Buy Potted Plants Online that'll bring Home Serenity & Lushness

Plants are a calming entity of nature. They give us shade, fruits, flowers, wood, paper and whatnot. While indoors, these same plants, no matter how big or small, add a little bit of peaceful nature into our home. 

Potted plants not only bring in glamour but also serenity and lushness. And when grown with proper care, these same potted plants will undoubtedly make your interiors a peaceful abode. 

Buy Plant Pots Online in India 


In the 21st century, online is the way to go. For quite a few years now, the world of commerce has been gathering various insights online. People no longer soar from market to market, searching for that one thing that they want to buy. No longer do they travel long distances to find something that isn’t available at their nearest stores. Everything is now available online for people to buy; yes, you can even buy plant pots online. 

You can look for different plants and outdoor and even indoor plant pots online. You can search for big plant pots online. You can easily look up cheap plant pots online. You can even buy clay pots for plants online, and mud pots online too, that in different shapes, sizes and designs. You can buy hanging plant pots online, ceramic pots for plants online, plastic plants pots online; and the list just goes on, 

Even when it comes to buying plants, you can secure luxury plants like chrysanthemums and even something as basic as Tulsi plant pots online, or even Money plant pots online. 

Indoor House Plants for Sale with Delivery 


Do you know what’s better while shopping online? The tons of discounts! When you shop online, you are directly sourcing the commodity from the manufacturer, there are no middlemen involved. This minimizes the amount of money spent on intermediary involvement, and thus the commodity is available to buy at a much lower price. 

It is the same when you buy plants and plant pots online. Online sites have a larger variety to offer when it comes to buying plants and plant pots online, as compared to your local market. There are also sales from time to time, helping you to buy indoor plant pots online, at a less price. Many online sites also offer free delivery, helping you buy cheap plant pots online. 

Buy Low-Light Potted Plants Online 

When it comes to buying indoor plants, we always need to worry about ensuring proper sunlight for the plants to absorb. That’s where low-light plants come to our rescue. These plants thrive even in minimal light, making it easier for us to ensure greenery without having to worry about excess light needs. 

Here are some low-lighted potted plants that will be a perfect addition to our home. You can easily buy these indoor plants online. 



Aglaonema, or the Chinese Evergreen, is one plant that prefers low light or indirect sunlight to grow. The Aglaonema comes in various varieties, ranging in a host of different colours. The Aglaonema can grow as long as 3 feet when placed indoors. 

Boston Fern 


The Boston Fern is one of the brilliant choices when it comes to alleviating the indoors with some greenery. The plant prefers humidity and a space that is neither too hot nor too cold. Boston Fern looks best when planted in baskets and urns. 



The philodendron is a fast-growing vine whose stem can grow as long as 8 feet when planted online. The plant looks best when planted in a series of hanging planters, allowing enough space to grow. 



The Syngonium plant requires little care as long as it is sufficiently watered. The plant has leaves that change colour constantly and thus can easily be accessorized in different parts of the house, and with different other decorations. 

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 


Commonly referred to as ZZ, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant thrives even with minimal care, and this is the perfect choice for people new to plant parenting. The plant has brilliant air-purifying properties and can brighten up even the dimmest rooms. 

Buy Hanging Plant Pots Online 

Hanging planters have been a craze for quite some time now. Many people prefer having these indoor planters indoors as this helps them save some floor space. The hanging plants also beautify many balconies and rooftops, making it one of the most popular choices among plant parents. 


Are you also looking to buy some hanging planters for your plants? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some options for people looking to buy hanging plant pots online. 

  • Chic Stone: The Chic Stone has the texture of a stone, giving your interiors a chic yet simple look. The Chic stone usually comes in plastic but also in ceramic material, making it easier for plastic parents to choose from. The rocky finish of this planter makes it seem a natural addition to the beautiful plants. 
  • Hoop Planters: The hoop planters are one of the newest additions to the hanging planters choices. These are planters that come suspended in the middle of a hoop-like structure, the planter being placed right in the middle, with a rod joining the two sides. These mostly come painted in a matte black finish, giving your home a dramatic effect. 
  • Tassel Planters: Tassles are no longer popular just in terms of clothing, but also when it comes to hanging planters. These woven long tassel planters are sustainable, yet so glamorous. The tassel planters are also available as two-tiered and three-tiered planters. 
  • Wall Hanging Planters: Wall hanging planters are great for plant parents that plant so much that they run out of space. Wall hanging planter saves floor space, and brings out our wall, making it an accent addition in your interiors. The wall hanging planters come in different designs, the geometric ones being the most popular. 
  • Woven Hanging Pots: When it comes to buying hanging planters, there are a variety of woven options to choose from. Bamboo is one of the most opted for choices because of its chic, yet minimal look. The woven planters also come in different textures as well as sizes and are often a popular choice. 

Buy Ceramic Flower Pots Planters Online 

While looking up indoor plant pots online, ceramic pots are often the first preference of many plant parents. This is because the ceramic pots come coated with a layer of lacquer that prevents the soil from going dry. 


Here are some ceramic flower pots that might turn out to be the best decorative piece at your house. 

  • Ceramic Planters with Detachable Trays: These ceramic planters come in different sizes and many different colours. They also have a drainage hole at the bottom, and hence come with trays to hold the water. These trays can be detached and placed at the bottom if you plan to place the pot on a stand. 
  • Hand Painted Ceramic Planters: A little touch of hand-painted designs can brighten up even the gloomiest corners of your house. You can buy hand indoor plant pots online or even paint onto them yourself and put them up for display. 
  • Retro Rustic Planter: This is a planter that adds an old-school charm to your interiors. These planters are available in various sizes and even come with drainage holes at the bottom to allow the excess moisture to escape from the soil. 
  • Stripe Planters: These are planters with long stripes running from the top to bottom, adding a simple yet minimalistic look to your indoor space. You can also buy these in different sizes and place them together to enhance the look. 
  • White Mini Planter: The simple white and round ceramic pots too add a little glamour quotient to the intricately designed indoors. These tiny pots also come with a stand, and even a bamboo tray to collect the water dripping from the drainage hole. 

Indoor Potted Plants Delivered to Your Door 


Thanks to the world of e-commerce, potted plants now get delivered at our doorsteps, without having to go out searching for them. While this has made life easy for many plant parents, there are still some basic other additions needed to be made to ensure that your plant is in perfectly good condition. 

When you place an online order for a plant, the plant is immediately placed inside a box, ready to be shipped to you. It remains in that same box for a couple of days until it reaches you, away from the sunlight, and in temperatures that might prove extreme to their growth. 

Hence, make sure that you place the plant in sunlight as soon as you unbox it. Let it soak in the sunlight that it has been missing for the past few days, let it soak in all its necessary nutrients from the sun well enough. 

Also, note that the planter that the plant comes in is just a temporary home for it, it can never sustain with that as its planter. So make sure that you place it in a planter large enough to equip the plant. Avoid using a planter that is too small or too large for the plant. Also, make sure that you read the necessary instructions and water the plant just enough, not more, not less. 

Where to Buy Plants Online in 2021 


The 21st century is the world of rising e-commerce. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, even the negligent elder generation has now been able to take in the benefits of procuring things online. 

As everything has shifted since the Covid-19 pandemic, so has the large plant market. There are now thousands of online resources that allow you to buy plants and potted plants online. So, what are you waiting for? Look up a trusted source and buy your plant online. 


Where can I buy potted plants online in India? 

You can buy potted plants online in India through a variety of sites. You can look them up on e-commerce giants like Amazon and IKEA, or also source them through various nurseries online. Just make sure that you read all the necessary information on the site before you decide to buy from them. 

Where can I buy bonsai plants online? 

Bonsai plants can be easily bought online. Many plant-based online sites offer different types of plants to online buyers. You can easily look them up online. You can also look for nurseries nearby that sell bonsai plants, nearest to your home.