Most Amazing Interior Plants for Your Home to Grow

Want to Grow Plants at Home? Here is a List of Most Attractive Plants


Who doesn’t want their home to be attractive? We do want to show off our place to whoever visits. Psychologists often say that we are what we are surrounded with. If you live in some unorganized place, you are gonna feel the same about your day. Surround yourself with beauty and you’ll be surprised with how things change. That’s kinda how the subconscious mind works. Interior designing is getting popular these days for the same reason.

Most people think that interior design is all about furniture, paints, lights, sheets, and curtains. No, interior designing isn’t only limited to furniture or paints. All that matters is how attractive your home looks. And what could be a better option than the interior plants planted attractively? Interior plant design isn’t as simple as it seems. You can’t just plant anything and anywhere. Having said that, there are certain interior plants for homes that are flexible with positioning and space.

Think how beautiful your home is gonna look when you decorate your place with these plants. You don’t need to step outside to get the essence of greenery, you might plant one just next to your bed. Along with that, some plants are not only known for their looks but how they help us along the way. Air purification is one of the most important reasons, doctors suggest home interior plants these days. Indoor plants interior design just needs a bit of patience. You just need to select the right plants and the right space for them to grow. It isn’t a problem if you are a beginner, that’s what we are here for.

Exclusive Ideas to Decorate Indoor Plants

As said, you can’t just plant anything anywhere. It’s good if you pre-plan things and come up with ideas before you even visit the store. Ask any interior designer, and you’d know how many times they face the same question. Interior design for plants is a popular job these days. You’ve no idea how much you can explore designing your home with plants. There’s so much you can do.

1.     Stand Alone Plants

Stand Alone plants are generally placed on floors and tables. There are a lot of plants you can explore in this category. Mixing Cacti and Succulents or Tropical plants are the best choices.


Stand-alone plants

If you go for the large cacti or the succulents, you’ll see how much they enhance the space around. They are absolutely low maintenance, you can miss a couple of days in your watering schedule, and they will still live. Tropical plants do need the perfect place to grow. All these stand-alone plants will leave a statement of their own, they know how to impress.

2.     Collection Decorating

This is one of the most popular genres for interior decorating with plants. You do get to choose here. You’d have a wide range of plants to choose from and mix them to get the perfect collection. You’ve your freedom, know your taste, and go for it.

Decorating plants

You can select different species with common tones to leave a mark.

3.     Cart Decoration

Wait. There’s nothing to get weird about it. Using carts to get the advantage of double surfaces to put your plants is always a nice idea. You can have wheels so that you can move the cart wherever you want them to be.

Decoration with carts

Your bar carts can be the prime spot for your indoor plants.

4.     Wall Hangers

There isn’t an end to how much you can explore indoor plant ideas. Instead of placing your plants on the floor or carts, you can simply hang them, they look adoring. You can go for wall hangers and plant the perfect collection, matching your wall style.

Plant hanging in the wall

Wall hangers always enhance the charm of the plants planted in.

5.     Terrariums

Terrariums are one of the most preferred ideas for interior plant designing. The way the terrariums are blended, they always attract visitors. Either you go for an open terrarium or a closed one, ensure that they get proper care and are placed somewhere they get enough care.

Stunning glass terrarium

Remember that not every plant would prefer placed in a terrarium. Succulents can be your first choice.

Stunning Plants for Interior Décor

1.     Pilea Peperomioides

UFO plants

Heard about Chinese money plants, or the UFO plants? Peperomioides might not be popular by the same name, they do have a lot of names, but they are one of the most popular choices. You can even plant them in bathrooms, they do love humidity. They need bright and indirect light to grow to their full potential.

2.     ZZ Plant

This can be your first choice if you are a beginner, they don’t need a lot of water to grow. Just make sure you plant them somewhere in bright and indirect light. Even if you want to plant them in one of your dark rooms, they will thrive.

ZZ plant

3.     Coffee Plant

The popular Coffee plant

As the name suggests, these plants might not satisfy your coffee needs. But they look beautiful and do not need much care. You might get enough beans of coffee to brew a cup of your own. Just take a pot attractive enough to plant your coffee plant today.

4.     Oxalis


This houseplant is native to Brazil. They have this bold and vibrant coloured leaves which attract people. You’d find violet to crimson-coloured leaves. They do sprout within a week. Choose light-coloured pots and ensure that they get enough sunlight every day.

5.     Ficus Alii

Ficus Ali

This plant is a statement plant, they are going to get long enough. It’s much more durable than most indoor plants. You’d need to place it somewhere where it gets enough indirect sunlight to grow. Keep the soil moist.

9+ Wonderful Planters for Elegant Interiors


1.     Modern Geometric Ceramic Planter

Ceramic planter

The geometric pattern of the pots is extremely attractive.

2.     Bluetooth Speaker Plant Pot

Speaker pot

This modern Bluetooth speaker cum pot is the new trend. This speaker does also has cool lights in them.

3.     Cork Hanging Planter

Hanging cork

This is one of the most adoring interior plant pots available. It’s made of cork and is quite light in weight.

4.     Adriana Planter

Adriana planter

This colourful planter is always nice to have to make your room look graceful.

5.     3D Wood Planter

3D touched wood planter

The 3D cut-outs made with real wood would always enhance the beauty of the plants.


6.     Self-Watering Pots

Pots with a self-watering system

Have a busy schedule and are scared about missing the watering schedule? Go for these self-watering pots.

7.    Ceramic Planter

Ceramic planter

This gives you the old-school vibes. The pattern engraved looks mesmerizing.

8.     Aluminum Pots

Aluminium pots

The perfect interior plant pots you can get your hands on. The shine, the warmth, and the quality – are just the ideal planter for your interior plants for home.

9.     Rope Woven Planter

Rope woven planter

This is a large Natural rattan woven planter that has got rope wrapped in it. The texture looks beautiful.

10.    Concrete Round Pot

Round concrete planter

Ideal for succulents, these pots are durable and hard enough to last long. Get this pot at just $ 15.

Surprising Home interior with plants

The best part about interior decorating with plants is that there isn’t a single way to do the same. Check the creative and attractive interiors decorated with interior plants. With the above plants and pots ideas, you can get just the same look for your place. Nothing is stopping you.


Interior Decoration with plants



What type of plants can we place for home decor?

There isn’t a single type to decorate your house with plants. It’s all about your taste and your space. Remember that not every plant has the same size, light requirements, and water requirements. Choose accordingly.

Which plants are great for my home decor?

It’s according to your taste and capabilities. You can choose anything from succulents, herbs, money plants to standalone plants like Ficus Ali. It depends on the space you plan on planting them.

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