Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants that can Make You a Pro Gardener

Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants that can Make You a Pro Gardener

The 21st-century society is always evolving. Concepts and ideas are regularly changing. Trends are always coming in and going out rapidly. What’s trending one day can easily go out of sight the next day. In this entire hullabaloo, just one trend remains constant. Plants!

To be entirely honest, plants are the basis of our survival. Plants are a real sordid decoration for one to have. They up the interiors and add a calming entity to the room they are placed in. And what’s better? Most of these plants are easy to care for, even if you are entirely new to plant parenting.

11 Houseplants for Newbie Plant Parents

As a beginner, it is only normal that you feel at risk of costing a blooming plant's life. But worry not! Here are 12 plants that anyone can grow.

  • Aloe Vera

  • Great for skincare

    Aloe-Vera can be easily grown by anyone. It thrives in a space with lots of bright sunlight and can do well without being watered for days. It also acts as a natural air purifier and is beneficial for skin and hair too.

  • Cast Iron Plant

  • Difficult to kill

    The Cast Iron plant is practically impossible to kill. It is a slow-growing plant with green long-pointed leaves. The plant can easily make a corner of the house stand out and can live as long as 50 years, even with neglect.

  • Devil’s Ivy

  • A fast-growing vine

    The Devil’s Ivy is one pretty and fast-growing vine. A member of the Pothos family, the Devil’s Ivy prefers filtered light and moist soil to grow. It can even thrive considerably well in low lit areas.

  • Flaming Katy

  • Has beautiful blooms

    The Flaming Katy is succulent, with flowers that remain in bloom for months. It has thick green leaves, and the flowers differ in colours like red, yellow, orange, lilac etc. The plant prefers indirect sunlight and moist soil to grow.

  • Hindu Rope Plant

  • Thick wax-like leaves

    Also known as the Hoya Harnosa Compacta, the Hindu Rope plant has long rope-like vines. The leaves of the plant are bright green and are thick and wax-like in texture. It also blooms star-like pink flowers.

  • Jade Plant

  • Loves bright indirect sunlight

    The Jade plant is a member of the succulents’ family. With deep green leaves, the Jade plant grows to an average height of a shrub. Just make sure that your plant is placed at a place with lots of filtered sunlight.

  • Lucky Bamboo

  • Known for symbolism

    Believed to be one of the luckiest plants, the Lucky Bamboo can grow both in the soil as well as water. The plant can do well in both bright and low light. But keep your plant away from extreme cold conditions.

  • Money Plant

  • Easy to grow and care for

    A common houseplant, the Money plant is considerably easy to care for. It is a plant available in different varieties. The plant also has great benefits as per Vastu and Feng Shui, good luck and fortune being a few of them.

  • Peace Lily

  • Beautiful white blooms

    This beautiful flowering plant requires little care and maintenance to grow. The flowers are pretty white, with gorgeous curved leaves. The Peace Lily requires watering only once in a while and can thrive in almost any lighting condition.

  • Spider Plant

  • Shoots out spiderettes

    The Spider plant has quite a fan base for its easy care and maintenance requirements. The plant can thrive in the harshest of conditions. The Spider plant also shoots out spiderettes, or baby spider plants, every once in a while.

  • Zebra Plant

  • Has fleshy green leaves

    True to its name, the Zebra plant has green leaves, with white stripes running through. It is succulent, tiny in size and with fleshy green leaves. The Zebra plant thrives well with indirect sunlight and sufficient watering.

    Easy-to-Grow Plants for First-Time Gardeners

    Here are some easy-to-grow plant options for beginners in gardening.

  • Air Plant

  • Looks great in terrariums

    Air plants are a great choice for beginners as they are epiphytes and thus can be planted without soil. The plant prefers a shady region to thrive and needs watering once every week, enough to submerge it in.

  • Dracaena

  • Has narrow foliage

    The plants of the Dracaena family are considered the best choice for beginners. Also a great décor option, the Dracaena comes in a variety of colours like green, yellow, and even tri-coloured.

  • Maidenhair Fern

  • Grows in low light

    The Maidenhair Fern, known for its delicate look, is a perfect match to its name. The leaves of the Maidenhair Fern are purple, growing under bright green foliage. The plant prefers humidity and low light to grow.

    Decorative Indoor Plants that Provides Clean Air 

    Here are some indoor plants that make the air around cleaner and also pass off as some great decoration.

  • Areca Palm

  • Removes harmful toxins

    Areca Palms are great for big indoor spaces, like the living room for instance. It is an ideal plant for removing toxic pollutants from indoors. In winters, Areca Palms can manage without frequent watering, you just need to ensure that they get enough light.

  • Grape’s Ivy

  • Beautifies any room

    With an aesthetically pleasing look, the Grape’s Ivy is an easy-to-maintain hanging vine. The plant also has brilliant air-purifying capabilities, removing harmful pollutants from indoors. The plant can thrive in low light and without regular watering.

  • Snake Plant

  • Difficult to kill

    Easily a statement piece in any room, the plant can thrive with little water and is impossible to kill. The Snake plant also acts as a natural air purifying agent, getting rid of harmful toxins and helping us breathe in cleaner air.

    Easy-to-Maintain Houseplants that will Blow Your Mind

  • Chinese Money Plant

  • Easy to grow and care for

    Also referred to as Pilea Peperomioides, the Chinese Money plant can grow up to 10-12 inches in height. The plant requires indirect sunlight to grow and needs watering only after the soil dries out for once.

  • Madagascar Dragon Tree

  • Has arched green leaves

    A most popular houseplant option for beginners, the Madagascar Dragon can thrive even with neglect. It has green arch-shaped leaves, with dark red edges, or with red and yellow stripes running through.

  • Rubber Plant

  • Purifies the air indoors

    Growing up to a considerable height, the Rubber plant can easily be the main attraction in a room. The Rubber plant is easy to grow and maintain and thrives in indirect sunlight. The Rubber plant is also a natural air purifier.

    11+ Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

  • Arrowhead Plant

  • Also known as five fingers

    Resembling an arrow, the leaves of the Arrowhead plant gradually shift to a shape resembling five fingers. A perfect low-maintenance plant, Arrowhead needs a lot of bright yet filtered sunlight and requires watering less than once a week.

  • Boston Fern

  • Grows in bright indirect sunlight

    This is a plant that requires bright filtered sunlight and moist soil to grow. The Boston Fern is mostly known for its lush bright green leaves. Using a mist every once a month helps to achieve the humidity requirement of the plant.

  • Bromeliads

  • Minimal watering needs

    A member of the Pineapple family, Bromeliads prefer to grow in bright indirect light. The plant requires watering only once a month. The flowers of the Bromeliad plant are red and can bloom with proper care.

  • English Ivy

  • A fast-growing vine

    The English Ivy is a fast-growing vine that requires almost little to no care. Just ensure that you place it in a spot with lots of bright and indirect sunlight, and your plant will be thriving just well.

  • Moth Orchid

  • Blooms for 4 months at once

    The Moth Orchid blooms once or twice every year, each bloom lasting as long as four months. The plant needs to be planted in fir bark, not soil. The plant requires an average amount of sunlight and will thrive for decades with proper care.

  • Purple Shamrock

  • Beautiful foliage and flowers

    A beauty in its own, The Purple Shamrock, or False Shamrock, has purple leaves and white or pale pink flowers. It is an edible perennial and is thus completely safe for a household with infants or pets.

  • Heartleaf Philodendron

  • As heart-shaped leaves

    With heart-shaped leaves, the heartleaf philodendron is a great addition to any living room décor. The plant requires just moderate sunlight to grow, preferring its soil to remain dry in between two consequent watering sessions.

  • Holiday Cactus

  • Grows in low light

    The Holiday Cactus prefers low-light to grow and can do extremely well without even little care. A member of the Cactus family, the Holiday Cactus also blooms red or deep pink flowers in the winters.

  • Ponytail Palm

  • Beautiful green foliage

    Growing up to 3 feet tall, the Ponytail Palm is a succulent belonging to the Agave family. The Ponytail Palm has twisted and beautiful bright green leaves. The plant likes the bright sun and can do without regular watering.

  •  Prayer Plant

  • Beautiful variegated foliage

    With beautiful colourful leaves, the Prayer plant adds life to a corner of the room. The Prayer plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight and does well with enough watering to keep the soil dry between two consequent watering sessions.

  •  Wondering Jew

  • Difficult to kill

    The Wondering Jew makes for the best beginner’s plant because it is practically impossible to kill off. The leaves of this plant, when immature, are a beautiful purple. It also blooms flowers in the early summer or spring season.

  •  Zamioculcas zamiifolia

  • \
  • Also known as Emerald Gem

    The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia commonly referred to as ZZ, can thrive even in the harshest of the harshest conditions. The plant can even grow well in moderate sunlight and without any fertilizer whatsoever.

    Top 10 Summer Flowering Plants for Home

    Here are the top 10 summer plants that you can use to brighten up the environment indoors.

  • Balsam

  • A rather popular plant

    A popular choice among children, the Balsam plant, grows up to a height of 22 to 60 cm when planted indoors. The flowers of this plant bloom after around 8 weeks of sowing and in different colours like mauve, purple, red, rose pink, etc.

  • Cosmos

  • Has star-shaped flowers

    Known for its feathery texture, the Cosmos has star-like flowers in different colours like mauve, orange, pink rose, white, etc. The plant takes around 8 weeks to bloom after being planted and can grow up to a height of 50 to 120 cm.

  • French Marigold
  • Easy to look after

    The French Marigold is one flowering plant that is always trending and also very easy to care for. The plants generally grow to a height of 15 to 20 cm. The flowers range in different colours like dark brown, lemon, orange, yellow, etc.

  • Gaillardia
  • Has a long blooming period

    Gaillardia is one plant with a considerably long blooming period of four months. The flowers are available in different colours like brown, red and yellow. The seeds of the plant generally take around 12 weeks to bloom after sowing.

  • Gomphrena
  • An everlasting flowering plant

    The Gomphrena is an easy-to-grow everlasting flowering plant. It produces tiny flowers in shades of orange, pink, purple and white. The Gomphrena can ideally grow to a height of 45 cm.

  • Nasturtium
  • Looks best in hanging planters

    The Nasturtium grows preferably well in poor soil and looks best in hanging planters. The plant grows up to a height of 20 to 30 cm and produces flowers in different colours like maroon, orange, scarlet and yellow.

  • Portulaca
  • Known as the 10 o’clock flower

    Popularly known as the 10 O’Clock flower, the Portulaca tends to open up by the sunrise and fold down by the sunset. The flowers of this plant bloom in beautiful colours like crimson, magenta, pink, rose, scarlet, yellow, etc.

  • Sunflower
  • Grows facing the sun

    One of the most attractive flowering plants out there, the Sunflower plant generally blooms in 8 to 10 weeks. The plant grows to a mere height of 1 to 1.5 m and produces bright yellow flowers that face the sun.

  • Verbena
  • A beautiful bright perennial

    A tall bushy plant, the Verbena is known for being a bright and beautiful perennial. The plant generally grows to a height of 25 to 30 cm. The flowers bloom in different colours like blue, crimson, magenta, purple, white, etc.

  •  Zinnia
  • Produces exquisite blooms

    An easy-to-grow flowering plant, the Zinnia is mostly known for its exquisite blooms and borders. The plant can grow to a height of around 1 m. The flowers bloom in different colours like copper red, dark brown, maroon, rust, white, yellow, etc.

    Here we have answered some FAQS to help you know more about beautiful indoor plants.


    What are the best indoor plants to grow in India?

    There are several indoor plants that you can grow in India. You can easily grow plants like Air plants, Lucky Bamboo, Snake plants, ZZ plants as they are easy to grow and care for. You can also grow several other flowering plants, like chrysanthemum, indoors.

    What are some all-season indoor plants in India?

    The term all-season plants refer to plants that thrive well throughout the year, in different seasons. Some of the all-season indoor plants that are common in India are the Aloe Vera plant, Money plant, Lucky Bamboo, Snake plant, Spider plant, etc.

    What are some beneficial plants to grow at home?

    You can easily grow different plants at home. Plants like the Snake plant and rubber plant are beneficial as they help to purify the air, making you breathe in some cleaner air. You can also grow plants like the Areca Palm or the Bamboo plant as they release oxygen in abundance.

    Can you name some summer gardening plants in India?

    There are several gardening plants ideal for the summer season in India. Plants like Cacti, Rubber plant, Snake plant do well as all-season plants and hence, are great for the summers as well. These plants also can be grown with minimum care and thus, are great summer plants.

    Why is having plants in the house beneficial?

    The main benefit of having plants in the house is that you get an abundance of oxygen from them. Some plants also act as natural air purifying agents, getting rid of harmful toxins from the house. They lower the levels of pollution indoors and help us breathe cleaner air.

    Which indoor plants grow in shade without sunlight?

    Yes, many indoor plants can grow in shade, and without proper sunlight. Eminent among these are Aglaonema, Boston Fern, Philodendron, Syngonium and the ZZ plant. 

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