Easy-to-Maintain Plants to Decorate Your Desk at Office

Easy-to-Maintain Plants to Decorate Your Desk at Office


We do know how busy we get in offices, there would be days you’d almost miss your lunch. You might feel burdened most of the days.

We think of the high-end furniture and gadgets to fill our office with. But how good does an office look decorated with the best office plants? They increase the freshness in the air. We want that greenery in our offices as well. No one wants to be surrounded by the four walls anymore, having that fresh vibe in our offices has its plus. Plants do freshen the air, which allows us to breathe better – that can enhance productivity and help the workers get rid of stress and anxiety. Doesn’t sound right? Well, NASA has conveyed several types of research to come up with the result that indoor plants can do that. They can help fight stress. They are not only meant for decorative purposes.

When we talk about indoor plants – decorating the corners to enhance the charm of our offices, we talk about plants that can thrive in low light and has fewer water requirements. You might have an office with bright lights coming from a window, or maybe a darker one with lesser lights. You’d find different plants for different environments. We’d cover plants which can satisfy all your needs. Let us bring up the office plants list.

Office plants for Indoors

We are here with the perfect list of plants made for your office. Freshen up your office with the plants -

Snake Plants

Popular as the Mother in law’s tongue

Also known as the ‘Mother in law’s tongue’, this plant is one of the most popular office time plants. Because of its easy maintenance nature, it is indeed in great demand. Water it once or twice a week and it would grow beautifully and would stay until you retire.


Less watering needs

Who hasn’t heard of these plants? One of the easiest growing plants, that won't even miss you if you sometimes miss the watering schedule. This is one of the perfect desk plants if you are completely a novice in this field. Watering them once a week in summer and once every 2-3 weeks during winter would be enough to let it grow.

African Violet

Thrives off extreme conditions

This can survive in any condition as you do. They need average humidity and temperature like we fellas do. This plant can enhance the charm of your desk and you could see it blooming even in a fluorescent lamp aimed at it. With about 6 inches in diameter, the plant has one of the most adoring flowers. The flowers would add a completely different taste and vibe to your desk. The plant became popular in the 1970s and is still known as one of the most beautiful flowering office plants.

The ZZ Plant

Zamioculus zamifolia

The scientific name being Zamioculus zamifolia, the ZZ plant is one of the most popular succulents. If your office is covered with walls all around and has low light, go for a ZZ plant. They are low-light tolerant. They are okay with fluorescent bulbs as well, you don’t need to worry a lot about its watering schedule as well. Gift your office desk these beautiful leaves and allow the plant to freshen the air.

English Ivy

Air purifying plants

They need average light and watering source. This is a trailing plant perfect for your desk. The plant leaves can remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from your office air and supply fresh oxygen. Allow the plant to grow and it would cover your office space with its beautiful leaves.

These plants can be lucky for your office desk!

Talking about luck, we know most people would call it completely irrelevant. But according to Vastu shastra, these plants have been proven to be effective. The fresh air that you breathe has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety. The better you feel, the more productive you get. Let’s get started with the list then.

Basil Plant

Holy and sacred plant

Also known as the Tulsi plant, this is considered one of the luckiest office table plants. The tulsi plant is considered to be holy and sacred. To get the best results, plant it in the North, East, or the North-Eastern direction of your office desk. It is said that the basil leaves can refine the digestive system and can remove the poisons from the blood. The smell of the leaves would freshen up your daily schedule. It works as an air purifier too. Provide them with adequate air and light.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Brings positivity and peace

Also known as the Dracaena braunii scientifically. This plant is said to attract a lot of positivity and peace. Like the name suggests, these indoor office plants can prove to be lucky for you. It might be the reason for your next promotion. The lucky bamboo plant is quite different from the regular bamboo plants. When you purchase the bamboo plants, make sure you go for the yellow shaded bamboo bark instead of the dark-hued one.


Known for improving financial conditions

Popularly known as the money plant, this is another lucky plant for office desk in our list. Money plants are the most popular because of their easy maintenance nature. The term ‘Money’ in the money plant is put as the plant is said to bring wealth to our lives. Place it either in the north or east direction of your office desk. 


Increases confidence and boosts energy

Lets’ bring a flowering plant to our list of lucky plants for the office desk. This decorative office plant is one of the most beautiful plants you can get for your office. As we all know, Lotus is the national flower of India as it represents strength, morality, and purity. Its believed that Lotus can increase your confidence and boost your energy. Lotus is related to the Goddess of wealth as well. Go for this office flower plant to bring prosperity to your life.

Lily plant

Help keep self-restraint

Here’s another office flower plant you can add to your desk. The lily plant is said to bring harmony and happiness to your life. Apart from that, the lily plant is said to purify its surroundings and can help an individual keep up his or her self-restraint. Plant this near the medication centre of your office. You can also gift these office flowers if you want.

Tiny Office Desk Plants

Add these cute charmers to your office desk.

Mini Succulents

Adoring beauty

Succulents are the easiest to take care of. They look adorable when planted on the right planters. Remember that these mini succulents are artificial plants only meant to add a little bit of beauty to your desk. If you plan on keeping the natural vibes, you need to get the bigger versions in hand. Mini succulents won’t take much of your office space.

Air plant terrarium

Lives with less watering

Air plant terrarium is the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of colour to your desk. This charming plant doesn’t require a lot of watering and is absolutely low maintenance. And the touch of the terrarium surrounded by glass gives the perfect touch to your office desk. This won’t take much of your space as well.


Grow quite tall and looks attractive

Plant this colour orchid to give your office desk an attractive look. These potted orchids won't take much of your horizontal space, but remember that they can grow tall. These office flowers last longer than most of the cut flowers.

The money bonsai tree

Maintain financial stability

These are the most important bonsai trees, which are over a foot tall. The leaves of this tree are regularly sized. The tree looks perfectly fine on a desk. This is perfect for your desk decoration. Gift them to your colleagues as well.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is one of the most useful plants you can get. Along with the decorating part, this plant can provide you with a lot of oxygen. The gel from these plants can be used to heal wounds, and you’d also find people using this gel for skincare and haircare routine. They take a moderate space from your office desk. It's best to grow them in windows so that they can get the natural light.

Office Plants that Do Not Require Light

We do look for office plants with low light so that they can suit the dark environment of your office. It's not always possible to give them the natural and bright light in your office.

Gerbera Daisy                                   

Survives in shady areas

These plants require very less sunlight suitable for your office. These plants can survive in shaded areas as well. Water them regularly to make sure that they grow to their fullest. These plants are quite small and these can fit almost anywhere. These plants have a wide range of colours you can select from. These daisies can purify the air around you. This can filter out benzene from your surrounding air.

Lemon Balm

Needs regular watering

Lemon balms can survive in both low light and direct sunlight. So it doesn’t matter where you plant it, just ensure that it gets watered regularly. These plants are quite hardy and are considered difficult to kill. The lemon scent this plant leaves is what it is popular for. The scent will boost your mood easily. This can keep you engaged and active throughout the day.


Thrives in extreme conditions

Pothos is another low-light-friendly plant. Pothos are considered to survive almost any condition and are the best indoor plants for office desks. You can plant it in soil or even in water. They don’t have too much water or light requirements and can grow quite fast. You can even grow multiple plants from a pothos by cutting and planting the plant in a different container.

Plants that symbolises wealth and good luck

Having plants that bring money and good luck to your workplace is always a blessing. It isn’t hard to find these plants. Here’s a list of some lucky plants for the office.


Brings prosperity and good luck

Along with the decorative purposes, people plant Palms mainly in offices to bring prosperity and good luck to their lives. They have got a sheer size. They have got a breezy and tropical feel in them and are said to attract good energy. Another advantage of having palms in your office is that they can remove the harmful dust elements from the carpets of our offices.

Snake Plant

Leaves resemble snakes

Let's not get scared by the name. The name came from the shape of the leaves of these plants which resemble snakes. Place these plants in secluded areas in a crowded place. They are proven to provide a strong vibe in workplaces to keep us motivated. They would also remove harmful toxins from the air for you.

Money plant

Brings money and peace

The name says it all. The plants won't bloom money for you though but are said to bring luck and wealth to our lives according to Feng shui. This plant also harmonizes human existence within its surroundings.


Which plant can be placed in an office without windows?

If you are looking for a plant for your office desk and are worried about the fact that you don’t have windows for the sunlight to come in, go for the ZZ plants. They can grow in fluorescent lights.

What indoor plants are good for the office?

There are a lot of plants you can choose from for your office, we’d recommend you to go for small plants so that you can accommodate the same and plants which don’t have too much water and light requirements.

What is the perfect office plant?

Go for ZZ plants, snake plants, money plants, lily, jade plants, cacti, aloe vera. There are many plants you can choose from according to your requirements.

What is a good desktop plant?

The money plant, which is also known as the pothos or the devil's ivy is the best choice for your desktop plant.

How can I decorate my office with plants?

Consider different flower pots for the office like hanging pots or terrariums to add a charming touch to your workplace. Go minimalist so that you don’t need to spend too much of yourself, and you don’t get distracted.

How many plants should I have in my office?

This depends on your space and the type of your office. You can have one or as many plants as you need. Don’t overcrowd your office though. Remember to have quality rather than quantity.



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