Expert-Recommended Beautiful Living Room Plants that are Easy to Care

Plants go well in all kinds of areas, be it indoors or outdoors. They can easily brighten up the dullest of spaces and stand out in even the loudest and cheerful rooms. Having plants around also adds a kind of depth in the settings of the room, while also keeping the atmosphere light.
A living room is what the guests are exposed to when they first enter the house. It is what creates the first impression of our lifestyle quality in front of guests or visitors. Thus, it becomes important that we design our living room in a way that screams of us.
Creating a Living Room Plant Décor/ Indoor Plants for Living Room
The living room is often filled with several décor pieces. Among all the different décor pieces, plants can help to tie the room together. Here are some plants that you can effectively consider for your living room plant décor.
⦁ Bird of Paradise

Requires little care
The Bird of paradise plant is native to the tropical regions of South Africa. The plant requires little care to thrive and is a great indoor plant. The plant is best placed near a window. It requires watering just around once a week, as the soil starts turning dry.
⦁ Peperomia

Succulent-like qualities
Peperomia is popularly referred to as the Baby Rubber plant. The plant is marked by its glossy green and spoon-shaped leaves. The plant is capable of storing water in its leaves, roots and stems and thus needs watering just around once a week or so.
⦁ Snake Plant

Difficult to kill
The Snake plant, or the Mother-in-law’s tongue, is a popular houseplant around the world. The plant has natural air-purifying qualities, making it capable of flushing out harmful toxins from the atmosphere. The plant can thrive with little care.
Having Feng Shui Plants in Living Room
Feng Shui is often given much importance while building and designing households. Feng Shui enthusiasts also believe that certain plants are a very essential part of the household, especially the living room in general, to bring in good energy. Here’s what you should look for if you want to add some Feng Shui plants in the living room.
⦁ Monstera Plant
The Monstera or the Swiss Cheese plant is known for its beautifully unique leaves. The plant tends to grow in bright yet indirect sunlight. Feng Shui enthusiasts believe that the Monstera plant is a symbol of fame and recognition.
⦁ Rubber Plant
The Rubber plant is very common indoors as it requires little care to grow. The plant also grows well when placed at a spot with partial shade. According to Feng Shui enthusiasts, the plant must be placed in a dark space of the house to induce more life and energy.
⦁ Spider Plant
The Spider plant is a popular houseplant that is very easy to care for. Propagation of the plant is also quite easy as the plant shoots out Spiderettes by itself. According to Feng Shui, the spider plant is a symbol of generosity, prosperity and wealth.
Best Living Room Low Light Indoor Plants
Generally, houseplants tend to grow in sunlight. Most of these plants love to be placed at a spot with exposure to the full sun. This can be a hurdle if your living room does not allow in much sunlight. But worry not, here is a list of living room low light indoor plants that you can consider bringing home.
⦁ Cast Iron Plant
Also known as the Bar Room plant or the Aspidistra elatior, the Cast Iron plant thrives on neglect and seldom gets killed due to lack of care. The plant does well in partially shaded regions and has very minimal water and other care requirements.
⦁ Philodendron
Known for its heart-shaped leaves, Philodendron makes for a great indoor hanging plant. The plant can easily adjust to low light settings and does not require much fussing over. Do not forget to water the plant once a week or so.
⦁ Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or the ZZ plant is also often referred to as the Zanzibar Gem plant. The plant is an excellent natural air purifier that helps to get rid of harmful toxins from the indoor space. It needs to be watered only once in a fortnight or so.
Must-Have Big Plants for Living Room
Most of us will agree that having big plants and trees inside the house is a delightful sight. These plants can easily be the centrepiece in a living room. Here are some big plants for the living room.
⦁ Fiddle Leaf Fig
The Fiddle Leaf Fig grows up to around 19 feet tall when planted indoors. However, there’s nothing to fret about as the height of the plant can easily be kept under control. The Fiddle Leaf Fig grows in warmer temperatures and loves some bright sunlight.
⦁ Money Tree
The Money Tree is mostly marked by its unique and braid-like trunk. Also known as Pachira Aquatica, the Money tree requires some high humidity levels to grow and loves moisture. Just make sure that the plant is exposed to some bright sunlight.
⦁ Weeping Fig
The Weeping Fig is a member of the Ficus plant family and does best in temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant needs some bright yet indirect sunlight to grow well. The plant can grow around 2 to 10 feet tall.
Corner Plants for Living Room
While worrying about designing the room, most of the attention is on the centrepieces or the shelves. Most of the time, the corners of the room end up empty and barren. But why let it be that way when you can effectively fill that space up with plants? Here are some plants that will do great as corner plants for the living room.
⦁ Dieffenbachia Plant
The Dieffenbachia plant is specifically known for its variegated foliage. It is a beautiful plant and is extremely easy to grow and care for. The plant prefers warm temperatures. However, it is toxic to humans and animals and should be kept out of reach.
⦁ Norfolk Island Pine
The Norfolk Island Pine, though known as Indoor Christmas trees, lasts more than just one season. The plant can grow around 2 to 6 feet tall and requires temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
⦁ Peace Lily
Scientifically referred to as Spathiphyllum, the Peace lily plant is known for its beautiful white blooms. The Peace lily plant can do considerable well in partial shade but requires some bright yet indirect sunlight to produce blooms.
Ideas for Bamboo Plant Decoration in Living Room
The term Bamboo plants encompass a large variety of plants. However, most of these plants are unfit to be growing indoors. Here are two different Bamboo plant varieties that can make up for the perfect Bamboo plant decoration in the living room.
⦁ Golden Bamboo
The Golden Bamboo or the Fishpole Bamboo is one of the few Bamboo plant varieties that can be efficiently grown indoors and in pots. It is a perennial shrub that grows best in loamy, moist and well-draining soil.
⦁ Lucky Bamboo
Lucky bamboo is the one plant that people are mostly referring to when they speak of growing Bamboo indoors. But Lucky Bamboo is not a Bamboo, but a kind of Dracaena. The many stalks of the plant have different symbolic meanings etched onto them.
Ideas for Money Plant Decoration in Living Room
Here are two kinds of money plants that you can choose from if you are looking to include money plant decoration in the living room.
⦁ Chinese Money Plant
The Chinese Money plant, or Pilea Peperomioides, is a rather popular flowering plant. As the name suggests, the plant is native to China and is also popularly known as the Pancake plant. The plant prefers to grow in bright yet indirect sunlight.
⦁ Money Plant
The Money plant, or Epipremnum Aureum, is a popular addition in households, especially in India. The plant can grow in soil as well as water and prefers to grow in the bright indirect sunlight. It is considered to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
Ideas for Palm Tree in Living Room
Palm trees are a beautiful addition in several households. These plants seem to offer a relaxed environment and thus are perfect for living rooms. Here are some varieties that you can choose from if you want to have a palm tree in the living room.
⦁ Areca Palm
The Areca Palm is one of the most popular varieties of Palm trees that can thrive well even in low light settings. The lush green leaves of the plant grow better when panted in some fertile soil with monthly fertilizer application in the growing season.
⦁ Majesty Palm
The Majesty Palm, or the Ravenea rivularis, is a variety of palms that tends to grow in partially shaded regions. The plant however stays in constant need of humidity and moisture. It is great as a centrepiece and also in the corners of a room.
⦁ Parlor Palm
The Parlor Palm is one of the very few varieties of plants that are more suited for indoor conditions rather than the outdoors. However, make sure that the plant should not be exposed to the direct sun and requires only indirect light.
Best Artificial Plants for Living Room/ Fake Plants for Living Room
Artificial plants are faux imitations of actual plants. Nowadays, artificial plants bear quite a close resemblance to real plants. It is difficult to find out if they are real or fake just by one glance. Here is a list of some fake plants for the living room.
⦁ Boston Fern
The Boston Fern is known to be a glossy plant that looks great on tabletops as well as in hanging planters. The fake Boston Fern lives quite well up to that expectation. You can easily adjust the fronds of the fake Boston Fern to match your room décor.
⦁ English Ivy
The English Ivy is a trailing vine that looks great in hanging planters or growing around poles. The artificial English Ivy successfully replicates the glossy green leaves of the plant. It can be placed in hanging planters just like a real English Ivy.
⦁ Pothos
The faux Pothos plant bears an extremely close resemblance to the real Pothos plant. The variegated foliage helps to pass on the artificial plant as a real one. It is great for anyone who has trouble maintaining a real plant.
Buying Artificial Flower Pot for Living Room
Just like the artificial leafy plants, there are also many artificial flower pots. These artificial flowers bear a very close resemblance to actual flowering plants and are difficult to identify as fake. These fake flower plants can be a great living room attraction. Here are some artificial flower pits for the living room that you can choose from.
⦁ Flowering Cacti
A cactus is a perfect faux plant as people won’t examine it closely in fear of the pricks. They look beautiful in all kinds of décor settings and can easily pass off as real Cacti. The flowers too look real and beautiful.
⦁ Lavender
A blooming lavender plant is what you need to make your other gardener friends jealous. This is because, in reality, the plant requires little care to grow. You can add some essential oil drops if you miss that Lavender smell.
⦁ Orchids
Orchids are a little finicky to grow as they require a little extra care to be able to produce blooms. But you do not have to worry about that with a faux Orchid plant. The blooms and foliage of this artificial plant are very similar to those of the real plant.
Here we have answered some FAQS to help you know more about living room plants.
Which plants are best for the living room?
Different indoor plants can grow very well in living rooms. However, choose plants that go well with the décor theme and also have other qualities like air purification.
Which plant is good for indoor homes?
The best plants that are good for indoors are the ones that help to get rid of harmful toxins. Pollution also happens indoors so having these plants around helps to ensure that we breathe in cleaner air.
How do I display indoor plants in my living room?
You can display plants in your living rooms in several ways. You can use them as central pieces of the room, on shelves and even in corners. Plants can also be placed in hanging planters around the living room.
Which is the most beautiful indoor plant?
There are many different beautiful indoor plants. Eminent among them are the Areca Palm, Bird of Paradise, Lucky Bamboo, Monstera plant, Parlor Palm, etc.
Which indoor plants are best for the living room corners?
Many plants can be great for living room corners as they help fill in and brighten up the dull space. Some plants that you can use as corner plants in the living room are Dieffenbachia, Norfolk Island Pine, Peace Lily, etc.
What kind of plants should I put in the living room?
You can place different plants in the living room. It is however advisable to place plants that help to cleanse the air. You can also choose plants as per the décor of the room.
Which indoor plants are good for the living room as per Vastu?
As per Vaastu, several plants can be good for the living room. Examples are Chrysanthemum, Lucky Bamboo plant, Money plant, etc.
What are some indoor plants that will keep my living room cool?
Many indoor plants can help to keep the living room air by improving the quality of air. Examples of such plants are Peace Lily, Snake plant, Weeping Fig, etc.

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