Stylish Indoor Plant Pots that you should Bring Home Now

Stylish Indoor Plant Pots that you should Bring Home Now

Plants have become an irrevocably necessary part of many households. The charisma of plants, combined with their lively colours and powerful abilities make them a quite useful addition to any home or even room décor.

Plants are bestowed with the ability to provide us human beings, animals and other such creatures on the earth, with the oxygen necessary for our survival. Plants take in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and in exchange, provide us with an ample amount of oxygen to breathe in. We have all been aware of this cycle of life from a very young age.

But, plants are not limited to just one function. No doubt, the oxygen-providing capability is the basic and the most important necessity of human life. But plants have much more to offer. What comes first to the eye regarding plants is that they can easily bring in a pop of colour to any dull environment. With this pop of colour, plants also bring in a sense of serenity and peace. Not to forget, many plants are also gifted with the ability to flush out toxic and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere. These plants act as natural air purifiers and provide us with much fresher air to breathe in.

The Necessity of Indoor Plant Pots

Planters can accentuate a room

Everything said and done, all of us are well aware of the many benefits of having plants around the house. However, the plants cannot be just left lying around. We need something to place the indoor plants in, just like we plant them in the garden soil outdoors. That’s where indoor planters come in.

Choosing an indoor planter is no meagre task. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration to be able to decide on the ideal planter, be it for the indoors or outdoors.

While choosing a planter, one needs to take account of several factors. To begin with, the texture or the material of the planter is one important factor that one needs to adhere to. There are several different kinds of planter materials to choose from, like bamboo, ceramic, clay, jute, plastic, terracotta, etc. Each of these planters adjusts differently to the needs of the plant and thus, it becomes important for the plant parents to know more about the kind of planter they are choosing, and the kind of treatment that the planter requires.

Then again, the colour scheme or design of the planter also has a role to play in determining how well the plant will go along the theme of the décor. After all, we don’t want to spoil the look of the room by adding a planter that does not fit well in the room. One should also see to it that the planter is sustainable enough to last well through some time.

All-time Favourite Indoor Ceramic Pots/ Glazed Indoor Plant Pots

Ceramic pots also referred to as unglazed clay pots, are often a popular choice as they allow better air and water circulation in the plant. This allows better growth in the plant and also prevents the plant in case of over-watering.

  1. White Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants

Modern yet minimalist

White is a popular colour option and has been a trend for most of the 21st century. It is a colour of peace and purity and is often hailed as one of the most modern and classy colour options. To be honest, white is the one colour that can make anything look best.

White ceramic pots for indoor planters are a great colour choice. The white colour gives a modern look to the ceramic pots. Not to forget, the white ceramic pots can go well with several indoor décor themes and can easily fit into any sort of decorative theme. Also, the white ceramic pots for indoor planters are available in several shapes and sizes and can be easily arranged to produce the desired effect.

  1. Small Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants      

Perfect for desks or shelves

Ceramic pots are one dynamic option when it comes to choosing indoor planters. However, the most popular ones are the small ceramic pots for indoor plants. The small ones too have a wide range to offer when it comes to colours, shapes, sizes, etc.

Among the small ceramic pots for indoor plants, the geometrical planters seem to be quite a popular choice. The wide range of colour options available also makes the small ceramic pots a much sought after kind of planter. Many planters also consist of two or more coloured hues that give the planters a unique look. For a more playful look, there are also many small ceramic pots for indoor plants that have cute animals, smiley faces or other playful designs etched onto them.

  1. Large Indoor Ceramic Plant Pots/ Big Size Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants

Great for indoor trees

When we speak of houseplants, it does not necessarily mean that we are speaking of tiny plants in tiny planters. Indoor plants can also be a bit on the larger side. Many people also tend to grow indoor trees inside the house like Fig trees, Palm trees, Rubber trees, etc. Large indoor ceramic pots thus become ideal for growing such plants.

Just like the small ceramic pots for indoor plants, there are also many big size ceramic pots for indoor plants to choose from. Most of the large indoor ceramic plant pots are also equipped with self-watering facilities, making them an important need. Certain big size ceramic pots for indoor plants also come with iron stands or wooden stands that give the planters a more modern and sophisticated look.

  1. Decorative Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants

Trendy and beautiful

When it comes to indoor ceramic planters, there is a large variety to choose from, even beyond the size and colours. For example, indoor ceramic pots aren’t just restricted to a certain kind of design. The ceramic planters sure come in different sizes and colours, but the designs offered are also something to look out for.

One of the most prominent planter designs in the 21st century is the hanging planters. Hanging planters save up a lot of floor space and have several other categories within it, like wall planters, hoop planters, woven planters, etc. Certain decorative planters are shaped very similar to unpolished wood, retro-inspired, a beautiful pop of patterns and colours, etc.

Indoor China Plant Pots

China Plant pots are often accompanied with a polished look. They are more available in shades of white. But off late, several solid colours have also become popular when it comes to choosing an indoor china plant pot. Here are some examples of Indoor China Plant pots that you can choose from.

  1. Solid One-Coloured Pots

An easy decor option

As mentioned above, white planters are the OGs when it comes to Indoor china plant pots. The Whites go well with several décors or other designing themes. However, the other solid colours too can help to define a room well.

  1. Painted Pots

Available in varied options

Solid colours are surely an easier way to incorporate planters with the theme of the room. However, painted pots have a whole different vibe. The different colour schemes, accompanied by the beautiful designs can easily be a great choice.


Here we have answered some FAQS to help you learn more about including stylish planters in the house.

Which pots are best for indoor plants?

The best pots for indoor plants are the ones that come with drainage holes. There should be enough drainage holes in the planter to flush out the extra water that might get collected in the soil.

Are ceramic pots good for indoor plants?

Yes, ceramic pots can be the ideal choice for indoor plants. This is because ceramic planters allow better air and water circulation that helps to promote the growth of the plants.

What do you put under plant pots indoors?

You can always use saucers under plant pots indoors. These saucers collect the extra water that drips from the drainage holes, preventing the floor from getting messed up.

Are ceramic pots good for plants?

Yes, ceramic pots are good for indoor plants. Ceramic pots provide better air as well as water circulation. This helps to boost the growth of the plants.

Which ceramic pots are best for my plants?

The best ceramic pots for your plants can be chosen according to your needs. You can check the texture and quality of the pot and also see whether the pot will fit well with the design of the room that it is placed in.

Where can we buy planters at a low cost?

You can easily buy pots for plants at a low cost from several online sites.


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