How to Take Care of Areca Palm- Easy Steps & Guide

How to Take Care of Areca Palm- Easy Steps & Guide 

Having a bit of greenery always freshens us and helps us boost our productivity. All they need in return is a bit of care.

Talking about Areca Palms, these plants were once an endangered species. But nowadays, they are quite popular and you are gonna find loads of them if you walk down the street in some warm climate. They look quite tall, attractive, and look a lot like the bamboos. The areca tree has these smooth and olden trunks which are reminiscent of the popular bamboo clumps. Like most bamboo leaves, the fronds of the areca are quite narrow and full. You can use them as privacy screens if you plant them outdoors. These houseplants are best planted in springs, with a slow to near moderate growth rate.

Best planted in springs

Some of the common names for the areca palms, native to Madagascar are the Areca palm, bamboo palm, butterfly palm, yellow palm, or you might have heard the golden cane palm. These plants belong to the Arecaceae family with the botanical name of Dypsis lutescens. The perennial plants can grow up to 10 to 30 feet tall, with about 8 to 15 feet in width. Keep the soil moist and provide them fully to partial sunlight to help them grow the best. They also do bloom flowers that are pale yellow.

Cane palm plant care

These plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Being said that, there are different requirements for each. Like other plants, you need to select the right planting site and ensure that there’s good drainage. Don’t go for soggy soil, as they can rot the roots of the areca. And you would need a well-draining container if you want to grow areca palm indoor. There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to give your areca palm plant everything it wants –


If planted outdoors, ensure that they get bright sunlight and ensure that it is filtered. Don’t feed it full sun, although they can tolerate one.


For the indoor plants, ensure that the plant gets well-drained soil and container. The peat-based potting mix would be the perfect soil to grow these plants. For areca palm outdoors, feed the rich and slightly acidic soil, with of course good drainage system. You can amend the sand and peat moss to improve the porousness of the soil. This can also lower the pH of the soil to make it slightly more acidic.


Talking about water, you need to remember that the plants like moist soil, but ensure that you don’t completely soak the soil with water. The areca plants are sensitive to overwatering and they don’t like being waterlogged. You should always allow the soil to dry out before you water it again. Use distilled water or collected rainwater.


Not every houseplant needs fertilizing, most of the plants can work just fine without fertilizers, but if you are planting areca palm indoor, you should always try to provide the plant with fertilizers. The areca tree is a heavy feeder, fertilizes them from spring to the early fall. Go for liquid fertilizer, and read the labels for more instruction. Don’t and we repeat – don’t feed the plant with fertilizer during the winter or the late fall.


You can plant the areca palm indoors or outdoors as per your preference, but you should always try to maintain the temperature range between 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants are gonna stay fine in the outdoor temperatures which don’t go under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the leaves of the plant away from ACs, and other heat sources when grown indoors. The plants like high humidity.

Is Areca Palm Safe for Cats?

The plants are one of the easiest to grow. The plant might look exotic and tropical, but they can survive at room temperature as well. You don’t even need to worry if you have a cat who just loiters around, the areca palm trees are completely safe for their health.

Areca palm water

Areca palm care indoor isn’t too hectic. Areca palms don’t need too much watering. So, even if you are a busy man, you can completely afford an areca palm plant growing in your house. If it’s the bright summers, watering them once every week would be just enough. Sometimes, you might need to wait for 14 days to water them again. In the colder months, watering them once every 2 or 3 weeks would do just fine. The watering requirements vary depending on the size of the areca palm tree though.

Maintaining these plants isn’t a difficult job. But, most people repeat the same mistake over and over again with the areca. The plant can survive drought, but they just don’t like getting overwatered. You need to remember that watering the plants every day should be avoided. Only water them once every week or when you observe the soil getting dry. Stick your index finger into the soil to about 2 or 3 inches deep. If you find the soil to be dry, you can go for watering. They prefer moist soil. Water the entire top part of the soil and not just a single spot of the pot. If the plant is receiving a good amount of sunlight it might need more water than the other areca palms.

Areca palm plants benefits

Being one of the best tropical foliage plants, the areca palm plant comes with many benefits –

Air humidity

As we know that dry air isn’t good for our eyes and skim – they can cause eye itching and skin irritation. The areca palm plant can increase the air humidity around it and help you fight dryness. Respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis are caused because of the dry air around you – an increase in air humidity can help fight them.

Air pollutants

This plant is NASA verified air purifier. The areca palm leaf can help in the reduction of indoor air pollution. It can remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and toluene from the air.


The amount of oxygen the plant would release would be enough to give you fresh vibes throughout the day. This can increase your productivity and charm. It can increase the oxygen level in the air by up to 100 square feet.

Fight stress

According to the study of the University of Vermont, the plant has been proven to reduce anxiety levels by up to 37 per cent. The plant can decrease depression levels by 58 per cent and fatigue by 38 per cent. This can boost your morale and confidence so that you can achieve success in every field of your life.

Lucky Charm

Along with the charm the plant possess, the plant is also said to be lucky. The plant does beautify the interior, along with that it can also bring wealth, peace, and prosperity into your house according to feng shui. The plant can pull out all the negative energy and bring positivity to your life.

Areca palm price

You can easily get the Areca Palm from your nearby store which would cost you about Rs 100 to Rs 500. You can also look for areca palm online.

Areca palm seeds

Areca palm seeds can be used to grow the plant. Although this might take more time to grow the plant instead of propagating the plant from an old plant. The nut, the cabbage, and the Palm heart of the plant are edible. The plant can propagate with seeds with approximately 50 seeds to an ounce.

How to grow Areca Palm

The plant likes a warm spot with indirect light on it. Mist the leaves a few times a week to ensure that the plant stays humid throughout. Plant it in soil-based compost. Ensure that the pot has drainage holes on it, you don’t want the water to get stored. Repotting can be done in spring in larger pots.

Propagating the plant is also another way to grow it in good shape. The best way to do so is to divide it. If you repot it, you might observe there a clump at the edge of the plant coming out. Cut away the clump with a sharp knife.  The ideal case would be the plant having 4 or 5 stems with roots attached.

Areca Palm Vastu Tips

The plants are proven to be good for your luck and well-being. According to Vastu and Feng shui. The plant should be kept in the east, southeast, south, and north direction to enhance productivity. This can bring peace and prosperity to your life.

Homemade fertilizer for Areca Palm

There are a lot of ways you can make your homemade fertilizer for your plants. Here are some ways you can make your fertilizer –

  • Take some houseplant food and mix the food with wet vegetable kitchen waste. Then take a tablespoon of Epsom salt and about a litre of water. Adding eggshells to the mix can also be a good way to provide further nutrients to the plant.
  • Take 5 cups of seed meal and a cup of dolomite lime along with a cup of bone meal. Further, take a cup of kelp meal and used tea leaves, and mix them. It would take about 30 minutes to mix them well, you can store the fertilizer for about a year. Sprinkle the mix with a black coffee concoction if you find it to be dried out.

Areca palm flower

Late spring flowers

The areca palm tree can produce bright yellow flowers during the late spring or early summer. They produce both male and female flowers, and that too n the same inflorescence.


How fast do Areca palm plants grow?

The plant grows quite fast with about 5 to 10 inches every year until they grow to the general areca palm height. The plant can grow up to 7 feet tall indoors.

How to care for an areca palm plant?

The plant prefers moist soil and humidity. Use well-drained soil and water them every week when you observe dry soil. Feed them bright and indirect sunlight to grow.

Why are the leaves of my areca palms turning yellow?

Yellow leaves aren’t a good sign. This means that the plant isn’t getting enough water to grow food. Give them more frequent watering, but don’t overwater them ever.

How to prevent my Areca Palm from getting brown tips?

Don’t let the soil stay dry for long and give the plant proper light. You can use fertilizer or leach the soil to make them grow healthier.

How to get an export market for areca leaf plates?

You need a proper network to get into the market. Attend food exhibitions worldwide, and try the different B2B websites like Indiamart and other Indian trade portals.

Is Areca palm a good indoor plant?

Yes, areca palm can be the perfect indoor plant if treated right. Keep them near the south-facing windows so that they get proper light. Water them every week.

What are the benefits of areca palm?

They act as an air purifier and can provide a lot of oxygen to help you fight respiratory problems. They can bring luck and prosperity to your life and help you fight stress.

Can areca palm take full sun?

They prefer indirect sunlight, but they can take full sun. Just don’t feed them the strong afternoon sunlight – that can burn the foliage of the plants.

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