Best Indoor Hanging Plants for The Home In 2021

If you have a green thumb or a renewed interest in plants, you will need to do some homework before adding houseplants to your window sill or center table. Indoor hanging plants are known for making the indoor air cleaner, in addition to making your interiors inviting and luxurious. As a result, you can always rely on plants to add colour and texture to your living area.

However, it is important to remember that the way they complement your interior design also helps to open up space.

Make your plants the focal point of your space by putting them in the middle rather than the corners. Hanging house plants are a great alternative to traditional potted plants as a modern decor concept.

Indoor hanging plants with flowers are a perfect way to create a green-inspired environment, whether you have a small space or want to add extra flair with the breathing greenery.

Indoor hanging plants are a perfect way to turn around the look of your indoor spaces magnificently. Not only do they purify the air of your indoor ambiance but indoor hanging plants with flowers also add beautiful aesthetics to your home and workspaces.

Indoor Hanging Plants: Easy to Care for Hanging Houseplants

String of Pearls:

As its delicate tendrils of round beads overflow its planter, guests are sure to remark on the grace of your beautiful home. These are ideal for hanging or draping over a pedestal, ideally out of direct sunlight. For the best production, plant in loose cactus soil and prevent overwatering.

String of pearls


Marble Pothos:

Marble pothos are climbing vines that make for a lovely display in a hanging basket. They're low-maintenance hanging house plants with variegated leaves that trail down to create a lush tropical atmosphere. They are moderate to fast growers with simple stem cutting propagation.

Marble Pothos


Orchids have fragrant flowers and are ideal for air circulation in hanging baskets. Orchids in hanging baskets come in a variety of dramatic colors and shapes. For example, Spider Orchids have long and thin petals that mimic spider legs; Dancing Lady Orchids have long-lasting and colorful flowers in green, white, and burgundy; and Fairy Orchids with white, terracotta, and purple flowers.


Air Plants:

Air plants are highly adaptable and simple to maintain, making them ideal indoor hanging plants. They often require little maintenance, making them a gardener's favourite. They can be suspended from macrame hanging plant holders or glass capsules. They need clear, indirect light and watering once a week.

Air Plants


Our top 10 indoor hanging plants that are hard to kill

Let's have a look at some of the best indoor hanging plants for your home in 2021:

Boston Fern

Boston ferns, one of India's common hanging indoor plants, add frilly greenery to the room with their distinctive arching fronds. They need moist soil, but make sure it doesn't get soggy. To propagate growth, you must keep pruning the brown fronds.

Boston Fern 

English Ivy

When suspended in a hanging basket, English Ivy has green, glossy leaves that form cascading vines. Since they grow so long, they are better suited for larger spaces. They're also one of the most effective air purifiers among hanging plants. Cool temperatures and moist soil are ideal for them.

English Ivy

Spider Plant

Spider plants have spindly, bright green leaves with white stripes running down the center or sides. They grow lovely small white flowers when exposed to bright sunlight. They're perfect for hanging planters because of their cascading growth.

Spider Plant

Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail is a great choice if you're looking for unique hanging plant ideas. This succulent has trailing stems with braided leaves that are thick and juicy. With this eye-catching and funky hanging house plant, you can build your own (controlled) jungle.

Burro's tail 


Peperomia thrives best in temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It has round fleshy leaves and robust stems with ornamental foliage. Peperomia bushy and trailing varieties grow 30 cm to 60 cm in length, making them ideal hanging houseplants. Medium indirect light is needed for the succulent-looking plant.




On their long, flowing stems, petunias carry a profusion of flowers. When it comes to petunias, one of the most common questions is how much they should be watered. Hanging petunias, on the other hand, would almost certainly need regular watering. You may also verify the water requirements by pressing your finger into the dirt. It's time to water them if the top inch feels dry. Grandiflora is a petunia variety that thrives in hotter climates and hanging containers. They make the perfect hanging indoor flowering plants for your home.



The word "pansy" comes from the French word pensée, which means "thought." Pansies are a common flower with heart-shaped overlapping petals that come in a variety of bright colours. To grow a large number of blooms, this annual cool-weather houseplant prefers bright sunshine and frequent watering. The flowers resemble ears.



Because of the rainbow colours available, Nemesia has become extremely common. The annual flowering plant with red, blue, purple, green, and yellow blooms requires little maintenance and grows quickly, making it a good choice for hanging baskets.



Staghorn Fern

Staghorn ferns are epiphytic evergreens, meaning they grow on the sides of trees or on wooden plaques in nature. The antler-like fronds of a rising Staghorn fern are chained to tree crotches and large tree limbs, and they get their nutrients from the air and fallen plant matter.

Staghorn Fern


Lobelia is a flowering plant with a mass of electric blue, yellow, violet, or red flowers. Hanging lobelias can spread up to 15 inches across. Lobelias grow best in full sun throughout the summer, in evenly moist soil, and with only light pruning if the flowering fades.


How to Care for Hanging Plants

Be it indoor hanging plants India or abroad, they all need the care to bloom and survive.

Hanging plants draw the eye up and really highlight the plant, which adds a fascinating design feature to space or porch. Growing indoor hanging plant pots is the same as growing them in a hanging basket in the strictest sense.

  • Wet soil and plant material in a hanging basket or pot may be very heavy. Make sure the frame can support the weight before hanging something from the walls or ceiling. Make sure hooks are firmly anchored in wall studs or ceiling joists before sinking them into plaster or drywall. If you already have hooks, make sure they're functioning before you hang something.
  • The type of potting medium you use will also make a difference. Peat has outstanding water-holding properties, but it is heavier. If weight is a problem, add perlite to your peat mix to make it lighter. This would also improve irrigation, requiring you to water more often and with greater caution.
  • Hanging baskets can lead to a number of problems, the most common of which is water drainage. Since water runs straight through the coconut fiber liners that function so well outdoors, they are unsuitable for indoor use. The following are the two best indoor basket options:
  1. A pot within a pot: You can easily swap out your hanging plants with this flexible and quick set-up. The decorative outer basket is fully sealed (no drainage holes) and has chains or rope fastened directly to it for hanging. Put your potted plants inside, and voila, you've got yourself a hanging garden.
  2. The tray attachment: This is how most garden center sell hanging baskets. A drip trap is included with a plastic basket. The wires or ropes are secured to the basket. Although this is more lightweight and cost-effective, the issue is typically the drip tray's size. Due to the limited size of the trays, there is very little space for error.


  • Watering is without a doubt the most complicated aspect of caring for a hanging vine. If you have big, heavy baskets, you can connect them to a simple pulley system that allows you to lower the entire basket for watering. This, however, necessitates much more ambition than the majority of homeowners possess. Most watering needs can be met with a stepladder and a long-neck watering can.
  • Make sure to hang your low light indoor hanging plants at the place where they receive only the optimum amount of light. It is crucial to make sure that you keep into account the temperature and light while hanging plant baskets indoor.

Plants Perfect for Hanging in Your Home

Baby’s Tears

The fragile plant has a mat of tiny leaves on thin stems that spread out. Baby's tears are low-maintenance flowers with white star designs. When hanging in a jar, they spread easily and spill over the edges. Overwatering and soggy soil make the plant vulnerable to root rot.

Baby's Tears


The Red Prayer Plant

The Red Prayer Plant is a flowering plant that is native to Brazil's tropical rainforests. The name is derived from the way the leaves fold in as the light fades at night, resembling hands joining in prayer.

There are a few different choices in this plant family, but the Red Prayer has an especially colourful and interesting leaf structure.

Red Prayer Plabt


Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron ‘Brasil' is a well-known Heartleaf Philodendron cultivar. This vining plant's attractive foliage makes it a houseplant favorite, in addition to its easy-to-grow and carefree nature. The dark green heart-shaped leaves have yellow variegation in the middle. These plants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they help to clean the air in any space.

Philodendron Brasil

The Kimberly Queen Fern

The Kimberly Queen Fern, also known as Sword Fern, has long, erect sword-shaped fronds that help to purify the air. These plants look great in hanging planters in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices and are easy to grow as indoor houseplants. Unlike other ferns, these Australian natives have a more compact appearance and are much easier to care for. It is a  low-maintenance fern that thrives in containers and adds a touch of the tropics to any room.

Kimberly Queen

Trailing Jade

Trailing jaded is a tropical perennial plant with smooth, trailing stems and numerous small, rounded leaves that looks great as the best indoor hanging plants. Trailing Jade, also known as Jade Necklace or Creeping Buttons, is a South American tropical trailing herb. The smooth, trailing stems and small succulent leaves of this plant can easily brighten any space. On the spike, it also grows small flowers.

Trailing Jade

Hanging Houseplants ideas in 2021

Indoor hanging plant pots have always been and will continue to be the epitome of fashion. They've recently had a pretty cool makeover with macrame planters, and boho has never looked so good. Hanging planters are a perfect way to show off your plant babies and find them suitable homes. Place them on ladder plant stands, hang them with hooks from the walls, or use them to decorate your balcony railing.

Hanging planters are the ideal option for many people who recognise the advantages of having plants at home but still needing to save valuable floor space

There are several different types of indoor hanging plants for sale in the market today that not only serve as ideal homes for your plants but also enhance the appearance of your home.

  • Type of Pot - Clay-based pots have a rustic appeal, but they dry out more quickly. Terracotta, on the other hand, is the best for plant protection.
  • Ceramic pots retain water and are good for your plants' wellbeing, plus they add colour and beauty to your home.
  • Metal pots are a form of hanging planter that is sleek, chic, and minimalist. They cannot be planted directly and need a plastic liner pot.


  1. Styling -  Glass terrariums are perfect for those who like the whimsical and dreamy look. Make sure the terrarium has a good-sized air-circulation opening. Any planter can be made into a hanging one with macrame hangers, adding rustic charm to your space. If you want to go for a rustic look, use jute ropes. Hang planters at various heights and combine them with floor planters to create an enviable green nook in a well-lit corner of your home.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Thrive in Apartments

Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants, also known as arrowhead vines or five fingers, are a type of arrowhead plant. The changing shape of the plant's leaves influenced all of these names. The leaves begin with an arrowhead shape and develop a few “fingers” over time. Since the plant will eventually develop into a long vine, don't trim the leaves so they can grow nice and long for a hanging basket.

Arrowhead Plant 

Bird’s Nest Fern

In the wild, these plants are epiphytes, which means they can grow by attaching themselves to other plants. The amount of sunlight they receive determines the shape of their leaves. Their leaves can get scrunched up with more sun exposure and flatten out with less sun exposure. Overexposure allows them to turn yellow, so less light is generally preferable. Bird's nest ferns are native to tropical rainforests and have a wide range of uses.

Bird's Nest Plant


Chenille Plant

Chenille plants grow rapidly and, with proper care, can reach great heights. This plant will reach a height of 15 feet in its natural habitat! When grown in the house, however, this plant only reaches a height of 6 feet. Pruning these hanging plants encourages new growth, which is good for keeping them long and safe. The plant's fuzzy red flowers, which are actually a bunch of pistils clustered together, make a big statement and are a nice change from the typical all-green houseplant. This plant is perfect for entertaining areas that need a splash of colour due to its vibrant nature.

Chenile Plant


Golden Pothos

The variegated golden-yellow leaves of the golden pothos give it an elegant appearance. To bring out the colours in your pothos, give it a moderate amount of light. This is one of the best indoor hanging plants for your bedroom because it removes chemicals from the air, making it easier to breathe and get a better night's sleep.


Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants evolved to be carnivorous in order to live in their native soil, which was low in nutrients. Clean water and damp (but not soggy!) soil are preferred. The tall, brightly coloured "pitchers" of this plant attract their prey. Place these plants near your entertaining areas in the kitchen or living room to keep unwanted bugs out while also providing a serious conversation starter.

Pitcher Plant 


How to take care of petunias in hanging baskets?

 In order to take care of petunias, it is crucial to keep the following things in mind:

  1. During the summer, hanging petunia plants can need regular watering, and possibly twice during periods of extreme heat.
  2. Fill the pot halfway with water, then drain it.
  3. Allowing the soil to stay damp for long periods of time can cause your petunias to rot.

Can you grow cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket?

Yes, you can grow cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket. To grow tomatoes, you don't need a large greenhouse. In hanging baskets, some varieties of cherry tomato plants can thrive.

Choosing the right variety, hanging basket size, and having the right growing conditions are all important factors in growing tomatoes in a hanging basket. If you follow all three requirements, you'll have a bumper crop of homegrown tomatoes come harvest time.

How to hang a plant from the ceiling?

A hanging planter is a unique way to add flair to your home. A plant hanger with a potted indoor plant brightens up a living room when coupled with tasteful wall art. Ceiling hooks (curved swag hooks work best), a hinged clip, hanging chain, and a drill bit (5/8-inch is the right size for most ceiling hooks) are all needed. You'll also need the potted plant.

Where can I buy pots for plants at a low cost?

You can buy pots for plants at a low cost on different websites today. Platforms like GreenBeen India are a one-stop-shop for all your gardening adventures and needs. You can visit the website for pocket-friendly deals to turn around your home ambiance.

What are the 10 best hanging baskets of 2021?

Here is a list of the 10 best hanging baskets or pots for your indoor plants in 2021.

  • Clay-based pots
  • Ceramic baskets
  • Metal pots
  • Wooden baskets
  • Self-watering baskets
  • Hanging shelves
  • Recycled eco pots
  • Floral baskets
  • Multipurpose metal hanging planters
  • Boho jute baskets

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