Artificial Plants and Trees Indoor

An imitation of real plants and flowers is referred to as artificial or faux plantations. The artificial plants, flowers and trees are ideal for a person who likes greenery, but cannot invest time into that.

Artificial plants have been trending worldwide for quite a few years now. These plants are sleek in design, bearing a close resemblance to the real plants. This close resemblance makes it possible for many people to have a garden set up at home, without anyone actually finding out.

Moreover, having artificial plants and trees indoors can prove to be quite beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating artificial plants and trees indoors.

  • These plants are evergreen, never in the year do you have to worry about them losing colour. Also, many plants are durable, and can easily last for years.
  • The aesthetics of artificial plants are so similar to the real ones that many of them even come with caterpillar holes and brown patches on leaves.
  • Artificial plants are a one-time investment. Just bring one home and place it. There’s no need to worry about things like manure, water, fertilizer, etc.
  • There is a wide variety of artificial plants. Thanks to them, you can easily flex a seasonal or exotic plant in front of your friends and family.

Artificial Plants and Flowers

As mentioned above, artificial indoor plants and flowers have become a trend of the decade. They have grown so popular that they can easily be sourced from stores nearby or through various sites online.

However, there are scores of fake indoor plants and flowers for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

English Ivy

Hanging plants are the best kind of decoration to have indoors. The English Ivy is a beautiful fast-growing vine that is often planted in hanging planters. The artificial English Ivy often comes with a basket that just adds to the looks of the plant.


With their beautiful blooms, the Orchids are a must-have in any household. These artificial flowers make it easier for you to have an Orchid. These fake orchids are also available in a variety of colours, much close to the real ones.

Spider Plant

The Spider plant is often known for its beauty, also for being easy to grow and care for. These artificial Spider plants are closer in structure to the real ones, especially with their long leaves and the suspended Spiderettes.

The String of Pearls

The String of Pearls is a beautiful plant, with tiny pearl-like structures attached to the stems. The artificial version comes in a small planter, which looks best when placed on a desk, with the pearls falling beside the pot.

Big Artificial Plants

Big plants are a real flex for the plant parents. Also, having these large artificial trees indoor brightens up the interiors of the house, adding to it a chic and glamorous effect.

Here are some big artificial plants that you can bring home to bask in the glory of being great with plants.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, the real one, grows up to a great height with the right care. So, get a fake one home. The tall fiddle leaf fig tree will also help you establish yourself as having a green thumb.

Parlor Palm

The Parlor palm looks gorgeous when planted indoors. It helps to add a sophisticated look to the interiors. Many of the artificial Parlor palms come in baskets, which look great when placed in the living room.

San Pedro Cactus

The Cactus plant is easy to care for, but an exotic plant to have at home. These tall fake San Pedro Cactus look quite real. The spines too are prickly, and thus best kept at a safe distance.

Artificial Money Plant Hanging

The Money plant is a popular name in households all around the world. With its deep-green leaves and light stems, the Money plant has a lot of benefits to offer. As per Vastu and Feng Shui enthusiasts, the Money plant is a symbol of good fortune and brings wealth and prosperity to the household.

The artificial Money plant hangings are very similar in structure to the real Money Plants. Hence, these can easily pass off as an actual Money Plant.

Artificial Plants with Pots

Artificial plants are very similar to actual plants, and thus should be planted likewise to create a proper illusion. This can be done by placing these plants in pots and vases, much as you would do with real flowers. You can also choose to have transparent planters to ensure that visitors see them growing in soil or water, passing yourself as a plant parent.

Many artificial plants already come in pots when bought. However, repotting them is always advisable as it allows you to choose a planter that goes with the interiors.

Here is your guide to placing artificial indoor plants in pots.

  • Choose a planter that is a little larger than the pot that the plant initially came in. An ideal planter’s diameter would be double the height of the artificial plant.
  • You have to place the plant as it is, with its starter pot. So, if the new planter is too deep for the plant, prefill it with soil, sand, bark or whatever you like.
  • Place the plant in carefully. Cover the base pot with more of the filling material, so that it is not showing. Make sure that the plant doesn’t fall off.
  • As a final touch, decorate the top layer of soil with decorative stones, or any other thing of that sort.

To pass off the plant as a real one, place it in a spot where it gets a lot of sunlight, much like you would place a real plant.

Artificial Plants without Pots

Artificial plants can also be planted without pots, right outside in the garden. An assortment of greenery in the garden helps you to remain cheery as you move in and out of the house.

However, it is not possible to place all artificial plants without pots, directly outside, as each of them might not be suitable for the weather outside. Some of the artificial plants may lose colour when exposed to the atmosphere outdoors. Several others might not be able to withstand the seasonal changes.

Thus, if you are thinking of placing the plants outside, without pots, make sure that you buy the right artificial plants that can adapt to the outdoors.

Artificial Plants for Home Decor Online

Artificial plants can pass up as great home décor. You can place them right as you would place real plants, maybe beside a window or on a desk, as it will easily liven up the room that it is placed in.

Thanks to the fast-growing trend of faux plants, different kinds of artificial plants are now easily available in stores and nurseries around us. Many giant e-commerce sites like Amazon and IKEA also have a huge collection of artificial plants, trees and flowers. Many websites have also been designed just to deal with artificial plants. You can easily find one of those online.

However, here are some ideas to help you set up an ideal home décor with artificial plants.

Bar Cart

A classic plant-based décor, a bar cart is your way to go. Place your collections of artificial plants on top of a bar-cart, and see it work magic in the room. Thanks to the wheels on the cart, you can easily move your décor from one spot to another.

Grass Wall

An indoor grass wall is a rather popular decoration idea to display artificial houseplants and office plants. Having a grass wall indoor, or even hanging plants can help to save a lot of floor space.

Hoops and Wreaths

Use your artificial plants and flowers to design beautiful hops and wreaths. You can easily loop vines and flowers around plain wooden hoops and design wreaths. Group them for an aesthetic look.

Plant Corner

You can easily transform a quiet, lonely corner of the house into a plant corner with the help of some fake living room plants. Choose plants that are varying in size and place them in a random order for the maximum effect.

Indoor Trees

Who doesn’t want to look cool with a tree as a part of their home décor? So, bring a faux tree home. Since it is artificial; you do not even have to worry about its needs, and neither about having long-grown branches inside your house.


Here we have answered some FAQS to help you know more about artificial plants and trees indoors.

Can artificial plants be a good home decorating idea?

Yes, artificial plants can be a very good home decorating idea. The artificial plants can make your home beautiful without you having to invest any time into caring for them. Also, they look as real as actual plants.

How to decorate my house with plants?

To decorate your house with plants, hanging planters are the best idea. These also save a lot of floor space. You can also create an urban jungalow with some plants of different sizes, arranged in random order.

Which Bonsai trees are best for indoors in India?

Several trees in India can be great Bonsai trees. Examples are Bougainvillea, Indian Banyan, Olive, Pine, etc.

What are innovative bedside stand ideas?

An innovative bedside stand idea is to place a tiny plant on it. Make sure that the plant doesn’t take up a lot of space and you have enough space to place other things in.

Are artificial indoor plants good?

Yes, artificial indoor plants are good to have at home. The artificial plants help you to create an atmosphere of greenery with little effort. Also, these plants are a one-time investment and can last for years after once bought.

What plants grow at home in artificial light?

Yes, many plants can grow at home in artificial light. But particularly, plants that thrive in low-light are best suited for artificial lights. However, special growth lights are now being developed especially to promote growth in plants.

Why are artificial plants and trees better for home decor?

Artificial plants and trees and better for home décor as they help you achieve greenery with any effort at all. You can buy these plants and place them in any spot of your choice. They are a great way to uplift the interiors of the house.

What type of plants do we place for home decor?

You can use any kind of plant for home décor. The kind of plants you place in an area depends more on what will go well with the interiors there. For example, some places might favour hanging plants while others may favour small desk plants in different areas of the house.

Natural flowers or artificial flowers?

Artificial flowers can very well pass off as natural flowers. You can easily have them at home without having to care for a plant to bloom. There will be a sense of satisfaction, but it will be more fascinating when you are successfully able to grow those flowers by yourself.

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