Balcony Designing will Never Get as Easy as This

There are surely a lot of us that have been very drawn to balconies as kids. We won’t even be surprised if you say that you still do, because, trust us, we do too! Sure, it is more like a gossiping and cloth-drying area, but now, balconies are no longer restricted to just that.
As much as it seems, on the contrary, balconies are an important part of the household. From inside the house, a balcony sure feels non-existent, especially if the door dividing the balcony and the inner space isn’t see-through. In fact, an outside balcony can very much pass off an idea of what the interiors of your house look like, given that it is the first space that visitors mostly catch a glimpse of. Surely that calls for the opposite of just drying clothes in there.
In terms of trends, balconies have come a long way. Come on, we have all witnessed clothes drying there, and even run to fetch them, safe from rains. Drying clothes was one of the first uses of the balcony, given that the residents of apartments and buildings had this basic necessity. The odd look was not much of a problem then as balconies were mostly designed towards the back of the apartment, a place that a visitor won’t usually see.
However, now, balconies are used to alleviate the look of the house, and thus often designed towards the front of the house. And no one wants to pass that off in the form of wet clothes and dirty rags. Thanks to this, many balcony trends have been on the rise of late. The latest trend in balcony design is the inclusion of a garden in the balcony. Believe it or not, the green balcony is the latest balcony trend 2021, and it is here to stay.
Appealing Balcony with Garden
With the rise of green décor, it is not very surprising to see the world embrace green balconies. For quite a few years now, indoor plants have grown increasingly popular. This popularity has very well rubbed onto the balcony designs, making indoor gardens finally a thing.
It is a fast-paced world, with everyone getting out of their comfort zones to achieve their dreams. In this quest, many people live away from their homes, away from the environment that they are used to. In this rush, many people have to stick to living in apartments. Living in apartments is not a bad thing; it is a great experience. However, it can get a little tough for people that are used to being surrounded by greenery and fresh air. That’s something we lose out on in the city rush.
But a want for greenery or fresh air cannot stand in the way of living life. We need to figure a way out to deal with it, the same goes for everything else in life. For this problem particularly, balcony gardens come as a saviour. Imagine this, what even can be greater than having an indoor garden, all for you to enjoy and be proud of? Plus, you can very well enjoy the greenery around you through that little balcony garden, also gaining access to a lot fresher and cleaner air, which is otherwise a rarity in the big cities.
How to Make Green Balcony at Your Comfort?
Sure, designing a garden seems like a big deal. But a balcony garden is not. You just need a little time to provide for it. And voila, you can easily get it done.
A key though while starting with a green balcony is making sure that you use the easy-maintenance plants. Let’s get it straight, caring for plants can be hard, especially if you are a beginner. So you should take a low-maintenance plant to make sure that neither the plant nor your self-esteem dies.
Next, figure out whether your balcony is more of a sunny or shady spot. If it remains sunny for most of the day, choose plants that require lots of bright sunlight and plants that can do well in direct sunlight. Similarly, if your balcony remains shadier or partially shady, choose plants likewise. This is an important requirement of maintaining a green balcony. Also, make sure to check in other important parameters like wind flow, heating level and so on.
Then, it is also important to conform to the basic care requirements of the plants, just like you would do with any other household plant. For starters, make sure that you choose the right planter- of the right size and with enough drainage holes. Use a soil mix that is suitable for the growth of plants, the soil requirement can be different in different types of plants. Also, make use of alarms if you think that you would forget to water the plants.
Most importantly, read up on the plants that you include in your indoor garden. Each plant has different requirements and it is important to stay updated on these if we bring a plant home.
Which Plants to Choose for Your Balcony?
Here are some plants that can be a great addition to your balcony garden, and can easily help to make your green balcony greener. These balcony plants are easy to grow, require little care and thus are great for beginners.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is one plant the inclusion of which in your garden can come very handy in times. The plant has a lot of medicinal properties and is great for skin and hair care. Moreover, it is succulent, requires little care and can survive even if you forget to water it once in a while. It also helps to clean the air.
Snake Plant
The Snake plant is a succulent and rather low-maintenance plant. It is great if you are new at gardening or looking after plants. It requires little care and can even survive some periods of drought. It is also a natural air-cleansing agent as it helps to remove harmful toxins from the air, thus helping us breathe in cleaner air.
Weeping Fig
The Weeping Fig makes for a great indoor tree. The official tree of Bangkok, the Weeping Fig can even grow even in poor conditions and to a good height. The height of the plant can also be kept in check, in case you want to have it as a tiny tree. Moreover, the Weeping Fig can grow in bright as well as partial light.
Think of Hanging Plants for Balcony
Hanging plants are truly a delightful sight. They are also great for small balconies, helping you achieve greenery without compromising on the floor space. Hanging plants are great small balcony ideas.
Here are some other hanging plants that you can use as a part of your balcony ideas.
Devil’s Ivy
The Devil’s Ivy is one of the most common houseplants out there and mind you, it is really pretty. The most redeeming quality of the plant is that it can very well adapt to low-light settings, making it get for shaded balconies. The plant also stays evergreen all through the year and is known for being a plant that is very impossible to kill.
Money Plant
The Money plant is a must-have indoor plant, more so if you are setting up an indoor garden. To begin with, the plant is believed to be highly auspicious and symbolizes fortune, good luck, wealth and prosperity. On top of that, the plant can survive well in both bright-lit and low-lit areas and thus is one of the best balcony plants.
Mistletoe Cactus
Now, let’s own it, a garden without a Cactus just seems incomplete. After all, it is one of the easiest plants to look after, especially the Mistletoe Cactus that does great as a hanging plant. The plant can grow as long as 20 feet in the wild but is a very slow grower and can take years to reach its complete height.
Here are Balcony Garden Vegetables Ideas
Growing vegetables is a great idea, kudos to whoever brought it out to the world. We all eat vegetables, at least we should, and what’s better than some home-grown chemical-free fruits (vegetables, in this case) of labour?
So, here are some vegetables that can easily be a part of your balcony garden.

Common in Indian households
Commonly known as methi, Fenugreek is a staple addition in Indian food. Indian households use Fenugreek seeds even daily, making it a great benefit to have the plant at home, just at hand. The Fenugreek plants can easily be grown from the methi seeds that we use and can be harvested after around 3 weeks of planting.

Rich in Vitamin A, C, and K
Kale is a known leafy vegetable, especially for the ones that eat healthily or are very familiar with salads. The kale is a member of the same plant family as Cabbage is and thus the two look quite familiar. Rich in Vitamin A, C and K, Kale can be grown from seeds or seedlings that are easily available in local markets.

A powerhouse of energy
Growing up as Popeye fans, Spinach is one of the few first vegetables that most of us recognized. Mostly popular as Popeye’s all-time food, Spinach is a great powerhouse of energy, fibre and also promotes good eyesight. It can be eaten raw and even cooked.
Have a Small Balcony? We’ve Got You Covered
Privacy is an important concern while designing a balcony. You can start with a balcony garden, by hiding out the railings or bars that are either unaesthetic or allow you less privacy. You can easily use trailing plants like a grapevine, or English ivy to cover those up, while also working on the balcony garden simultaneously. Or, you can also use railing planters or balcony planters for this purpose. Thus, it is like getting two birds with one stone.
Vertical gardens are very popular these days. Vertical gardens are gardens that stand upright, instead of being on the floor. Vertical gardens mostly involve a green wall, that is, a wall filled with plants. These gardens do very well in balconies due to the easier access to sunlight and air. They are also very good-looking and can easily add a sense of aesthetic, as you can plant many different plants while also adding other things to the balcony.



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