Have You Thought of Adding Tropical Majesty Palm Plant Indoors?

Have You Thought of Adding Tropical Majesty Palm Plant Indoors?

Tropical plants give beach vibes or summer feels. But you don’t need to go to the beach to experience the tropical vibes. You can get them indoors! How? Indoor garden. Yes. An indoor garden is one of the simplest, easiest and efficient ways to surround yourself with greenery. Additionally, placing palm plants in your indoor garden will not only give tropical vibes but also cheer up your mood, ambience and house with positivity and refreshment.

Palm plants are such plants that give ultimate tropical vibes and evergreen beauty to your indoors. In this blog, we will specifically talk about Majesty Palm Plant.

Tropical vibes of Majesty Palm plant

Majesty Palm plant is one of the sturdy plants that is grown indoors. The fronds are feather-like, long and majestic! The botanical name Majesty Plant is Ravenearivularis which belongs to the Arecaceae family. The fronds are arched in an upward direction and thin in size and long in shape. Majesty palm is a slow grower and is native to Madagascar. This palm plant generally grows at the riverbanks as it needs a humid or warm climate to grow. For this reason, it might be difficult for this plant to thrive as a houseplant, however, if proper care is taken, the Majesty palm plant can become a super houseplant.

Majesty Palm Indoor Care

Majesty palm plant care is not very difficult. Majesty palm needs to strike a right balance between proper light, placement, water, nutrients, soil and temperature.

The watering schedule of RaveneaRivularis must be followed duly. As soon as the soil becomes dry on the upper side, water your Majesty palm with sufficient water. Do not wait for the soil to completely dry out as it may lead to the fall of leaves on the lower side.

As mentioned above, the right temperature is very essential for the majesty palm. Around 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is just enough for your majesty palm to survive. However, majesty palm trees can even thrive pretty well at normal room temperature. However, the majesty palm plant cannot hold on with the extremely dry or cold climate. Thus, it is advisable in this case to get a humidifier in such conditions, so that the plant growth won’t hamper.

Majestic Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm Soil

Although Majesty palm is a slow-growing plant, the perfect soil texture will give you a perfect looking full grown majesty palm. It is very crucial to use the specific type of soil for a specific type of plant. Ravenea Majesty palm thrives well in acidic soil. The pH level for palm plants should be lower to 5.0. Make sure that the soil that you use is very well-drained for majesty palm trees. Otherwise, the water-logged roots can damage the plant altogether.

Majesty Palm Outdoor

Growing majesty palm plant outdoor is quite similar to growing them indoors. But, ensure that it doesn’t stand out in extreme sunlight or the leaves may turn yellow. SO, how to get rid of this? Well, if you’re planting your majesty palm outdoor, plant it near any other tall tree which will provide some shade to the palm. As this palm tree loves to grow near a riverbank or stream, you can plant it near some waterway. This way, your majesty palm tree will get just the right amount of light, water and warmth.

Majesty Palm Propagation

Generally, majesty palm is propagated from seeds and getting the seeds is kind of difficult for the household plant parents. Propagation through stem cuttings is also not a viable option for indoor gardeners. Hence, the best option to propagate majesty plant is division, i.e. to separate the pups from the main plant or the mother plant. Let us go through majesty palm propagation step by step:

  • Remove the majesty palm from the pot in a gentle way by turning the pot and not straight away
  • Check out the offshoots that can be taken out easily
  • With a disinfected knife, sharply separate the roots after detangling the pups
  • Use properly drained soil and place the offshoots in the pot
  • Water until it drops down at the bottom
  • Don’t let the pot stay in the water
  • Keep the dwarf majesty palm plant under bright indirect light
  • Feed the baby majesty plant after a month with mild liquid fertiliser

Majesty Palm Fertilizer

Feeding is again, one of the significant care routines that should not be avoided at any cost. Especially during the growing season, the majesty palm plant needs a liquid and mild fertiliser at least once or twice. But, keep in mind, that you must not feed the palm during the winter season. To prevent the majesty palm fronds from turning yellow, you can apply some Epsom salt which will provide enough sufficient magnesium to the plant.

Majesty Palm Leaves Curling         

Excess water or lack of water, both are equally responsible for your Majesty palm leaves to curl. It is predominant to maintain the watering schedule. Missing on it and pouring too much water, both can damage the plant and shorten the lifespan of your majesty palm.

Majesty Palm Lifespan

The lifespan of the majesty palm is very shocking rather surprising. If proper care is taken, the majesty palm trees can live for 6-7 decades. However, it might not be the case for indoor majesty palm plants. With sufficient water, light, temperature, fertiliser and soil, the majesty plant grows around 1ft every year. It can reach up to 10 feet on maturity.

If you want your majesty palm to live longer and remain healthy forever, then you need to follow the care routine religiously and follow some basic prevention tips. Common pests like mealy bugs, spider mites, scale, whitefly, aphids are responsible to infest your plant. If you come across such infestations to any part of your majesty palm plant, use some medicinal, probably organic pesticide as soon as possible.

Majesty Palm Benefits

Apart from giving you tropical vibes and brightening your dull indoor corner, Majesty palm has some other benefits too.

  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Provides clean air
  • Safe for pet animals

How to Prune Majesty Palm?

First of all, it is crucial to understand why pruning is carried out. At a point, the leaves start turning yellow and eventually brownish. It becomes necessary to remove the dead, damaged and dried leaves. Pruning these dried, damaged and dead leaves gives way for new blooms. Also, it helps the plant to grow well, and look pretty good. Who likes a dull and dying plant? No right, hence pruning helps.
Just gently pick out the old dying leaves and that’s all.

Majesty Palm Light Requirements

Majesty palm plants need sufficient light to grow in prosperity. These palm plants need bright indirect light or filtered light. Direct sunlight should be avoided at any cost.

As you’re reading this, hope you’re convinced of purchasing this beautiful Majesty palm plant to cheer up your indoors.

Still, got some questions? Check the FAQs below that might help you.


Is a majesty palm a good indoor plant?

Yes! It is an easy to care houseplant.

How much sun does a majesty palm need?

Direct sunlight is a big NO. A few hours of partial shade and preferably bright filtered light is just fine for the Majesty palm.

Are Majesty Palms indoor or outdoor plants?

You can plant Majesty palm both indoor and outdoor.

How to maintain majesty palm?

Majesty palm is simple to maintain. Just provide bright indirect light, maintain the watering schedule and provide some warmth. That’s all it takes to maintain the majesty palm.

What is the majesty palm growth rate?

If you’re growing majesty palm indoors, it will grow at least 1 foot per year and reach about 10 feet.

Can Majesty Palms Survive in winters?

Majesty palm thrives where there is humidity and in tropical regions. It can survive in winters if you are growing it indoors and if you can provide some warmth through humidifiers.

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