15+ Outstanding Plant Stands that You Can’t Ignore

15+ Outstanding Plant Stands that You Can’t Ignore

How many of you can vouch by the statement that you do the same extent of research for planters as you do while choosing your plants? In a survey, that would account for just around 30% of plant-buying people. Yes, planters often get neglected.

Attractive Indoor Plant Pot Stands

However, little by little, people have come to understand the importance of planters, the importance of putting deliberate research into it. Thanks to this, people can now easily choose the best plant stands for plants.

3 Plant Stand Tips for Indoors

A planter is so much more than just a container to put your plants in. Here are some ideas as to what you should look out for to successfully identify the right plant stands for your plants.

Tips for choosing planters


  • The structure of the pot should be compatible with the moisture requirements of the plants. For instance, plants that are extremely wary of over-watering should be planted in ceramic or terracotta planters as they help to dry out the extra water.
  • It is also important to figure out what kind of planter goes well with the setting of the room that it is placed in. This alleviates the interiors of the room, while also sprucing it up with some greenery.
  • Also, make sure that the plant is large enough to accommodate the plant well. Do not choose a planter that is too large or too small.

15+ Beautiful Indoor Plant Stands

Here are the 15 best indoor plant stand ideas for your home.

1.  Breezy Bamboo Stands

Known for being lightweight

The Breezy Bamboo stands are known for being lightweight, adding on an airy vibe to the room that it is placed in. The oh-so-breezy looking bamboo stands look best in a set of two.

2.  Cement Basket Planter

Basket but made out of cement

Basket planters are easily a popular planter choice, but grow out quite quickly. These Cement Basket Planters are fashioned out of cement, as the name suggests, and thus can be used for a longer time.

3.  Coastal Rattan Planter

Brings in a beachy vibe

The Coastal Rattan Planter, also available with a stand, brings on a beachy vibe inside the house. The sandy colour of the Coastal Rattan Planter easily makes it stand out in a room full of much vibrancy.

4.  Concrete Barrel Pot

Barrel-like but concrete

The Concrete Barrel Pot is named so for the barrel-like texture of the pots. The planter is available in three different sizes and can be the perfect choice to add a vintage look to any indoor space.

5.  Galvanized Charcoal Planters

Have a matte finish

The mention of the word charcoal is enough to make things popular. These galvanized planters have a matte finish to them. The rectangular planters are easily a chic addition to any room.

6.  Hanging Hoop Planters

Known for aesthetics

Hanging planters have remained a craze for the past few years. These consist of a hoop-like structure that remains suspended from the ceiling, with a stand along the middle to hold the plant in place.

7.  Lattice Planter Box

Has a beautiful texture

Crafted out of weather-withstanding propylene, the Lattice Planter Box is a fairly sustainable option for a planter. The Lattice Planter Box comes with a textured white finish that adds on a chic look.

8.  Marble Hanging Planters

Beautiful marble finish

These are hanging planters that come with a marble finish that adds a glamorous feel to the interiors. The smoky hue and earthy texture of the Marble Hanging Planter easily make it an elegant addition.

9.  Modern Ceramic Planter

Minimal yet beautfiul

The Modern Ceramic Planters are the best choice for planters like Cacti, or the Snake plant. Modern and minimalistic, these modern ceramic planters look best in pastel hues, as a corner plant stands indoor.

10. Modern Wooden Stands

Adds a modern look

Modern plant stands are currently trending in the plant world. Mostly available in plain white or matte black shades, these modern planters add a chic look to the interiors, completely different from antique wooden plant stands.

11. Multi-tiered Plant Stand

Solves storage problems

A very new idea, the Multi-tiered plant stand is very similar to other showcases or bookstands, only just that it is meant for plants. The most popular ones come in a bamboo finish, perfectly complementing the plants.

12. Nesting Plant Stand

Looks beautiful in sets

Mostly available in sets of three, the Nesting Plant Stand is the perfect choice to assort plants in a corner of the room. You can choose stands of different sizes and pair them up together to create an aesthetic look.

13. Seagrass Hanging Planter

Adds a traditional touch

The Seagrass Hanging Planter brings in some kind of warmth to the house. The hanger looks increasingly beautiful in any indoor setting, easily drawing attention to it.

More Unique Plant Stands to have Indoors

It’s the 21st century. And just like everything around us is evolving and embracing new changes, planters aren't just the same old square-ish containers. There are now a large variety of planters to choose from, most of them also very unique. Here are some unique decorative plant stands that you can have indoors.

14. Bulb Plant Stand

Plant in a bulb

These tiny bulb plant stands are easily a unique add on to desks and tabletops. It consists of two tiny transparent bulb-like structures suspended to different heights on a polished wooden stand.

15. Hairpin Plant Stand

Stand fashioned like a hairpin

With a unique name, the Hairpin Plant stand just perfectly suits the bill of unique decorative planters. The planter is generally available in a chrome look, passing off as a minimalist design.

16. Modern Wall Planter

Currently a trend

The Modern Wall planter is made up of different shelves, in a random order, to make space for your plants. It is the perfect way to add plants in the room without comprising on the floor space.

17. Shimmery Botanical Plant Stands

Height makes it beautiful

The Shimmery Botanical Plant stands out easily due to its long height. These plant stands can also be easily combined with other different planters, each of them varying in sizes and heights to create a mesmerizing plant corner.

4 Decorative Plant Stand Ideas that can Steal the Show

We will all agree that we often like the liberty to move planters from one place to the other, from the indoors to the outdoors. So, here are some creative indoor plant stand ideas that are great for both indoors and outdoors.

1.  Iron Plant Stand

Saves floor space

The charming iron plant stand is an arrangement of shelves to place plants in, creating a vintage vibe. An indoor plant stands for multiple plants in India, it is comparatively lighter and can easily be carried around and even outside the house.

2.  Smoky Railing Planter Box

Can be attached to walls

The Railing Planter Box is the perfect choice to cover a half-wall with greenery. These planter boxes can easily be attached to the walls, and also come with a modernish grey finish.

3.  Wood on Wheels

Easy transport facility

This multi-tiered wheeled planting stand is the best wooden plant stand indoors as well as outdoors. You can just place your plants in here, and move them from one space to another, easily.

4.  Woven Hanging Plant Pots

Add an elegant look

Woven Hanging Plant Pots are currently a hot trend. These plant pots are a sustainable option to have at home. The Woven Hanging Plant pots also come as multi-tiered, adding on a more elegant look.

How to Use Metal Vertical Plant Stands for Balcony Garden

The balcony is among the perfect spaces at a home to place plants in. Now, the balcony is the most exposed part of the house, and thus, is bound to be noticed by different people. Hence, it becomes important that you arrange your plants in such a way that makes your balcony stand out.

Here are some metal vertical plant stands that you can buy to be used in your balcony garden.

1.  Metal Garden Cart

Easy to move

The Metal Garden Cart is a wheeled cart system that can easily be displaced from one spot to another. These carts generally have two shelves, allowing you enough space to place your plants in.

2.  Plant Pole

Saves floor space

The Plant Pole is an increasingly popular planter choice, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It consists of a vintage brass pole, with several tiers hanging from it. These tiers are randomly placed to give off a more elegant look.

3.  Stair Style Stand

A trendy and beautiful style

The Stair Style Stand is fashioned to consist of layers, just like stairs. These are available in various textures like wood, bamboo, iron, etc. You can also add tiny showpieces to the stand.

Designer Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Chick Look

Choosing and buying the right planters is one thing and arranging them is another. Here are a few inspiring ideas to beautifully design your interiors with plants and planters.

1.  Bookcases and Old Racks

Pair plants with books

Bookcases and cloth racks can be a perfectly good choice for planters. You can place tiny planters onto your bookcase, along with the books, each in a random order to give it a minimalist look. You can also hang plants in old cloth racks.

2.  Hanging Garden

Place different hanging plants together

The hanging planters are a trend that has been consistent for quite a long time now. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a hanging planter. You can easily combine some different types of planters and create an elegant hanging garden of your own.

3.  Urban Jungalow

Pair plants with furniture

Urban Jungalows is currently the talk all around. This is a look that easily draws attention to an otherwise lonely corner of the house. Just add on some different planters with near some furniture and you can easily achieve this look.


Here we have answered some FAQS to answer some popular queries.

Where can I buy a stand for indoor plants at a low cost?

You can easily buy a stand for indoor plants at a low cost on sites like Amazon, IKEA, etc.

Where do we get a unique stand for indoor plants?

There are several different stands available for plants, be it indoors or outdoors. You can easily buy these online.


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