13+ Amazing Indoor Flowering Plants for Your Sweet Home

Who doesn’t like flowers? Flowers that instantly cheers us up! It’s insane of those hating such beautiful flowers. Some might think growing flowers is a tedious job of care and maintenance. But hey! I can assure you, there are some blooming flowers which you can plant indoors with little care and attention.

Most Beautiful Blooming Houseplants You Can Grow

Now that you have decided to grow amazing blooming plants indoors, let’s have a look atthis amazinglist of indoor flowering plants to decorate your home, office or any of your favourite spaces. These 12 months flowering plants in India are very famous. Here are some indoor flowers for beginners.

Pretty Indoor Flowering Plants

Below, I am sharing the prettiest potted flowering plants to beautify your indoors, sounds exciting? Here you go!

African Violet

Producing a cluster of blue, purple and white flowers, African Violet is a small blooming flower plant that thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Streptocarpus sect. Saintpaulia is the botanical name of this plant that belongs tothe Gesneriaceae family and is native to Tanzania and tropical Africa. Use tepid or lukewarm water and do not let it stand in water. This popular houseplant needs slightly moist soil and you can place it under normal room temperature. Feed the plant during the active growth stage in summer and spring. Dust off the leaves from time to time to keep them away from pests. African Violet is believed to symbolise loyalty, faithfulness and devotion.


This delicate but cheerful little flower is world known. Jasmine has shiny green leaves and white flowers with mesmerising fragrance. Blooming year-round, Jasmine can beautifully stay in hanging baskets in your home. This ornamental foliage prefers a sunny spot and well-drained soil. The vines can be trained during the initial growth stage. The dwarf jasmine is a pretty low maintenance houseplant needing water just once a week. The scent of jasmine is used in various commercial products like candles, lotions, perfumes and soaps. This is one of the best examples of flowering plants.

Best & Beautiful Indoor Flowering Plants


This South African flowering bulb is a beautiful indoor plant belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. Amaryllis is a widely purchased small flowering plant for its beautiful varieties of orange, red, pink and white shades. The funnel-shaped flowers can perfectly decorate your indoors. Water the plant consistently whenever the topsoil feels dry and place it under bright indirect light. For the indoor flowers to grow straight up, rotate the pot regularly. To maintain the floral display, avoid placing the plant under direct sunlight. In Greek, Amaryllis implies ‘to sparkle’ and it does really sparkle the living room.

Scented Geranium

This is one of the best & beautiful indoor flowering plants. The scented Geranium is popular for its ornamental foliage and is one of the tolerable home flowers. Avoid placing them under extremely cold temperatures as it can become hard for them to survive. Make sure to use well-drained soil and other organic compost to enhance its growth. Scented Geraniums can do well under partial sunlight. Ensure that the soil shouldn’t be very soggy. Bring this beauty to add colours to your home.


The cheerful red leaves of the Flamingo flower or Laceleaf are very popular. This tropical plant is also known as anthurium. Laceleaf is a beautiful asset for any room in your house. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight and AC vents. The soil should be light and permeable and it should never be overwatered. Water the plant once or twice a week and sparingly in winter. The soil needs to be well-drained to thrive. The cluster-formed leaves differ in size and shape. The sap of Laceleaf can be toxic if consumed, hence should be kept away from pets and children.

Best Indoor Flowering Plants


This lovely perennial flowering plant belongs to the family of Begoniaceae native to South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Begonia is one of the commonly grown indoor flowers. A variety of Begonias produce outstanding flowers which can just add life to a dull corner of your indoors. The soil needs to be moist and well-drained but not soggy. Some organic compost is a good supplement for the plant. And only a little bit of sunlight is needed for these flowering plants so you can place them under filtered sunlight. The bloom time of these plants depends on variegation, yet the flowers bloom generally in early summer. However, Begonias are toxic to pets as they contain calcium oxalates which can cause vomiting if consumed. Make sure to water your Begonia regularly and just watch how superbly it adds colours to your sweet home.


Orchids are popular for their splash of colours. This stunning flower can make your interiors look wonderfully “wow”! Belonging to the Orchidaceous, Orchids are grown in most parts of the world. Ensure to pour water sparingly. Overwatering should be strictly avoided. This sweet-smelling orchid is easy to care for and can be placed under bright indirect light. Mist the plant lightly just to keep the leaves and the flowers refreshed.


This showstopper flowering plant is just a perfect one for your lovely home. Bromeliad belongs to the Bromeliaceae family native to tropical America. Bromeliads prefer humid temperatures and can be easily placed in bathrooms, kitchens and rooms with indirect lighting arrangements. This exotic flowering plant with its attractive leaf colours and flowers can add beauty to your home. This slow-growing ornamental foliage hasa leathery texture on leaves and is epiphytic needing water only when the topsoil becomes dry. Bromeliads can bloom for up to three months.


Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is one attractive succulent with tubular flowers. Kalanchoe symbolises endurance and love while being such an adorable flowering landscape plant. Native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, this perennial blooming succulent attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. This showstopper has many varieties and can be suitable in hanging baskets, tabletops and work desks. Kalanchoe needs water every week and should be kept under bright indirect light. Kalanchoes must be kept away from direct sunlight and the sap of the plant can be toxic to kids, dogs and cats.

Chenille Plant

This eye-catching plant is known as Acalypha Hispida which is native to Hawaii and Oceania. Chenille plant is a flowering shrub that belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. This Red Hot Cat’s Tail is a popular houseplant due to its flurry and impressive leaves. This plant can look attractive in hanging baskets and can add value to your indoors. This impressive plant requires full sunlight and regular watering. However, the Chenille plant is poisonous to pets.

Indoor White Flowering Plants

Here are some indoor white flowering plants that can complement any interior décor.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus or Schlumbergera is a small cacti genus. Native to the coastal mountains of southeastern Brazil, it belongs to the Cactaceae family. The flowers vary from red, pink, orange and white colours. This plant is commonly known as Thanksgiving cactus and Easter cactus. The tabular flowers can bloom for long period giving your room a decent look. Christmas cactus is easy to care for and maintain, with regular watering and indirect lighting conditions.

Peace Lily

This impressive houseplant with white flowers is exactly what you need for a calming ambience at your home. The garden-fresh leaves and hood-like flowers just attract the guests. This tropical plant can survive indirect or artificial lights. It has not only long lasting flowers but Peace lily also releases oxygen and improves humidity. NASA has recommended this plant as one of the top air-purifying plants. Peace Lily is a low-maintenance and self-reliant plant that soaks up toxins from the air. Water this beauty atleast once a week and never let it completely dry out. One thing to remember here is that peace lilies are poisonous to pets.


Oxalis is a huge genus of flowering varieties and is native to tropical South America and South Asia. Oxalis thrives well when watered every once a week when the topsoil feels dry. This attractive flowering plant needs bright indirect light and normal room temperature. Being an easy-going plant, Oxalis belongs to the wood sorrel family. The leaves are clover-shaped with emerald green and deep maroon shades and delicate flowers. This plant is also known as shamrock plant, love plant and false shamrock. The foliage colours range from purple, green and silver. However, this plant must be kept away from pets and kids.

Cape Primrose

This delicate evergreen white flowering plant has velvety flowers and stunning leaves. Streptocarpus blooms for several months with proper indirect lighting and regular watering. Overwatering should be avoided in any case as it may damage the plant. Native to South Africa, this plant prefers moderate-humid temperatures.

Good Indoor Plants with Flowers for Low Light


This shooting star resembling Cyclamen is a low light flowering plant. Blooming for several months this indoor flower prefers cooler temperatures and little light. Cyclamen can suit in dark rooms or rooms with dim spaces. Water the plant sparingly and do not make the plant sit in water. Water only the soil and not the flowers or leaves. The attractive flowers and the ornamental foliage is just perfect if you are out of the home for most of the time and worrying if your plant is surviving in low light or not!


Clivia is an uncommon low light indoor flowering plant. The attractive blooms can simply beautify your sweet home corners with fewer lighting arrangements. The flowers are pale orange to red with a trumpet-like structure. Clivia can tolerate negligence to some extent. Do not disturb the plant once placed.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your amazing flowering plant for your sweet home now!

Here we have answered some FAQs:

What are the benefits of indoor flowers?

The most important benefit of indoor flowers is that it enhances the interior décor. It adds colours to the dull corners of the house. Additionally, flowering plants are impressive which cheers our moods.

What are the best indoor flowering plants?

Some of the best flowering plants are Orchids, Kalanchoes, Peace Lily, Oxalis and more. As per your choice and requirements, you can choose from a variety of flowering plants for indoors.

Which are the most beautiful and health-beneficial flower plants?

Lavender, Borage, Rose, Dandelion, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle and more are some of the most beautiful and health-beneficial flowering plants.

How to care for the potted flower plants?

For potted flowers, make sure to avoid overwatering. Feed the plants monthly with not too harsh fertilizers. Remove the dead heads after the bloom. Make sure the watering schedule is maintained and the lighting arrangements are followed.

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