Here’s how You can Keep an Eye Out for Unique Pots and Planters

Here’s how You can Keep an Eye Out for Unique Pots and Planters

The 21st century has trends going on all around. Almost every concept or thing has a certain trend that makes people go around it. There are trends in movies, in songs, and even food and eating styles. Even plants have their trends, as one type of plant seems to trend during one period. Similarly, planters too, have become a part of the trend circle.

When we bring a certain plant home, that plant has the power to change the way a certain room looks. It adds greenery to the room it is placed in. It enhances the décor of the room. But, this alleviation is not just owing to the plant alone. The container that we place the plant in also has a role to play, by the way, it makes the room look, the way it aids the growth of the plant, etc.

Why is choosing planters a big deal?

Yes, choosing plant pots and flower pots is a big deal. It is common knowledge that there are a host of planters to choose from. But, why do we have such a large variety? What difference does it all make?

The main component that comes to the forefront while choosing a planter is the texture of the planter, the core material that it is made out of. There are several different kinds of planters available in the market, and each of them has qualities that are better suited for one plant or the other. The most common types of planters are ceramic planters and terracotta planters. There are also different other types, like clay and plastic, but ceramic pots and terracotta pots have a larger demand.

Then again, we often put a lot of thought into designing the house’s rooms, especially the living room. We often follow a colour scheme, or a certain pattern while designing the room that ties the room together. Now, if we place a plant with any random planter that does not match the vibe of the room, all our hard work will go down the drain. The plant will seem more like a misfit rather than brightening up the room. Thus, choosing a planter that vibes with the décor of the room is extremely important.

Decorative Indoor Flower Pots

Flowers are a beautiful sight to behold. When in full bloom, flowers easily brighten up any dull environment, an empty corner. Here are some flower pots that you can bring home to brighten up your indoor space.

Groot Planters

An adorable addition

Marvel fans or not, Groot planters are always a favourite. Named after one of the most adorable characters in the Marvel film series, the Groot planters often come in a tiny size, perfect for desk or tiny table-top arrangements.

Garden Greeting Pots

A trendy option

Garden Greeting Pots have been a trending planter option for quite some time now. The planter comes with a phrase painted on them, like ‘BLOOM’. These are mostly available in pastel hues that can easily go with different coloured backgrounds.

Basket Planters


Basket planters are sure trendy, but what gives them an upper hand in that they are environmentally friendly. Mostly made out of jute and bamboo, basket planters can also be placed on a stand for a more modernist feel.

Marble Hanging Planters

A beautiful earthy texture

Now, who doesn’t love hanging planters? Hanging planters seem to be an everlasting trend in the plant world and has successfully turned a lot of people into plant lovers. Marble hanging planters have an earthy texture that easily makes them stand out.

Hanging Flower Pots for Balcony

Hanging flower pots is a great idea if you are low on floor space. These planters remain suspended from the ceiling, or the walls, and thus save a lot of the floor space which can easily be used for other contexts.

Hoop Planters

Shaped like a hoop

The Hoop planters are called so as the planter is shaped like a hoop, and is a complete circle. The circle is violated by a diametric stand that runs from the middle, holding the pot where you are to place the plant.

Tassel Planters:

Modern yet minimal

Just around last year or so, tassels had become a popular craze in clothing. That trend has now shifted to the plant world, in the form of tassel planters. The tassel planters add a modern yet minimal look to the room that they are hung in.

Wall Hanging Planters

Saves floor space

Wall-hanging planters are called so because they do not remain suspended from the ceiling but a wall. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours. One of the most popular designs of wall planters is the diamond-shaped ones.

Woven Hanging Plant Pots

A sustainable option

Another sustainable option, woven hanging planters are mostly made out of jute, and even wool. These are just like the tassel planters but without the tassels. Woven planters are also available in two-tiered or three-tiered forms.

Large Garden Pots

Large garden pots help define the statement pieces of the garden. The large pots also effectively store large plants that are right for their size. Here are some large garden pots that you can choose from.

Barrel Planters

Available in different sizes

Barrel planters are named so because they are made out of barrels. Barrels are usually used to store oil, but these barrel planters can make for beautiful wooden-finish planters. These are also available in medium and smaller sizes.

Geometric Plant Pots

Comes in different shapes

Different geometrical sizes look great on paper and even greater in a live form. Geometric planters are just that. These planters come in different shapes like hexagon, octagon, pentagon, etc.

Lattice Planter Box

Made from propylene

The Lattice planter box is rather large and thus, is an ideal large garden pot. The lattice planter box is generally crafted from propylene that can withstand different kinds of weather and has a textured finish to it.

Self-Watering Planters

Useful for forgetful gardeners

Self-watering planters are the ideal choice for people that often forget to water their plants, and even for those that cannot determine the right time or right quantity of watering. The planter has two layers, the plant is situated in the inside layer and the water is stored on the outer layer.

Big Flower Pot

Some flowering planters tend to grow at a much rapid pace. These plants cannot be contained in a small planter and might require repotting into some large plant pots. So, here are some big flower pots that will look very beautiful indoors.

Cement Basket Planter

Baskets made of cement

As the name suggests, the cement basket planter is a kind of flower pit that is fashioned out of cement. Basket planters are a popular choice but seldom last a long time. The cement basket planter is a more lasting solution.

Modern Ceramic Planters

Simple and modern

As mentioned earlier, ceramic planters are a rather popular option when it comes to deciding on planters. The modern ceramic planters are called so as they give off a modern look with their single coloured hue.

Retro Planter

Generates retro vibes

If your living room is high on antiques and vintage stuff, the Retro planter is the right planter for you. It can easily fit into other décor themes as well, standing out as a statement piece in the room. The retro planter is available in different shapes and sizes.

Striped Planters

Has a smooth texture

The striped planters are called so as these planters are filled with long-running stripes. The texture of the striped planter is quite smooth and adds a minimalistic feel to the interiors. It is available in a large variety of colours.

Plastic Flower Pot/ Flower Pot Design Plastic

Plastic pots have been a constant in the planting industry since before they became a craze. These plastic flower pots aren’t environmentally friendly but have a lot of variety to offer. Also, plastic pots are very lightweight and thus, remain a popular choice despite their shortcomings. Here are some popular plastic flower pot designs that you can try out by yourself.

Hand-Painted Planters

Adds a personal touch

The hand-painted flower pots allow you to add a touch of the hand to the home décor. You can proudly display your artistic skills with these plastic pots. The smooth texture of the plastic pot makes it great to be painted at.

Roped-Plastic Planters

A classic DIY

This is a classic DIY planter idea. Just take some big fat rope, a strong one, and wrap it around the plant. This helps to hide any outer deformity in the planter and also gives a beautiful look. You can also tie a ribbon around the middle to alleviate the look.

Stone-Embedded Planters

Modify any simple planter

Unlike other stone-embedded clothes or any other such items, stone-embedded planters can be made at a rather cheap price. Just buy an ordinary plastic planter and spruce it up with some beads, colourful stones, etc.

Railing Pot Holder

The railing pot holder is a must-have for those who find it difficult to place plants on their balconies or even the front porch. Here, take a look to choose an appropriate railing potholder for your house.

Plastic Planter Box

Mostly rectangular in shape

The plastic planter box generally comes in a rectangular form. The planter is mostly rectangular in size and rather large, perfect for growing tiny flowering shrubs. These are available in different colours and textures.

Plastic Hanger Planters

Adds a pop of colour

The plastic hanger planters are a common sighting. These are very popular and can easily add on a pop of colour. As the name suggests, these planters are made of plastic and last for a long time. These are also easy to clean.

Wooden Railing Planters

Available in various sizes

As the name suggests so well, these are railing planters that are made of wood. The wood polish adds a very chic look to these planters, making them easy to design in any setting. The wooden railing planters come in different sizes.

Black Nursery Pots

Helpful to store heat

The black pots are the OGs in any nursery, anywhere around the world. But have you ever wondered about why all of them use these black nursery pots?

In a nursery, plants are always out in the open, without much of a system to protect them from the wind and the cold. The black pots are helpful as they help to store heat for the plant, holding it in from the sunlight. This is more effective in the winters as the roots can get damaged due to the cold then.


Here we have answered some of your FAQS.

Which would be the best ceramic pots for my plants?

For your plants, the best ceramic planter is one that has enough drainage holes to flush out the excess moisture that would otherwise harm the plant. Also, the best planter is one that complements the size of the plant and is neither too big nor too small.

What are the best plants to have indoors to decorate with?

Many plants can make up great décor pieces for the indoors. Popular choices are chrysanthemum, Monstera plant, snake plant, orchid, etc.

What are some common issues with flower/plant pots?

One of the most common issues with flower/plant pots is the absence of drainage holes. This is a big hurdle in the growth of the plant. Because, the excess water, if not flushed out, can harm the plant.

How to make a flower pot out of waste materials?

You can easily make a flower pot out of waste materials. For example, you can use an old barrel and use it as a planter. Then again, you can also make a planter out of an old bottle or a broken cup.

What kind of plants should be grown in small indoor pots?

Many plants are a good option for indoor, small pots. Some examples are Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Philodendron, ZZ plant, etc.

Are cement garden pots better or plastic?

Cement garden pots are better than plastic pots as they last a much larger time. Also, cement garden pots are a sustainable option, neither do they harm the environment.

How to make DIY flower pots?

There are many ways to make DIY flower pots. You can use an old unused vessel, a broken bottle, empty juice boxes, etc.

Can you suggest some good ideas for growing plants on railings?

There are many good ideas for gardening on railings. You can use wooden shelves, plastic planter boxes, hanging planters, etc.


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