Flaunt Your Table Top with these 9 Varieties of Indoor Plants

Flaunt Your Table Top with these 9 Varieties of Indoor Plants

Who doesn’t like a tabletop all organised? Even messy peeps like it but they are too lazy to arrange their desks. I would suggest they get a tabletop plant. I bet you, their desk will automatically be clean and organized. How is that possible? Well, here I present a list of wonderfully stunning indoor plants specifically for tabletops that are irresistible. Let’s check out the tabletop plants for the office.

Which are the Best Tabletop Plants for Indoors?

Here are the indoor tabletop plants that you should seriously consider if you want to have some positive vibes along with some greenery while you work.

  • Tabletop Bonsai Tree
  • Artificial Tabletop Plants
  • Table Top Palm Tree
  • Tabletop Succulent
  • Tabletop Olive Tree
  • Faux Tabletop Plants
  • Tabletop Lemon Tree
  • Tabletop Moss
  • Tabletop Bamboo Plant

Let us go through these indoor plants for the tabletop in detail.

 1. Tabletop Bonsai Tree

Miniature Tree Vibes

Tabletop Bonsai Tree is a miniature tree that is a low maintenance shrub. The dark green leaves give a fresh tropical vibe to your office desk. This plant should be placed in a shallow pot so that the strong and broad natural trunks are visible. Bonsai tree attractively complements the interior décor because of its unique look. It stores water in its trunk so this plant can tolerate under-watering to some extent. Just water it when the top layer of the soil becomes dry and let it soak in bright indirect light only. This plant needs well-drained soil and a little bit of misting would be better. Trim it from time to time to maintain its tree-like structure. Also, keep it away from your pets as it can be toxic to them.

 2. Artificial Tabletop Plants

Just like Natural Plants

Artificial Tabletop plants are a great choice for extremely lazy people. You do not have to do anything at all after purchasing it. You might just need to clean the dust that will be set up on it later. Apart from that, you can just fake flaunt your office desks with these artificial tabletop plants.

 3. Table Top Palm Tree

Tropical vibes

The Tabletop Palm plant is an all-time giver of tropical vibes while you are sitting right before your laptop at home. Palm plant is a popular air-purifying plant that cleanses the toxic air in the atmosphere. This plant is recommended by NASA and is very easy to care for. This plant requires well-drained soil, bright indirect or partial sunlight, misting and average humidity. That’s all. Just water it when the topsoil becomes dry and prune the leaves regularly to make it bushier. Extreme sunlight can burn the leaves so mind that folks. Importantly, this plant is non-toxic to pets so no problem if your pet comes closer to it.

 4. Tabletop Succulent


Succulents are well known worldwide. It is easy to maintain and grow indoors. As a tabletop plant, succulents are very appealing for their juicy green leaves. Mini succulent plants can be well placed on the office desks as it requires very less water and bright indirect sunlight. You can prune or trim the leaves regularly and clean the leaves with a damp cloth. However, succulents can be toxic to pets.

5. Tabletop Olive Tree

Elegant olive plant

Tabletop Olive Tree is an ancient shrub. It is possible to obtain olive fruit or olive oil out of this plant. This plant needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive properly. You can also feed the plant monthly with a slow-release fertiliser. Overwatering is a big no.

6. Faux Tabletop Plants

Looks completely natural

Faux simply means fake. So just like the artificial plants, the faux plants for tabletops are just adorable. The faux plants look so genuine that one might confuse them with the real plants. Faux tabletop plants are a great choice for someone who is too busy with work but still wants some greenery on the desk.

7. Tabletop Lemon Tree

A show-stopper

Lemon Tree can purely add beauty to your tabletop. The lemon tree is not very difficult to care for. It should be placed at a normal temperature and under sufficient lighting. Lemon tree needs adequate watering and the soil should be slightly moist and acidic. This plant requires at least 5-6 hours of sunlight every day. Do not let the soil be very soggy.

8. Tabletop Moss

Mini Forest made in moss container

Moss is nothing but a clump of the flowerless shrub. These velvet-textured cushiony leaves are evergreen and bushy. Moss doesn’t have flowers, roots or even seeds. Moss is grown in containers or terrariums for interior décor. Mini forest or tabletop moss garden is a famous concept for growing moss indoors. This can also enhance the tabletop view. Tabletop Moss doesn’t require fertiliser or even sunlight. Just mist it regularly. A fluorescent lamp can be placed above the moss terrarium. 

9. Tabletop Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plant

This is an extremely popular and commonly found plant in many offices and on many tabletops. As per Feng Shui, the Bamboo plant is considered as lucky as it brings prosperity and happiness. The symbol changes as per the number of stems this plant has. It is a very forgiving plant and one of the best gift options for any positive occasion. This plant needs sufficient light and filtered sunlight. It only needs distilled water. However, keep your tabletop bamboo plant away from pets as it can be toxic to them.

Look for Tabletop plants online if you are still stuck with the choices and alternatives. You can start with small tabletop plants as a newbie gardener. All these tabletop plants are easy to care for and maintain. But I am sure they will boost your working mood from boring to exciting.

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions.


Where can I buy Indoor table-top plants?

You can buy the tabletop plants at any local nursery store or even online.

Which plant is best for the study table?

Any air purifier plants like Peace Lily, Areca Palm or plant with some mild fragrance like Lavender plant Is good for study table.

Which plant is best for a dining table?

For the dining table, palms, snake plant, ferns, bamboo plant or any air purifier plant is a better option.

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