How to Grow Lucky Bamboo with Vastu Tips

Plants aren’t only meant for decorating your home. Although people do use them mostly for decorating purposes, to make their indoors look more attractive. But there are other reasons as well. Plants for decorating purposes aren’t the only reason, we plant them for fresher air as well. There’s this other reason, people are unaware of. Some plants are proven to be lucky for us. We do use them to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity to our lives. Fetch some good luck and prosperity plants for your place.
Lucky bamboo is one such plant. According to Feng shui and Vastu, they are proven to bring luck to your life. The name says it all. You’d feel refreshed and you’ll get those positive vibes if you bring in these plants. The lucky bamboo plant is perfect for your indoors, it isn’t high maintenance and along with the luck and prosperity, you’d get beauty as well. The style of the leaves and branches are enough to attract the guests who visit.
Don’t get scared by seeing the name bamboo in the name of the plant. You might think that growing a bamboo plant in your house might be hectic, we understand what vibes bamboo gives. The first thing we need to understand is that lucky bamboo isn’t bamboo. They don’t belong to that species, they belong to the Dracaena group. They are absolutely low maintenance, they can live pretty well in low light conditions, so you can grow them in offices or your living rooms as well, any fluorescent light would do. You can also grow the lucky bamboo tree in water.


The Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Numbers

Lucky bamboo is one of the luckiest plants you can purchase for your indoors. Like we said, lucky bamboo is meant to fill your life with luck and prosperity, you might think that the more the number of plants, the more luck you get. Well, every number of plants you have has different meanings to them. Having one plant has a different meaning, having 4 might bring you different kinds of effects according to Feng shui. Let’s talk about the numbers then. Then you can purchase a lucky bamboo plan online if you are scared of going out now.
  • ONE – Having a single bamboo plant can gift you a meaningful life, and lead you to simplicity.
  • TWO – You can plant two if you want your love life and marriage life to be filled with happiness.
  • THREE - This is the most popular choice, this can give you happiness in almost every field.
  • FOUR – Having four plants can draw negative energies according to Vastu and Feng shui
  • FIVE – Meant for academic-related growths, also works well in creative fields
  • SIX - Six stalks can bless your life
  • SEVEN – Seven bamboo plants can prove to be good for health, you would observe fewer appointments with your doctor
  • EIGHT – People love this, having 8 stalks can bring a wealth
  • NINE – Good fortune and fill your life with luck
  • TEN – This can bring perfection to your life

Vastu tips for keeping the bamboo plant at home

We have talked about how having a different number of lucky bamboo plants can have different effects. Now let’s talk about lucky bamboo Vastu. Placing your plant in different positions can have different meanings overall. They can attract wealth and happiness if you follow the right Vastu tips we are gonna provide. There are the tips according to Vastu sastra according to which, the correct placement can prove to be more fruitful.

You gotta keep the plant in the eastern corner of your place. Filling the corner of your place looks good as well. The south-eastern corner has been proved to be effective as well. This attracts more wealth and fortune.

If you are planning to keep your bamboo plant in your bedroom, you can do that as well as the bamboo plants don’t need a lot of sunlight to grow. They do work as an air purifier and help remove harmful toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from your surrounding and allow you to sleep better. Make sure that they don’t face direct sunlight, as that can be harmful to their leaves. You should plant the tree in a transparent container so that you can observe the growth of its roots. According to Vastu sastra, make sure that the plant has all the five elements of the Feng shui – earth, metal, wood, water, and fire.

Lucky bamboo ideas for your home
There are different ways you can plant your bamboo plant in your home. Let's just talk about some of the most beautiful ways you can do the same. Although styling and decorating are always up to you – it is about your taste and style.

The beach house 

Casual Bouget style
Lucky bamboos always look good with Asian decorating items, it gives you a tropical vibe. Use it as a casual bouget style way, you can use a glass vase for the same as used in the picture.
The modern look

Looks good with abstract art
Lucky bamboo is not only meant for traditional decorating styles. They can also be modified and can be used beside curvy modern vases. Put abstract art behind it. Twisted stalks are nothing new in bamboo.
Cabinet Style

Provides living accent
It looks best when they grow tall enough, this provides a living accent – it can be placed between Asian style cabinet and an accent wall. You can use a mirror or other furniture framed with bamboo-like in the picture.
With incense feel

Traditional touch of incense sticks

Lucky bamboo with the traditional touch of incense sticks always looks trendy. The curl leaves along with the smoky ribbons will give your place a classy touch.
The Turkish kitchen

Medieval fair-style
This looks best in the Turkish-style kitchen. This doesn’t need too much arrangement and would still give you a medieval fair style. Allow them to grow tall and would look perfect.
Candlelit bamboo

Looks good with dark rooms
You might want to consider this. This looks beautiful especially when you allow the room to get dark. Use the candle containers, light up some, and put the lucky bamboo along with small rocks.
Low Coffee Table

Place near a low coffee table
If you have any tall stalk of bamboo plant with you, place it on a low coffee table. This would give you the greenery you, use large pots to enhance the charm.
Near the Sleek Bathroom style

Gives a modern touch
Have got a sleek and modern bathroom, why not fetch a tall pot with the lucky bamboo plant in it. This gives a modern statement. Ensure that they are out of reach from direct sunlight.

The white vase touch

Looks cool
Want a modern and minimalist touch with your lucky bamboos, use a cool white vase to decorate your place.

Oriental decoration

Creates oriental decoration
These typical cultures always look different and unique in your home, this can help you create zen and oriental decoration. You can use traditional pots like this one with an elephant on them.

Wood lined bathroom

Wooden touch with lucky bamboo
If you have one of these cool wood-lined bathrooms, you can have one of the lucky bamboo plants planted like in the picture.


Adoring touches
Lucky bamboo plant seedlings look adoring when planted in a small container together. You just need to cut a stalk of the plant – put them in water and you’ll observe the roots growing out in no time. They look adoring.

Gel Balls

Enhances the charm

You might have seen people using small rocks or stones planting lucky bamboo in water. Another option is using the charming gel balls in the containers. They leave this beautiful touch always.

The Hanging Garden

Lucky bamboo hanging garden
How well do they look? Use strings or ropes attached to your container to make the perfect hanging garden for your place using the lucky bamboo plants.

Combination of pots

Aesthetic touch
Let us just choose pots of different sizes and combine them to make the perfect combination. You can choose different sizes, types, and colours according to your taste.
Are Bamboo plants really lucky?
Bamboo plants are considered to be very lucky. The name – Lucky bamboo – says it all. They can have all the five elements of Feng Shui if you plant them the right way. The five elements namely – fire, wood, earth, water, metal. Add a red coloured ribbon or a band to the plant to represent the fire element. Add some pebbles and some coins to represent earth and metal respectively. With water and the stem of the plant which is wood, the other elements also get represented.
When followed the right way, it's believed that the plant can bring good luck, wealth, and fortune as well. There are a lot of lucky bamboo plant benefits. Bamboo plants also act as air purifiers, which can help you fight breathing disorders if you have any. The bamboo plant would gift you positivity to your household throughout. The plant represents freedom and flexibility as well.
Caring for Lucky Bamboo & Growing Guide
Lucky bamboo care isn’t rocket science. You just need to follow some tips and remember some of the plants’ preferences to make sure they grow to their best. Both the options - Lucky bamboo in soil and lucky bamboo in water works just fine. You can look for lucky bamboo fertilizer at your nearby stores if you want to feed the plant the best, although they can grow even without it. But do not overfertilize the plant.
If you grow it in water, do so in distilled water or rainwater. You don’t want fluoride which we generally get from the tap water. Give them support with pebbles in the container. If you grow the plant in soil, remember that they need moderately moist soil to grow the best. You can tie the stalks with ribbon so that the plant doesn’t fall with increasing weight. Even if you observe yellow or dead leaves, remove them.
What is the point of having lucky bamboo?
Lucky bamboo is said to be one of the luckiest indoor plants which would fill your life with wealth and luck. They also act as an air purifier and for decorative purposes.
How to care for lucky bamboo plants?
Lucky bamboo doesn’t need much sunlight, don’t feed them direct sunlight. Water then every 2-3 days if planted in soil. You can also plant them in water, make sure the water is distilled, and keep changing them every month,
Can I grow luck bamboo in soil?
Yes, you can. If you grow the plant in soil, remember that they need moderately moist soil to grow the best.
What are the tips to grow the Lucky Bamboo plant at home?
You gotta keep the plant in the eastern corner of your place. The south-eastern corner has been proved to be effective as well. This attracts more wealth and fortune.
Why a lucky bamboo turns yellow?
Using tap water to grow a lucky bamboo plant can make the plant leaves turn yellow as tap water contains fluoride. Use distilled water to grow lucky bamboo in water.

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