Houseplants that can Surive Low Light

Houseplants that Can Survive Low Light

Plants are a way to glamorize our interiors with little effort. Yes, plants do not always require you to go out of your way to keep well. At least, not all plants do.

Having plants around doesn’t necessarily have to be a worrying task. We get it, as most of us stay out of our houses for most of the day, we can’t help worrying about the state our plants are in? What’s life if most of it is spent worrying whether the plants back at home are getting enough sunlight or not?

So go and get some plants that are more suited to low-lit areas. That way, you can easily spend your day outside, without worrying about your plant’s light needs.

Low Light Indoor Plants India

Just like other parts of the world, India too has a craze for indoor plants. If we were to compare, the love for indoor plants in India is sure to surpass that of other regions. After all, it was a bunch of Indians that hugged trees to save them from being cut down.

Low light plants have currently been trending in India as well. Here are some low light indoor shade plants that are easily available, throughout India.

Dragon Tree

The Dragon Tree is one plant that does considerably well indoors. The plant can also be trimmed from time to time to a height suited for the indoors. Water the plant only after the soil dries out completely.

Money Plant

Money Plant has been a real OG in Indian households since time immemorial. The plant is believed to have many good attributes as per Vastu, but what’s better is that it is quite easy to look after. The plant has pretty basic watering needs, requiring it every time the soil turns dry. The Money plant also produces an abundance of oxygen at night.

Snake Plant

Also known as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, the Snake plant is a common indoor plant, especially in India. The plant is a natural air purifier and can survive even the harshest of conditions.

Tall Indoor Plants Low Light

We will all agree that tall indoor plants have a unique fancy to them. They make a room stand out, no matter how basic the rest of the additions in the room are. Even in a room filled up with cozy decorations, they can be easily used to put out that one empty wall or corner from view.

Several tall plants can even thrive in low light, saving you all the trouble. So here is a list of some low light tall plants that you can get as an addition to your home.

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise are easy to grow and maintain. The plant has large and beautiful unfolding leaves that are deep green. Water the plant only after the top layer of soil dries out.


The Dracaena is best known for surviving the warmest of weather and its colourful foliage. The plant can easily make a corner of your room stand out. However, avoid using tap water on the plant.

Parlor Palm

Growing up to the height of 4 feet, the Parlor Palms are native to Mexico. The plant needs watering when the top layer of the soil goes dry. Misting the plant once in a while, in winters, also helps.

True Low Light Houseplants

Finding true low light houseplants can be a tedious task. But worry not, we have made it easier for you. Here are some truly low light houseplants.

Arrowhead Vine

Native to Central and South America, the Arrowhead is a fast-growing vine. An Arrowhead with uniform green leaves can thrive considerably well in low-lit areas. The plant prefers a humid temperature to grow.

Creeping Fig

Although a small-leafed vine, the Creeping Fig can grow considerably fast. The plant prefers a lot of humidity to grow. Prune the plant from time to time to keep the plant’s growth in check.

Peacock Fern

Spike Moss, the Peacock Fern, is available in different colours and is slightly different in structures. The plant prefers moist and well-draining soil to grow. It also prefers average humidity levels.

Large Low Light Indoor Plants

Here are some large low light plants that can be a great addition to your home.

Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron plant thrives best in dark rooms and when neglected. The Cast Iron plant has dark green leaves and grows rather slowly, and thus, rarely requires repotting. It can grow up to 3 feet tall.


Often confused with Philodendron, Pothos can grow as long as 30 feet, growing to just 10 feet normally. It is a vine, available in different colours like chartreuse, dark green, spotted silver, etc.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

The ZZ plant is the best option for anyone that often forgets to water their plants. Native to Africa, the indoor ZZ plant can do very well in dark rooms, and can ably thrive on neglect.

Low Light Indoor Trees

In addition to small plants, several trees can be easily grown indoors. Without proper care and some time to time trimming these trees can make up great interior decoratives.

Here are some indoor trees that do great in low light.

Lady Palm

The Lady Palms are known to be the best adaptive palms to low light. Considerably easy to grow, the Lady Palm can grow as tall as 10 feet. It comes in three varieties- Miniature, Large and Thailand.

Ponytail Palm

With its long strap-like leaves, the Ponytail Palm is quite an indestructible plant. Also known as Elephant’s Foot Palm, it can do without water for several weeks as it stores the extra water in its base.

Rubber Plant

Also known as the Ficus Elastica, the Rubber plant is a common choice indoors. When planted indoors, the Rubber plant can grow to a height of 10 feet, but only with proper care.

Small Desk Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

Desks are often filled up with a lot of random things, being more messy than organized. Be it as a student, an office-going adult, or just a homemaker, you are bound to have at least one messy desk at home. One easy way to let a messy desk seem a little organized is by adding a plant to it. Trust me, it works.

Here are some low light small indoor plants that are a perfect addition to your desk and can do just well without sunlight.

Lucky Bamboo

In addition to its Vastu benefits, the Lucky bamboo is a plant that is considerably easy to look after. It can grow both in soil and water and without sunlight as well. However, always use filtered water on the plant.

Moth Orchid

The Moth Orchid is a flowering plant, perfect for desks, which come in a variety of colours. The dwarf variant of the plant just grows up to a height of 12 inches. The plant grows in bark and moss and should be watered only after they dry out.

Peace Lily

With its beautiful white flowers, the Peace Lily is easily the star in any room. The plant can even survive in neglect and without water for a long time. The plant will survive in almost any condition.

Best Indoor Plants for Dark Rooms

Most of us have some dark rooms at home, which often remain without any lighting, like a closet or a guest bedroom, for instance. However, the fact that these spots remain dark doesn’t mean that they don’t need any plants to liven the space up.

So here are some of the best indoor plants for dark rooms.


With its colourful leaves, Dieffenbachia is one beautiful tropical plant to have indoors. The leaves of the plant are either yellow-and-green or white-and-green but can be poisonous to children and pets.


Gloxinia is a flowering plant that thrives in dark corners of the house, the flowers of the plant are trumpet-shaped and in different colours. It is advisable to use liquid fertilizer on the plant once a month.

Spider Plant

The Spider plant is one commonly found indoor plant in different parts of the world. The plant gets its name due to its spider-shaped leaves. The plant also shoots Spiderettes, or baby plants, from time to time.

Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants

Hanging plants have taken the gardening world by storm. And rightly so, as hanging plants can be a statement piece in any room, filled with any number of decorations.

Here are some low light hanging plants that you can get for your home.

Boston Fern

A perfect hanging plant, the Boston Fern looks great in baskets and urns. The Boston Fern prefers humid conditions and thus, should be misted often in winters. The plant needs watering when the topsoil dries out.


Commonly referred to as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera is popular for its bright green and uniquely shaped leaves. The plant requires a liquid fertilizer every once a month during the spring and summer seasons.


A fast-growing vine, Philodendrons are extremely tolerant to low-lit interiors, including dark corners. The plant can reach up to 8 feet and needs watering only as and when the soil goes dry.


Here we have answered some FAQS to help you know more about low-light plants.

What edible plants grow well indoors in low light?

Several edible plants grow well in low light. Notable among them are blueberries, carrots, cherries, kale, radish, etc.

Can a plant grow indoor with no light?

Yes, many plants can grow well indoors with no light. For instance, the Cast Iron plant, Pothos, etc can survive well indoors with no light.

Can spider plants live in low light?

Yes, Spider plants can live quite well in low light. Just ensure that you plant it in some well-draining soil. The plant even propagates on its own by shooting out Spiderettes.

What are some special cares for a peace lily?

Peace Lily is a beautiful and thoroughly beneficial plant to have at home. The plant is easy to grow and maintain. However, make sure that the plant doesn’t get direct sunlight. Also, ensure that the soil doesn’t get too soggy for the plant.

What flowers grow best in shade or low light?

Just like normal houseplants, many flowering plants grow best in the shade and low light. Some of these are Begonia, Fuchsia, Gloxinia, etc.

Which house plants are easiest to grow in low light?

Many different houseplants are easy to grow in low light. The best examples of this sort are Boston Fern, Pothos, Snake plant, ZZ plant, etc.

Plants: What's a good houseplant for low lightroom?

For a low light room, choose plants that can survive without sunlight. There are many such plants to choose from. Evident among these are English Ivy, Lucky Bamboo, Monstera, etc.

Which indoor plants grow in shade without sunlight?

Many plants grow in shade without sunlight. Some common names in this regard are the Dracaena, Maidenhair Fern, ZZ plant, etc.

What are some indoor plants that don't need ANY sun?

Some indoor plants can survive without needing ANY sun. Examples of such plants are Bromeliad, Cast Iron Plant, Parlor Palm, etc.

Which plant needs the least sunlight?

Many plants can survive considerably well in the least sunlight. Evident among these plants are Dragon Tree, Philodendron, Spider plant, etc.

What plants can grow indoors without sunlight?

Many plants can grow indoors without sunlight. Arrowhead Vine, Money plant, Pothos are some of the common examples in this regard.

What plants do well in the dark?

Many plants do well in the dark. Some examples are Peace Lily, Prayer plant, Moth Orchid, Snake plant etc.

What does low light mean for indoor plants?

When we speak of low light for indoor plants, it refers to the absence of sunlight. The term low-light is generally used to refer to a space that is away from the rays of the sun.

What is the best indoor tree for low light?

Several indoor trees are suited to grow in low light. Examples are Areca Palm, Dragon Tree, Rubber plant, ZZ plant, etc.

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