Growing Marijuana Plants: Benefits and Uses that You Never Knew

Growing Marijuana Plants: Benefits and Uses that You Never Knew

Popularly known as Cannabis

Marijuana is one popular plant. However, most of this popularity draws from certain negative effects and uses of the plant. But, the Marijuana plant is not just confined to that. There are many good uses and benefits derived by the plant that often gets overshadowed by the more popular negative and ill effects.

Cannabis and Hemp plants are two popular street names for Marijuana.

The much known Negative Effects of Marijuana

Illegal in many countries

Marijuana is a plant that is seldom talked about, given that it is illegal in India. In the past few months though, Marijuana has been much talked about in the press and media owing to rackets busting illegal possession and consumption of the same by some noted personalities.

Marijuana is still consumed by a vast portion of the population, especially young adults. Even though it is known to be illegal in India, several places are famous as hubs of Cannabis. But have you ever wondered why they are considered illegal?

Here’s why.

  • The unmonitored consumption of Marijuana plants can sometimes lead to impairment of judgments. Certain studies have also revealed that being on the road within 3 hours of consuming cannabis can lead to accidents on the road.
  • Marijuana is also known to harm the immune system. Studies have revealed that frequent consumption of Marijuana can weaken the immune system in the human body.
  • The adverse effect of Cannabis on the memory system is much talked about. According to a study conducted back in 2018, the smoking of Marijuana can fasten the dawn of acute memory loss.

15+ Tried and Tested Marijuana's Plant Uses and Benefits

Offers a host of benefits

As stated above, Marijuana plants are not just confined to the negative and ill Marijuana plant effects. There are different Marijuana plant uses and Marijuana plant benefits that make the plant fit for consumption under certain instances. Certain medical cannabis is often prescribed by doctors to deal with several medical and health-related reasons.

  1. Marijuana consists of certain chemical compounds, most of them known as Cannabinoids, which are capable of providing relief from chronic pain. Due to this reason, medical cannabis is often prescribed by doctors.
  2. One important fact that distinguishes smoking Marijuana from smoking a cigarette is that it does not cause any potential harm to the lungs. Instead, cannabis helps to strengthen the capacity of the lungs rather than weakening it.
  3. The consumption of Marijuana helps a person to maintain a healthy weight. The people who consume Marijuana seldom get obese. This is because the Marijuana plant regulates the insulin and calorie intake in the human body.
  4. As the Marijuana plant regulates insulin intake in the human body, it helps to keep a person away from turning diabetic. Cannabis helps to deal with diabetes as they aid in regulating blood sugar levels, blood pressure and also improves circulation of blood in the body.
  5. Several studies and researches have proved that Cannabis is capable of fighting cancer. It is an effective aid against some, if not all, kinds of cancer that threaten human life.
  6. Depression is one common threat that has been turning increasingly disturbing for a vast portion of the population. It can be well-battled by some Cannabis as they consist of some endocannabinoid compounds that are known to help in the stabilization of moods.
  7. As they help stabilize moods and treat depression, Cannabis also helps to curb certain violent mood swings, especially for children that are autistic. It can also help to control seizures and helps in dealing with epilepsy.
  8. Ever broken bones and felt like it takes forever to get them fixed? Sure, once broken, bones surely take forever to get mended. But with a little help from Marijuana plants, the mending process of bones can easily be quickened. Moreover, they also help in strengthening bones during the healing process.
  9. ADHD and ADD are two common problems that seem to bother a lot of children, teenagers and young adults, affecting their concentration and cognitive functions. However, cannabis can help in dealing better with deficiencies like ADD and ADHD.
  10. Marijuana plants can also help people suffering from a condition known as glaucoma. Glaucoma affects a person by developing an increased pressure on the eyeballs of a person. Cannabis helps to keep that pressure to a bare minimum, helping the sufferers deal better.
  11. Out of the many known effects of Marijuana plants, it is allegedly known to be a proprietor of anxiety. However, in reality, Marijuana is known to provide relief from anxiety and help to calm senses, but only with monitored use.
  12. Alzheimer’s disease is one common problem rising from cognitive degeneration that often affects people as they cross the 60s. But, cannabis can slow down the cognitive degeneration of the human brain and thus, also slows down the process of being affected with Alzheimer’s.
  13. PTSD is another psychological disorder that can hamper the smooth functioning of a person. It can sometimes be so severe that it can make surviving daily life a real tough task. However, according to several studies, Cannabis can help a person deal with PTSD.
  14. Hepatitis C is one disorder whose treatment is accompanied by several disturbing and problematic side effects. Some common side effects of the same are depression, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, etc. Consuming Cannabis can ease the side effects and make the healing process much easier and effective.
  15. People suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease can find help from the consumption of cannabis. Certain compounds present in cannabis like THC and cannabidiol can enhance immune responses and improve the functioning of the gut, thus providing some relief.
  16. Marijuana plants are also very helpful to people suffering from the various tremors and effects associated with Parkinson’s disease. It aids in improving the motor skills that often get dissuaded. Moreover, it also helps in promoting sleep and reduces pains and tremors.

 How to Grow Hemp plant

A non-drug kind of Marijuana plant

The Hemp plant does not specifically refer to all kinds of marijuana plants, but a certain type that is non-drug in nature. Being a non-drug, the Hemp plant can be grown for several uses and benefits.

Here are certain things that you should remember and which can be quite helpful if you are wondering about how to grow hemp plants.

  • The Right Potting Mix: Choose a growth medium that consists of certain nutritional elements such as nitrogen. potassium, phosphorus, etc. It is also advisable for the soil to maintain a pH level between 5.8 and 6.5.
  • Light Needs: The Marijuana plants grow well when exposed to bright sunlight and even when exposed to artificial lighting. With artificial lighting, growth occurs best when the plant is exposed to around 16-20 hours of light and around 0-8 hours of being exposed to darkness.
  • Watering the Plant: The watering of the Marijuana plant is dependent on a lot of factors, mostly the water retention capability of the plant. However, it is important to restrain from over-watering the plant. An ideal way to find out the watering time is when the leaves start to slightly wilt.
  • Temperature and Humidity: For growing Marijuana plants, it is important to maintain a temperature level between 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Never let the temperature drop between 13 degrees Celsius or go beyond 31 degrees Celsius. The ideal humidity level is 40-60% RH.


How much time does a Marijuana plant take to grow?

The Marijuana plants do take some time to grow. When planted from seeds, Marijuana plants can grow in around 10 to 32 weeks.

What is the difference between marijuana & medical cannabis

The difference between medical cannabis and marijuana is that medical cannabis consists of a higher CBD ratio than marijuana. This helps to derive many medical benefits.

Can we grow hemp plants in any place?

The Hemp plant is a non-drug kind of Marijuana plant. It is legal in many places, including India. Thus, one can easily grow hemp plants in their garden or even indoors.



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