A Visual Guide to Growing and Caring for White Lilies

Lilies are often the first flower that comes to mind when someone speaks of flowering plants. With their pleasant fragrance and beautiful blooms, lilies can easily brighten up a sullen room, and even a sullen day.
Also referred to as Lilium, lilies are herbaceous plants that belong to the plant family Liliaceae. Native to the countries of the Northern hemisphere, lilies are often cultivated into different hybridized varieties, all of them uniquely beautiful.
Symbol of White Lily

A majestic sight

Now, lilies have different colours to offer, but white lilies are truly a majestic sight to behold. They have large and beautiful blooms that can easily make the plant the main attraction in any room.
White lilies are considered to be a symbol of peace and happiness. In many cultures, the white lily flower is also considered to be a symbol of beauty, commitment, elegance, purity and sympathy. As an eminent part of both funerals and weddings, white lilies seem to symbolize a rejuvenation of the human soul.
White Lily Season
After all the efforts of planting and caring for a plant, seeing that plant bloom is utterly delightful and so worth it all. The same happens for the White lily plant. Sure, the plant does not require any bone-breaking effort to grow, but seeing it bloom is satisfying nonetheless.
Figuring out the right time to see a White lily bloom is not that difficult. It is not something that happens out of the blue but is expected at the right time. The blooming period of the White lily is pretty much the same for most of the varieties of the plant. Most White lily plants tend to flower during the spring or the summer season. However, there are also certain other varieties, like the Oriental Lily, that flower a little late, into the autumn season.
White Lilium Flower/ Safed Lily
White lilies are mostly grown from lily bulbs. The tiny lily bulbs are onion-shaped. Once planted, the onion-like white lily bulbs start transforming gradually into a stem and then go on to gradually start developing leaves and the beautiful white lily flowers.
Given below, in detail, is a step-by-step guide on growing white lily plants at home, and all by yourself.
⦁ Start with finding yourself an appropriate planter to grow your lily plant in.
⦁ Layer the bottom of the planter with some pebbles and gravel to boost the drainage of excess moisture from the soil.
⦁ Take some good quality well-draining potting soil to fill the pot with. Having a potting mix that is rich in organic matter is a bonus to the growth of the plant.
⦁ Gently place the tiny white lily bulbs into the potting soil mix. The bulbs must be around 2 to 3 inches deep inside the soil.
⦁ Take care that you do not place two or more bulbs too close to each other; a distance of around 5 centimetres should work well.
⦁ Make sure that the soil remains moist until the bulb gives away signs of growth. Water the soil enough to keep the soil moist and not soggy.
⦁ Shift the pot to a place that gets enough sunlight throughout the day. In around 3 weeks, the bulbs will start sprouting leaves.
Caring for White Lilies
The first step in caring for a White Lily plant is determining the correct time to plant the White lilies. The autumn season is usually considered the right time to plant some white lily bulbs as it gives them enough time to grow mature, develop strong roots and start blooming by the spring season. Just like several other plants, the spring season marks the growing season of white lilies, too.
However, if the area your house is situated in experiences harsh winters, it is advisable to not plant the White lily bulbs near the wintertime, not even during the fall. In such situations, one should wait until the spring sets in to avoid the harsh wintery cold from harming the growth of the plant. Better still, one can also plant White lilies in the summer season if they are to be growing it in a container that can be easily moved in during the winters.
Choosing the right planter is also an important criterion to look out for while growing a White Lily plant, and every other plant for that instance. Choose a planter that is neither too big nor too small for the plant. Make sure that the planter you choose has enough drainage holes at the bottom to facilitate the flushing out of the excess water. The potting mix too should be well-draining and rich in organic matter to boost the healthy growth of the plant.
Sunlight is another essential requirement for White lilies. Just like any other flowering houseplant, White lilies too require lots and lots of bright sunlight to flourish. The plant can sustain in some partial shade for time, but won’t bloom as well as they do when placed in bright sunlight. For the best results, place the White lily plant at a spot that receives sunlight for at least around 6 to 8 hours of the day. Avoid completely shaded regions as they might stunt the growth of your White Lily.
When the lily bulbs are first planted, they require watering quite often. After all, the soil needs to be kept moist to encourage the growth of a plant from the tiny bulbs. By preventing the soil from drying out, you are also preventing the White lily bulbs from drying out. But make sure that you do not end up over-watering as it can cause serious harm to the plant and might also permanently harm its growth.
Pests and infestations somehow seem to bother the beautiful plants the most. So is the case with most of the varieties of White Lilies. They tend to attract pests and insects quite easily. To avoid such infestations, clean the plant with some detergent water around once every week or so. If you spot any kind of damage to the plant, chop that part right off before it starts harming the rest of the plant.
Types of White Lilies
Lilies are a favourite among many. They come in various colours but the White lilies are just spectacular, and often end up overpowering the other lilies. What’s more interesting is that there are not just 1, 2, or 10 different kinds of White lilies. There are more than 6o different varieties of White Lily. Here is a look at the most common and popular types of White Lilies.
Butterfly Ginger Lily

Adjusts well to low light
The Madonna Lily flower, or the Peace Lily flower, is a classic when it comes to lilies. Native to the Middle Eastern region, the Madonna lily produces broad-petaled flowers that are of crisp white colour, with a centre of pale green colour. These flowers produce a beautiful fragrance and grow around 2 or 3 inches long.
The Madonna lily or the Peace lily flowers look best when planted in a rock garden or by the corners of the yard. The blooms appear mostly during the spring or the early summer season. It is one of the few types of lily flower that requires only a little care to grow.
Spider Lily White/ White Crinum Lily

Not a true lily variety
The Spider lily-white or the White Crinum Lily is another kind of plant that is often treated as a true variety of lily but is not. In reality, the spider lily consists of a variety of plants that are members of the plant family called Amaryllidaceae.
The dramatically beautiful flowers of the White Spider lily plant consist of a round centre, with several long segments emerging from it. The flower gets its name owing to its close resemblance to spiders. The White Spider lilies or the White Crinum lilies are sometimes also referred to as the Beach Spider lily.
White Arum Lily/ White Calla Lily

Not a true lily variety
Native to Africa, the White Calla lily is mostly found growing in several tropical regions around the world. The Calla lily is not a true lily variety and thus, does not grow from bulbs but rhizomes.
The White Calla Lily flower is marked by its unique yet beautiful shape. The plant generally grows up to a height of 2 to 3 feet and can grow as wide as around 1 or 2 feet. The White Calla lily is considered to be an invasive kind of plant in some parts of countries such as Western Australia and the Southern US.
White Asiatic Lily Types
The Asiatic lilies are a little smaller in size as compared to the other varieties of lily but are equally beautiful. Thanks to the beauty of the Asiatic lilies, several hybridized varieties of the flower are now cultivated across the world.
The White Asiatic lilies tend to bloom during the early or mid-summer season. Some popular varieties of the Asiatic lilies are the Enchantment lily, Connecticut King, Orange Pixie Lily, etc.
White Blood Lily

Known as Snake plant lily
Commonly known as the Snake plant lily, the White Blood Lily is native to South African countries. The plant traditionally produces reddish-orange blooms and is considered to be an exotic tropical perennial plant.
The White Blood lily tends to grow in warm temperatures and needless to say loves the full sun and bright sunlight. To efficiently produce White blood lily blooms, you must ensure that the soil remains moist at all times. Also, always avoid temperatures that are less than 15 degrees Celsius.
White Canna Lily

Easy to grow and care for
The White Canna lily is known for being easy to grow and easily maintained kind of plant. The Canna lilies love the full sun but can grow well even when they are planted in partial shade. The plant is grown as an annual plant in most households.
White Canna lilies are not grown from bulbs but rhizomes. For best results, the plant should always be placed at a spot that receives the full sun.
White Oriental Lily

Blooms during the fall
The White Oriental lily is what you go for if you seek to have a lily plant that flowers for a little longer as compared to the other varieties of the plant. Contrary to the general Lily varieties, the Oriental lily starts blooming a little late, mostly during the fall. The White Oriental lily can grow up to 4 to 5 feet when mature.
These flowers are marked with tiny pink dots and papillae bumps across the petals. The plant must receive at least 8 hours of sunlight every day to encourage blooms.
White Rain Lily Flower

Known as Fairy lily
Also known as the Fairy Lily or the Zephyr Lily, the White Rain lily flower is a member of the Amaryllidaceae plant family. The rain lily flower can be grown from rain lily bulbs and produces beautifully white crocus-shaped flowers.
The White Rain lily sports several blooms in a single stalk. The plant blooms mostly from around the late spring to the late summer season. Sometimes, the plant might also bloom during the rainy season.
White Stargazer Lily

The flowers face upwards
The White Stargazer lily is truly a beauty. Fun fact, the Stargazer lily was one of the first upward-facing flower varieties ever discovered. The Stargazer Lily was first discovered by breeder Leslie Woodriff.
The White Stargazer lily tends to grow during the mid-summer season, mostly during July, and produce a sweet-smelling scent throughout that one month. The White Stargazer lily is a variety of the Oriental lily, hybridized with some other variety of the lily plant and can grow up to 3 feet in height.
White Tiger Lily

Popular is US and England
Scientifically referred to as the Lilium Lancifolium, the Tiger Lily is one of the truest varieties of lilies out there. Native to the Asian subcontinent, the Tiger Lily is widely popular in the US and England as well.
Just like the traditional orange Tiger lilies, the petals of the White Tiger lily too curves backwards in such a way that it remains in contact with the stalk base. The crisp white flowers of the Tiger-lily grow best when exposed to bright sunlight and can also do well in partial light. The White Tiger lily plant generally grows around 4 to 5 feet in height.
White Water Lily

An extraordinary beauty
Water lilies are one of the most extraordinarily beautiful varieties of the lily plant. As the name suggests, Water lilies grow in water and are considered symbolic representations of art and beauty.
The White water lilies mostly tend to bloom from June until October. Once planted, the water lilies grow very fast, comparatively a lot faster than a Lotus. Just ensure that the plant receives enough sunlight and water and is bred in a clean environment.
Here we have answered some FAQS to help you know more about White lilies.
What do white lilies symbolize?
White lilies are considered to be a symbol of peace and happiness. In many cultures, the white lily flower is also considered to be a symbol of beauty, commitment, elegance, purity and sympathy. As an eminent part of both funerals and weddings, white lilies seem to symbolize a rejuvenation of the human soul.
Do white lilies symbolize death?
As white lilies are associated with funerals, most people take them to be a symbol of death. But that is not the case. Instead, the white lilies seem to symbolize a rejuvenation of the human soul. Many people also believe that the white lilies symbolize rebirth.
What do Casablanca lilies symbolize?
The Casablanca lilies mostly symbolize life and joy. Casablanca lilies are also used as gifts on several occasions as they symbolize celebrations.
Are white lilies a good gift?
Yes, white lilies do make up for a good gift. They symbolize beauty, elegance, peace and purity and thus are often seen in a bride’s hand as well.
When are White Lilies in season?
Most White lily plants tend to flower during the spring or the summer season. However, there are also certain other varieties, like the Oriental Lily, that flower a little late, into the autumn season.
What is the meaning of the lily flower?
The lily flower is closely associated with devotion and purity. However, different cultures associate the lily flower with different meanings. Eminent among these meanings are beauty, charm, elegance, peace, purity, rebirth, etc.
How do you care for a Madonna lily?
To care for a Madonna lily, make sure that you place the plant in bright sunlight, at least around 6 to 8 hours of it every day. The plant can thrive in partial shade as well but won’t blossom that well.
What does the Madonna lily symbolize?
The Madonna lily is often associated with the Virgin Mary. The flower is believed to symbolize chastity and purity of soul.
Is a Madonna lily a peace lily?
Yes, the Madonna lily is also known as the Peace lily. The scientific name of the flower is Spathiphyllum.
How do Madonna lilies grow?
The Madonna lily, or the Peace lily, is well known for being a plant that is adaptive to low light settings. The plant can grow very well in low light but to encourage blooms, place it in some bright sunlight.

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