Know this Before Growing Asiatic Lily Flower Plant

Know this Before Growing Asiatic Lily Flower Plant

Lilies are attractive and add a charm to your indoors if planted and taken care of. Imagine entering your home daily to see a wonderful bunch of lily flowers that you have been growing dedicatedly. It is bliss, isn’t it? In particular, the Asiatic Lily plant is one real piece of statement to decorate your rooms. However, some are ‘true lilies’ while others just have it as a name. It is worth considering all about your lily plant first hand.

Let us know all about the Asiatic plant before even purchasing the Asiatic lily bulbs online.

All Basics about Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lily belongs to the Liliaceae family which is a genus of Lilium flowering plants. Asiatic lily flowers and other lily species mostly grow in sub-tropical and temperate regions. It is an ornamental plant generally used for decorative purposes. Botanically known as Lilium Asiatica, Asiatic lilies bloom earlier than other lilies and are easier to care for. The flowers bloom in the upward direction and have a mild fragrance too. Asiatic lily has flowers in pink, white, orange, red and yellow.

Planting Needs for lilies

  • Lilies are mostly planted during the fall or just before the winter begins. However, container-based lily plants can be planted in the summers
  • Lilies thrive better under the sun. So find a spot where the lilies can get sunlight for at least a few hours a day
  • Make sure the lily plant gets enough sunlight or they might bend or incline towards the light
  • Lilies need well-drained and aerated soil for essential growth
  • It is recommended to deeply plant the lily as it can help to develop healthy stems
  • 3 lily bulbs can be planted at once and should be watered adequately
  • Lilies need well-drained and aerated soil for proper growth

Caring Needs for lilies

  • Organic fertiliser, compost or organic matter is great for lilies to bloom in a healthy way
  • Lilies grow once every season so the dried and faded blooms should be removed as soon as possible
  • Remove the dead and dried stems and leaves after the blooms but do not cut off the leaves immediately as it provides nutrients to the whole plant
  • Lilies should not sit in soggy soil at all, it will deteriorate the health of the lily bulbs
  • A slow-release fertiliser is great to start your lily plant care routine


Types of Asiatic Lilies for Indoors

Below are the Asiatic lily Colours that can bring colours to any dull space of your room.

1] White Asiatic Lily

2] Pink Asiatic Lily

3] Orange Asiatic Lily

4] Yellow Asiatic Lily

5] Black Asiatic Lily

6] Dwarf Asiatic Lily

7] Red Asiatic Lily

8] Golden Rayed Lily

Lets, check them out one by one.

White Asiatic Lily

Peaceful but minimalist

This beautiful white Asiatic lily can complement any theme of the interiors. These white Asiatic lily looks peaceful and gives a minimalist feel.

Pink Asiatic Lily

Can be used as a gifting

These pink Asiatic lily flowers are just so adorable to make your mornings special. Pink Asiatic Lilies can be a great option as a gift.

Orange Asiatic Lily

Brightens up with vivid colour flower

Orange Asiatic Lilies are a great option if you are fond of bright colours. But remember to take care of the plant and save it from extreme sunlight.

Yellow Asiatic Lily

Yellow Asiatic blooms

The Asiatic lily in yellow will just steal the show if you are planning to plant it in your living room. This flower blooms like a smiling emoji if you’re creative enough to view it that way.

Black Asiatic Lily

Stunningly adorable black Asiatic lily

This Asiatic lily in black is a black beauty. These blackish-brown and maroon shaded blooms will look great if the background wall is white or in a light colour.

Dwarf Asiatic Lily

Can be placed in small cabins

Dwarf Asiatic Lilies are best for small rooms or cabins. These little blooms can be a great style décor for your interiors.

Red Asiatic Lily

Scarlet blooms

The Red Asiatic Lily is a wonderful combination with other evergreen plants. Place this lily on coffee desks or near a window sill to enhance the view of your room.

Golden Rayed Lily

Beautiful Golden Rayed Asiatic Lily

This ornamental foliage with reddish dots and a golden edge at the centre makes this flower a must-have. Golden-Rayed Asiatic Lily can give a minimalist feel to the interiors.

Asiatic Lily Flower Bulbs

The Asiatic Lily Flower Bulbs are used for flower arrangements for occasions and events. These bulbs can also be used to decorate living rooms or office cabins. The various colours of Asiatic Lily can be placed together for a more elegant look in many combinations. It is recommended to plant the bulbs 4-6 inches deep and place them under sufficient sunlight. If you plant 2-3 bulbs together, they will multiply in groups.

Asiatic Lily Propagation

Asiatic lilies are propagated from the bulbets, bulb stems, scales and division. The easiest way is to propagate from the plumps. Just so not pluck the foliage as it can destroy the overall plant health.


Asiatic lilies are wonderful if taken proper care of. Provide them with nutrient-rich soil and 5-6 hours of sunlight every day. Water the plant adequately.

Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you.


Do Asiatic lilies come back every year?

Yes, Asiatic lilies can bloom every year if taken proper care of.

Do Asiatic lilies need a lot of sun?

Yes, Asiatic lilies need at least 5-6 hours of sunlight every day.

How do you care for Asiatic lilies?

Asiatic lilies are wonderful if taken proper care of. Provide them with nutrient-rich soil and 5-6 hours of sunlight every day. Water the plant adequately. Feed organic fertiliser monthly.

How long does an Asiatic lily last?

During the blooming season, Asiatic lilies can last for at least a month.

What are the best asiatic lily colors?

The most beautiful Asiatic lily colours are red, black, orange, yellow, pink and white.

What is the best fertilizer for Asiatic lilies?

Asiatic lilies can be fed with slow-release and organic fertiliser.

Do Asiatic lilies need full sun?

Yes, Asiatic lily need full or partial sun for atleast 5-6 hours a day.

What is the difference between Asiatic lily and Oriental lily?

Asiatic lilies are originated from Asia while Oriental lilies are generally hybrid lilies which are developed from other species. Asiatic lilies are mildly scented while Oriental lilies have strong scent.


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