea of spending your holidays in the islands itself cheers us up. And nothing conjures up the idea of the desire of an island escape like palm trees does. Although, indeed, palm trees can not be grown everywhere. But if you belong to an arid and Mediterranean climate – you would find palms at your nearby garden centre. There are lots of different varieties for the palms one can choose from.

Palm trees grow tall. Some of them can reach more than a height of 70 meters. The tallest palm species is the Quindio wax palm – they can grow up to 200 feet tall. The quindio wax is the national tree of Columbia. Palm trees are indeed skyscrapers. Palm trees are often known as the symbol of life. The Assyrians believe palms to be their symbol for eternal life. That’s the tree they value the most. Palms can live longer than most trees. Some of them can live more than a century. That is, your tree might outlive you someday. After researches, many scientists have concluded the fact that on a cellular level, palms might be the oldest tree. The cells of these trees aren’t replaced with new cells like in the case of most organisms.

Palms love water. Not only the base of the tree, but you can also even shoot water at them up to their leaves. This can kick the dust and dislodge many insects too. They even get their much-needed humidity by this process. Don’t get scared by the 200 feet long palm trees, not every species grow such tall. You can even plant some of the species in pots. They make great patio plants, you can also replant them in larger-sized containers once they grow. You just need the right soil for the tree. The younger palm trees prefer shade, unlike the mature ones.

Just don’t trim palm trees. This can get dangerous too. Many tree cutters have faced death when their bodies are pinned against the trunk of the trees which can weigh about 100 pounds. Don’t do it all by yourself, hire some professional if they need trimming. Some of the palms can grow edible fruits like coconuts and dates. God! They are delicious.

Types of palm trees

There are loads of different types of palm trees. Let us start talking about them –

The small types

The dwarf palm trees are the ideal ones to grow in our home. Most people prefer small palm trees for their backyard. They usually grow to about 12 feet in height. Let us take a look at them –

Pigmy Date

Long bushy pinnate fronds

This tree doesn’t grow more than 10 ft in height. The single stem and the long bushy pinnate fronds are enough to identify them. The fronds can grow about a meter long. They are the perfect ornamental flowering tree. They can be grown in containers as well.

The Triangle palm


Fronds out of a single trunk

They have pinnate fronds, the fronds usually fan out from a single trunk. The triangle palm is also known as the Dypsis decayri which grows about 8 ft in height.

Dwarf Majesty


Height not more than 8 feet

One of the most popular palms to be grown indoors. Its miniature size can grow both indoors and outdoors. These trees don’t grow more than 8 ft long. The dark green pinnate leaves can be used for decorative purposes as well.

Christmas Palm


The maximum height attained is 25 feet

This is a popular choice for gardens. They are quite small when compared to the coconut or the date palm trees. The max height they can attain is 25 feet.

Other Palm types

Canary palm


The maximum height of the tree is 66 feet

They are one of the most elegant palm trees you can grow. The large pinnate leaves are the reason people prefer the canary palm trees. Depending on the climate of the place, the tree can grow to about 33 and 66 ft tall.

Chinese Fan Palm


Unique ornate drooping leaves

The Chinese fan can make any landscape look attractive. The single-stemmed plant is famous for its unique ornate drooping leaves. The tree can grow up to 30 to 50 ft high.

Mexican Palm


Bushy like leafy foliage

This species has got a narrow and skinny type of trunk. They have bushy like leafy foliage, which can be found at the top. They can grow up to 80 feet tall.

Indoor palm trees

Parlor Palm

Brings luck and fortune

They are completely low-maintenance and be grown indoors with proper care. According to Feng shui, this plant is also considered lucky. The reed-like slender stems are quite popular with the light green pinnate leaves.

Lady Palm


Multiple stemmed plants

You might have come across this name. This is a popular indoor palm that has a beautiful bushy appearance. They can grow up to 13 ft in height. They have multiple stems.

Let’s take a look at some other popular varieties of a palm trees.

Areca palm | Bamboo palm

Popularly known as bamboo palm
The areca palm can grow about 10- 30 ft tall. They like moist and well-drained soil to grow. They also go by the name of Bamboo palm. They generally prefer growing in the summertime and also grow pale yellow flowers with them. These plants like bright and filtered sunlight and cannot tolerate overwatering. So, before you water them, check if the soil of the areca palm is dry enough. They are a heavy feeder, so it’s better to provide them liquid fertilizer to grow.



Date palm

Bears sweet and edible fruits

Date palm is popular for its sweet and edible fruits. This might not be known to all, but the date palm has been originated from Iraq. The fruit from the tree is a chief source of wealth in many parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Dates do have a long shelf life and they have a lot of varieties too. The date palm can grow about 57 feet tall and can be planted in the backyard of the house. The tree can be propagated from seeds and from suckers too. Palms can start producing fruits after 4 or 5 years.

Saw palm

Popular by the name saw palmetto

The saw palm or often referred to as the saw palmetto is popular for its ripe fruit which has many medicinal uses. The saw palm fruits can be used for decreasing symptoms of what we can the enlarged prostate. This is known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. They can also be used in prostate surgery which is used in treatment for male-pattern baldness and sexual dysfunction.

Acai palm

Grows 5 to 8 grey-brown stems
Spelled as Assai is cultivated for the edible hearts of the tree and its fruits. They are native to South and Central America. The palms consist of about 5 to 8 grey-brown stems. Each of the stems can grow about 82 feet tall and can be about 8 inches in diameter. They grow small brown-purple flowers and the fruits are about 0.6 inches in diameter. The fruit can change colour from green to deep purple as it gets ripened.

Sago palm


Popular feathery foliage

The popular houseplant is popular for the feathery foliage. No other palms have such foliage. This plant is perfect for beginners as they are easy to care for. They can be grown both indoors ad outdoors. This plant is also considered to be one of the cycads which is one of the oldest groups of plants known for their hardiness.

Ponytail palm

Unique ponytail shaped leaves

Ponytail palm is another popular houseplant popular for its unique shaped leaves. It has a sleek bulb-like trunk. The lush long and curly leaves are responsible for the name. They look stunning. They are considered to be forgiving and are quite easy to care for.

Travellers palm

Awkward nifty looking complex

To be honest, they kinda look awkward sometimes. They have a nifty-looking complex. Getting more real, they aren’t a palm at all but probably some close cousin of the bird of the paradise plants. Native to Madagascar, the Traveller’s palm has an orientation of a giant fan-like structure. The Traveller’s palm collects a lot of water in their nooks.

Coconut palm

Famous for growing fruits - coconuts

They are the most popular palm tree -famous for the coconuts, if you have one of them, they can give you beach vibes. They have a tall curved single trunk. It is difficult to replicate them indoors because of their tall structure. They have a moderate growth rate and would need about 15 to 20 years to attain full coconut production. They can grow about 50 to 100 feet tall and they need full sun exposure. They are native to Asia.

Fishtail palm

Ragged edge leaflets

They have compound leaves and can reach large sizes. The leaflets of these trees have ragged edges which resemble the back end of a fish – thus the name. Most varieties of the tree are outdoor substitutes for the bamboo tree.

Royal palm tree

Can grow up to 125 feet tall

They grow quite tall. They are generally popular in warm and coastal areas. The royal palm tree can grow up to 125 feet tall. There is about 15 to 20 canopy of the royal palm tree.  The older portion of the trunk looks rough and grey and they bloom fragrant yellow flowers.

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