A Guide to Buying Beautiful Planters for Your Home

A Guide to Buying Beautiful Planters for Your Home

Spruce up the interiors

Time and again, we have stressed the importance of being able to bring home the perfect planters. Sure, it seems like an easy enough job, but it is nowhere close to that. Being able to choose the perfect planters for a home requires careful deliberation, understanding and planning.

As one designs a home, there is a lot of thought and careful deliberation associated with it. Deciding on the colours of the rooms, of the theme that is to tie the room together makes up for an important decision while designing a house. Tying the different decorative elements together is also one important task that falls at hand during the design.

Speaking of decorative elements, many different items can be used to spruce up the indoors. Tiny showpieces, eminent certificates, medallions, awards, and many more things can be used for the same. Among all of these, plants too are an important element of decoration that can help tie the room together and even stand out as a central piece of décor.

However, choosing a planter for the plant is where it becomes a little difficult. For choosing the right planter, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. First things first, the planter should go well and coordinate with the décor theme of the particular room that it will be placed in. Then again, it should also be well accorded to suit the different needs of the plant, while ensuring that it does not take up a lot of room.

Here is a little guide on some planters that you can easily consider bringing home.

Flower Pot Stand/ Flower Stand

Many flowering plants do well indoors. They need some care to be thriving but once they bloom, flowering plants can easily liven up any space. Here are some flower pot stands that you can include in your house.

  1. Ceramic Plant Holder

Minimal and beautiful

Ceramic planters are a popular option when it comes to choosing planters. The simple yet modern ceramic planters come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes also displaying different designs and colour patterns. The ceramic flower pot stands can quite easily merge with any décor themes, especially the white ceramic pots.

  1. Groot Planters

An adorable addition

We will all agree that Groot is one of the most adorable characters in the whole of Marvel’s Avengers series. As a plant pot too, Groot is an adorable addition indoors, perfect to grow flowers in. The planters also come with a ceramic finish, textured like wood, to make the likelihood of Groot more prominent.

Plant Stand Indoor

Plant stands help to alleviate the indoor plant scenes. The inclusion of stands in planters gives an improved overall look while also giving the room a proper finish Here are some plant stands for indoors that you can choose from.

  1. Clay Pots with Stands

Simple yet beautiful

Clay pots are like the OGs when it comes to planting pots. Even now, clay pots are very common and found in most households. Now, clay pots no longer have that boring look, they come in different colours and sizes. This variety, along with the wooden stands, makes clay pots a must-have plant stand indoors.

  1. Geometric Plant Holder

Comes in different shapes

As mentioned earlier, ceramic planters come in different shapes and sizes. Eminent among these are the geometric shaped ones. These planters come in hexagonal, heptagonal, octagonal and several other geometrical shapes. Plus, the planters are also available sporting such varying shapes.

Plant Stand for Balcony

The balcony is the one spot that is visible to anyone who tends to cross your house, and sometimes even your neighbourhood. Thus, it becomes important to lay equal emphasis on the balcony, and spruce it up just as we do indoors. Here are some plant stands for balconies that can help you achieve this feat.

  1. Railing Planter Box

Beautifies the balcony

The balcony railings look rather barren on some days. To deal with this, you can always place some plants to beautify the dull-looking railings. These boxes come in different colours and can be easily attached to the railings.

  1. Shimmery Botanical Plant Stands

Beautiful long plant stands

The shimmery botanical plant easily stands out owing to its beautifully long height. The planters also look good when combined with several other planters, each varying in height, in a random manner.

Wooden Plant Stand

Wooden plant stands are currently trending. These wooden plant stands are a great option to beautify your indoors. Here are some examples of wooden plant stands that you can well incorporate in your household.

  1. Basket Planters with Stands

A more sustainable option

Basket planters are a much more sustainable option, add a chic look and help to tie the different elements of the room together. Moreover, when combined with a wooden stand, these basket planters are one breath-taking view.

  1. Modern Wooden Stands

A trendy option

Modern plant stands are always a trending option when it comes to planters and plant stands. These modern planters are mostly of white or matte looks and help to add a chic look to the balcony.

Outdoor Plant Stand/ Garden pot Stand

Even outdoors, plant stands are a great way to enhance the beautiful settings. Also, it is not compulsory to just buy conventional outdoor plant stands. You can also transform other objects into beautiful outdoor plant stands. Here are a few examples.

  1. Garden Cart Planter

An innovative planter

The conventional use of a garden cart is to carry things around the garden, sometimes being seldom used. This seldom-used garden cart can easily be transformed with a planter, with the wheels allowing easy navigation.

  1. Wood on Wheels

Easy to move around

As the name suggests, it is a wooden plant stand with wheels. The wheels make it easy to shift the plants from one place to another, sometimes also bringing them indoors. Moreover, it can also be multi-tiered.

Iron Plant Stand Outdoor

One can easily incorporate and make use of iron plant stands outdoors. The beautiful black iron finish easily spruces up the outdoors. Moreover, there is also a lot of variety to choose from.

  1. Shelf Plant Stand

Grow plants in layers

There are many iron plant stands available in a shelving order. These stands consist of several shelves, in different layers, where one can place their plant pots in. This plant stand also saves a lot of indoor space.

  1. Stair-Style Plant Stand

Designed like stairs

These plant stands are multi-tiered, bearing a much closer resemblance to stairs. These stands can be two-tiered, three-tiered, four-tiered and so on. However, the three-tiered ones are the most common.

Metal Plant Stand

Metal is another popular option when it comes to planting stands. Several metal plant stands could be just the right option for your indoors or outdoors. Here are a few examples.

  1. Cycle-like Stand

Designed like a cycle

As the name suggests, this is a metal planter that is shaped like a bicycle. The space for the two seats and the basket at the front is designed like shelves to place the plants and planters in.

  1. Wood Plant Shelf


Beautiful combination of wood and metal

A simple yet beautiful design, the wooden plant shelf is a beautiful combination of wood and metal. The top shelf is made of wood, while the stands are fashioned from metal. The wood plant shelf is also available as two-shelved.

Hanging Plant Stand

Hanging plants are one of the easiest and safest bets to alleviate the look of a certain space, be it indoors or outdoors. The hanging plants look beautiful, are easy to admire and also save a lot of floor space. Here are a few examples as to what you can choose.

  1. Hanging Hoop Planters

Suspended from the ceiling

The hanging hoop planters have been trending in the plant scene for quite some time now. These are hoop-like structures that remain hanging from the ceiling, with a stand-in between to hold the planter in place.

  1. Woven Planters

Beautiful woven look

The woven hanging plant pots are another trending kind of hanging planter that has been popular for quite some time now. These are also available in multi-tiered forms and help to add an elegant look to the interiors.

Incorporating Corner Plant Stands

Beautifies the dull corners

Plants look good in all parts of the house, be it indoors or outdoors. In indoor settings, plants are often used on shelves or table-tops and sometimes also as the central piece in a room. However, they can also be used diligently towards the corners of the room.

The corners of the room sometimes run out of ideas to be decorated with. Sometimes, they remain empty and dull and might end up spoiling the overall look of the room. Adding corner plants and corner plant stands help to deal with this problem. The plants help to fill up the space, while also improving the look of the room.

The Use of Planter Racks

Creates the illusion of a wall full of plants

Planter racks are one idea that has been fast-taking over the indoor plant scene. Planter racks are nothing but another name for the bio walls or vertical gardens that are one great way to indulge in gardening while saving up some floor space.

Planter racks or vertical gardening is gardening on the walls. The wall can be lined with shelves, wooden or metal, that is easily available in the market. These shelves can be filled with plants and planters, making it a beautiful and astounding view.


What is the best planter for plants?

The best planter for plants is one that has drainage holes at the bottom. These holes help to flush out the excess water that would otherwise harm the roots of the plant.

How tall should a plant stand be?

There is no fixed statement on how tall a plant stand should be. You can choose the size in accordance to the room or the balcony and the height that will look good there.

What can I use for a plant stand?

You can use several objects and transform them into plant stands. For example, coat racks, bookshelves, garden carts, etc. can be easily transformed into plant stands.

How do I choose a planter?

While choosing a planter, make sure that it has enough drainage holes at the bottom and is of a texture that suits the needs of the plant. Also, make sure that it goes well with the theme of the room.


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