Ever Thought of Adding Big Leaf Plant Indoors? Here are 6 Large Leaf Stunning Plants to Consider

Ever Thought of Adding Big Leaf Plant Indoors? Here are 6 Large Leaf Stunning Plants to Consider

Plants create a sense of calmness and serenity in the house. The prettier the plant the prettier the ambience. And, if the foliage plants have large leaves, then it’s the most beautiful scene ever. One big leaf indoor plant is enough to make your living room greener, fresher and cheerful. In this blog, we will talk about some of the loveliest large leaf indoor plants.

Here is the list of big leaf house plants:

1] Rubber Plant

2] Fiddle Leaf Fig

3] Croton

4] Monstera

5] Calathea Orbifolia

6] Philodendron

Now, let’s jump into the details of these tropical big leaf house plants right away.

  1. Rubber Plant

The show stopper rubber plant

This is a tropical houseplant with extremely stunning foliage. A very low maintenance indoor shrub, placing a Rubber plant at any corner of the house will just add green beauty to the home. Botanically, this plant is known as Ficus Elasticaandis native to Southeast Asia. Commonly, this plant is known as Rubber Fig, Indian Rubber Bush, and Rubber Tree etc. This plant doesn’t bloom flowers and is suitable for indoors. Rubber Tree is a superb gifting option for new offices, homes or house warming parties, birthdays and more. This plant grows fast and is a sound choice for new plant parents. As an interior décor, one big rubber tree, as shown in the above image is just enough to steal the show.

Rubber Plant Care Guide:

  • It needs bright filtered light, extreme sunlight can destroy the foliage
  • Water the plant adequately, atleast when the topsoil is dry
  • To maintain the humidity mist the plant especially during hot climate
  • With a damp cloth, rub the dust on leaves gently to keep them shinier
  • This plant should be placed away from the AC vents or heater
  • To promote growth, the leaves of the rubber plant can be pruned
  • A rubber tree can be propagated from stem cuttings
  • Use moderate fertilizers as too much of it can lead to salt built-up on the plant
  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Striking ornamental foliage

Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata is a big veined-leaves plant that grows at a huge size. A very fast-growing plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig is the most suitable interior décor accessory. Plus, it adds to the green beauty of your home. This plant is even manageable for new plant parents. Not only it is a low maintenance plant, but this tropical plant has striking ornamental foliage. Native to the rain forests of tropical Western Africa, the fiddle leaf fig belongs to the Moraceae family. This plant doesn’t bloom flowers and is suitable for indoors.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide

  • Bright indirect light or filtered light is the basic necessity of this plant
  • This plant hates soggy soil, so water it once a week or when the topsoil feels dry
  • To maintain the shiny foliage, rub the leaves with a damp cloth, keep them clean
  • The soil is required to be aerated and well-drained
  • Misting the plant regularly can help to maintain the humidity level
  • When the plant is at the growth stage, feed it with nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig should be kept away from pet animals
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it can damage the leaves
  • Stem cuttings are the best process of propagating this attractive plant
  1. Croton

Tropical shaded leaves

One of the super beautiful indoor potted plants is the Croton plant. It has variegated foliage which makes it a more beautiful houseplant. Botanically, it is known as Codiaeum Variegata and belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. Native to Asia-pacific areas, this tropical plant is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This lovely plant can be placed in any room, office as it gives extraordinary green, tropical vibes. Importantly, this plant takes away harmful toxins from the air.

Croton Plant Care Guide

  • Place the plant under bright indirect light
  • Let the soil be moist but not too soggy
  • Water the plant sparingly especially during the winters
  • The humidity of the plant should be maintained
  • At the growth stage, feed the Croton plant with liquid fertilizer
  1. Monstera

Leaves look like Swiss cheese

Monstera plant or popularly known as the Swiss cheese plant is an epiphyte. The foliage of the leaves is pretty unique. It has holes and the pattern looks just like Swiss cheese. It has a creamy white hood-like spathe. The plant blooms flowers that smell like pineapple and banana. The botanical name of this plant is Monstera Deliciosa while commonly, this plant is called Mexican Breadfruit, Penglai Banana, Split Leaf Philodendron and Hurricane Plant.

Monstera Plant Care Guide

  • Monstera plant thrives in partial light and can be placed under bright indirect sunlight
  • Water the plant at least once a week or when the upper layer of the soil feels dry
  • Swiss cheese plant needs sufficient humidity
  • Avoid extreme sunlight as it can damage the leaves
  • Monstera is harmful to pets hence, should be kept away from them
  1. Calathea Orbifolia

Attractive ornamental foliage

Calathea Orbifolia is an attractive plant with beautiful foliage. It has striking white stripes on its evergreen leaves which can be a show stopper at any indoor space. It can instantly add value to the interiors. Calathea has air purifying qualities and is a pet-friendly plant. This tropical and perennial plant is quite easy to grow.

Calathea Orbifolia Care Guide

  • This plant needs bright indirect light
  • Once the topsoil is dry, water the plant sufficiently
  • Calathea requires medium humidity and a little bit of moisture
  • Root division method is the better way to propagate this plant
  • Calathea leaves should be cleaned with a damp cloth to keep them shiny and showy
  • Misting is preferred to keep the plant fresh
  1. Philodendron

Evergreen climber

Philodendron is a famous climbing houseplant found in many homes. The leaves are evergreen and heart-shaped with a glossy look. This lush green climbing vine is a stunning ornamental foliage plant suitable for indoors. Philodendron is a superb ground cover and can be placed on coffee tables, desks and tabletops.

Philodendron Care Guide

  • Philodendron loves bright indirect light and direct sunlight should be avoided
  • Water the plant alternatively, once a week or whenever the topsoil feels dry
  • Misting will help to keep the evergreen Philodendrons fresh all the time
  • Do not overwater the plant as it may damage the foliage

This way, you can include any of these big leaf indoor plants in your house, cabins and offices to give a stunning interior décor look. Plus point, you’ll get plenty of greenery and tropical vibes.


Here we’ve answered some frequently asked questions for you.

What indoor plant has large leaves?

Many indoor plants have large leaves, like Philodendron, Rubber plant, Calathea, Croton and more.

How do I find out what houseplant I have?

You can search the same through google lens, an application that’ll take a picture of your plant and you’ll get the results on google immediately.

What is a good big house plant?

You can opt for Philodendron, Rubber plant, Calathea, Croton and more.

Which of the following plants has big broad leaves?

Philodendron, Rubber plant, Calathea, Croton and more have big broad leaves.

What is the advantage of broad wide leaves?

Just one big leaf plant is enough to add value to your interior décor.

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