A Guide to Buying Decorative Flower Pots in India

A Guide to Buying Decorative Flower Pots in India

Flowers are the easiest bet to place if you are looking to add a pop of colour to any space, be it indoors or outdoors. Flowers can easily lighten up even the dullest of spaces, helping in the creation of happy vibes.

Traditionally, in the suburban regions and the countryside, an outdoor flower garden is a very common sight. Almost all the houses in the neighbourhood had a flower garden. However, this was difficult for the people in cities as they did not have space or time to manage an outdoor flower garden. This helped to bring in the much-needed concept of indoor gardening, including having flowering plants inside the household.

The Necessity of Modern Plant Pots Indoors

Plants look beautiful indoors

As plants made their way inside the house, they were accompanied by planters and pots that were much needed to place the plants in. This rising surge in the popularity of indoor plants brought along a host of different kinds of planters that people could even use to decorate the house as well.

Planters were no longer limited to just being a growing space for plants. They also had to go well with the décor or theme of the room. After all, people could not stick to the plain boring vases creating a blotch in their bright and vibrant rooms. This led to the surge in different designed and beautiful planters that are increasingly growing popular to this day.

Why should we have Indoor Flower Pots?

Adds a pop of colours

As mentioned above, flowers are the easiest bet to place if you are looking to add a pop of colour to any space. Indoor flower pots can make up for the central piece of décor in any well-designed as well as poor-designed room. Most of the flowering plants also have a sweet fragrance accompanying them, some of which even helps with stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc.

Certain flowering plants are also bestowed with a captivating ability to purifying the air. These plants help to flush out several toxic elements from the indoor air and supply us with some fresher air to breathe in. Several other flowering plants also aid with an increased oxygen supply 24X7, round the clock. This increased availability of oxygen makes the breathing process easier, helps us to calm down and even helps with sleeplessness.

Here are some different kinds of indoor flower pots that you can choose from.

  • Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants

  • Boosts growth of plants

    Ceramic or unglazed clay pots are often a popular choice among flower pots or even when it comes to general indoor planters. The most redeeming quality of ceramic pots is that they provide better air and water circulation in the plant, boosting the growth of the plant.

    Ceramic pots are available in several different varieties. You can choose in terms of colours, shapes, sizes, outer texture, etc. You can choose a simple white planter, something matching the colour theme of the room, or some quirky and playful indoor flower pots. The options are endless.

  • Decorative Indoor Flower Pots

  • Match the theme of the room

    As the concept of growing and having plants indoors became more and more persistent, people had realized the need for certain decorative planters. Decorative indoor flower pots were needed to not compromise with boring indoor flowers pots that could potentially kill the vibe of the room.

    Nowadays, there are several options to choose from when it comes to deciding on a decorative indoor flower pot. You can choose colours that go well with the room, or even opt for having patterns on the planter. Hanging planters and wall planters have also become popular choices when it comes to decorative indoor flower pots.

  • Flower Pot for Living Room

  • A unique decoration idea

    The living room is the one room that is frequented by different visitors that call on the house. It is the one room that is often designed with persistent thinking and careful deliberation. Thus, it becomes important to choose indoor flower pots or plant pots that go well with the design, theme or colour of the living room.

    Most often, people tend to display several plants in the living room in a bunch of planters on a shelf or small desk. You can go with simple matte-coloured flower pots for the living room, or even choose one or more pastel or other hues. You can also choose woven hanging planters as a part of a beautiful collection of plants in the living room.

  • Small Plant Pots Indoor

  • Looks best on desks and tabletops

    Certain plants grow well in small planters, owing to their tiny size. Even while growing tiny propagated cuttings or offshoots, small planters are opted to support the initial growth of the plant.

    Small plant pots indoors look best on desks, countertops, tabletops and other such areas. Owing to their tiny size, they can well adjust in even the littlest of spaces. Having small plant pots indoors also helps to divert attention from the mess on the table or desk, as people tend to focus more on the beautiful small plant pots.

  • Big Indoor Plant Pots/ Large Indoor Plant Pots

  • Available in different varieties

    As plants grow in size, they require to be repotted in other big indoor plant pots. Confining plants to smaller planters, even after the visible spurt in growth can potentially damage the plant, sometimes even killing it. Thus, it becomes important to include large indoor plant pots in the house.

    Big indoor plant pots do not necessarily have to create a blotch in the living room décor, especially if you choose the right large indoor plant pots. Even big indoor plant pots offer several different varieties of shapes, colours and designs to choose from. Some of the big indoor plant pots are also self-watering, coming to the rescue of your forgetful nature.

  • Flower Pot Stand Indoor/ Plant Pot Stand Indoor

  • Accentuates the indoors

    Having flower pot stands indoors helps to accentuate the indoors. Sure, the plants, planters and flowers sure spruce up a place. But the plant stands to give a whole better and updated look.

    Several planters come with iron or wooden flower pot stands. These stands too come in different sizes. The iron stands come in a beautiful matte black colour, going well with almost all kinds of different décor options. The wooden plant pot stands indoors also have a beautiful and polished look, and are a more sustainable option.

  • Pot for Money Plant

  • Known for symbolism

    The Money plant is one beautiful plant that is a popular plant in several households, especially in India. The plant, known for symbolism, is often believed to be a symbol of abundance, good luck, prosperity and wealth. The Money plant is also dynamic as it can be grown in soil as well as water.

    The Money plant requires little care to grow. It can adjust well to different growing conditions as it can grow in bright sunlight as well as in partial shade. That makes it possible to grow the plant in different corners of the house, be it the balcony, on a shelf or towards the corner of a room.

    Grows well in water

    The Money plant looks beautiful in different types of planters. The plant looks very beautiful in hanging planters. It also looks beautiful in ceramic and basket plants. If growing in water, you can also opt for a transparent container, lined with beautiful rocks. So, while choosing a pot for Money plant all you need to do is make sure that the planter goes well with the space you want to place it in.

  • Indoor Plant Pots Online

  • Buying planters online is easier

    You can always look for your favourite indoor flower pots at different stores. However, to avoid the hassle of going from store to store in search of the ideal planter, you can opt to buy indoor plant pots online.

    There are several online sites where you can avail a variety of discounts on indoor plant pots.


    What are your favourite indoor hanging plants?

    Several plants can be grown as indoor hanging plants. Some of the most popular options are the English Ivy, Money plant, Philodendron, etc.

    Which are the best ceramic pots for plants?

    While choosing the best ceramic pots for plants, you can choose from several different varieties in terms of shapes, sizes, colours, outer texture, designs, etc. However, the ideal ceramic planter has holes at the bottom to drain out the excess water.

    Where can I buy the best planters (pots)?

    One can easily buy the best planters or pots from different sites online. Shopping for planters or pots online is better as there is a chance of availing a host of different benefits.

    Where can I buy plants online in India?

    In India, you can easily buy plant pots online sites.

    What should be used in the bottom of indoor planters for drainage?

    The bottoms of planters have holes to drain out the excess water. It is essential to put something under the planter to prevent a mess. One can always use saucers to collect the extra water that seeps out from the bottoms of the indoor planters.

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