Amazing Indoor Decorative Plants Ideas for your Home

Looking to decorate your house? Well, having a well-decorated house indeed has its advantage. Call any guest over, any time. Have those perfect Google Meet or Zoom meetings without worrying a bit. You don’t need to get out to post those Instagram selfies, you can do the same in your place. Apart from showing others what you have got there in your place, having a decorated room is gonna give you peace as well. Nobody wants their room to be a mess, some people might get lazy about it, but we do want our place to be well decorated. That’s gonna enhance your lifestyle as well. You are gonna get amazed at how your mood changes positively.  

Beautifying your indoors with decorative plants is getting more popular these days. People now understand how effective indoor plants are. Indoor plant décor should get more credit than it usually gets. With the greenery all over your rooms, kitchen, dining you are gonna stay fresh the whole day. You’d feel that optimistic energy within yourself. Decorate the living room with plants with all the amazing ideas.  

The question is no longer ‘Whether you should do it?’. It’s ‘How you should do it?’. With the vibrant and lively touch of the indoor plants, you’d feel the positivity within yourself and feel the confidence growing in yourself. Apart from your mental health, plants are gonna help in other ways as well. You can find so many air purifying plants for your home. They can help remove the toxins from the air around you. And with the increase in oxygen, you can get just the right amount of sleep. They help you fight colds and allergies as well.  

How to Use Plants in the Interior 

Indoor plant décor might not be as simple as it seems. You need to pre-plan stuff and organize things so that they just look perfect. Indoor plant décor works best when you follow some of the basic strategies just so that the plants enhance the charm of your rooms.  

Commit to a style or pattern 

As said, you need to pre-plan things so that they look organized from the beginning. You need to stay clear of what exactly you want and how you want to decorate the living room with indoor plants. You can mix things up, but even that needs to have a perfect balance of style. Without that proper planning, you won’t get that classy and coherent look. 

Work on the space 

Before you select the plants, start by selecting the space and choose your plants accordingly. You need to understand the strongest and weakest points of the room. Understand which part of the room needs to be brightened up, those parts of the room need to have static pieces. Observe the spaces and furniture already added to your room – the more you observe, you understand which plant you exactly need to go for.  

Using large plants 

Large plants are known for making statements, they have the aura to do so. If you want to enhance or emphasize a certain part of your indoor, you can use large plants. When you use large plants, you don’t generally need a large number of them, you don’t want to overcrowd your room. Choose your pot accordingly.  

Small indoor plant décor ideas 

Small plants might not be popular for living statements around, but they do look beautiful and adoring. They are versatile and are quite affordable. You can explore and experiment with different ideas using small plants.  


6 Great Ways to Decorate with Plants 

    1. Using carts or benches 

Using carts or benches 

Using carts or benches to explore different heights and shelves for your plants is always a great idea. You can add multiple plants to mix them up and combine them to create a beautiful taste. Mix up the pots as well, don’t disturb the balance though. 

      2. Geometric pots 

 Geometric pots

They are ideal for small plants. They look cute. Their shape is always adored. You can put them almost everywhere, they are flexible with spaces. You can even use a desk or plant them on a dining table.  

   3. Macrame Hangers 

 Macrame Hangers

Imagine these beautiful hangers with your shrub planted in them. Doesn’t that look beautiful? That’s why Macrame Hangers are one of the best indoor decorative plant pots. This would add that extra layer to your space. 

    4.DIY Pots 

 DIY Pots

DIY pots always depend on your taste – it’s all about how you want them to be. You can be flexible with shapes, colours and bind them together to create the perfect collection. 

    5. Couch friendly 

 Couch friendly

If you want to enhance the charm of your living room with a big plant, it’s always a great idea to do so just next to the couch. You can do the same near your sofa or chair.  

6. Your own collection 

 Your own collection

Every décor idea has this one segment, where you have the freedom to get experimentative with what you have and decorate your favourite corner. Make the perfect whimsical plant sanctuary. Explore different levels, shelves, and surfaces to create the perfect balance.  


Lovable Snake Plant Decoration Ideas 

The tall corner stand 

The tall corner stand 

You can use multiple levels like wooden stools and stands to create the charm snake plant generates.  

Near the window 

 Near the window

The leaves always look charming when placed near a window and are planted in white pots. This is the reason the snake plants are known as one of the most decorative indoor plants in India.   

The boxy planter 

 The boxy planter

They are generally placed on mini tables. The boxy wrapped planters also look great in living rooms.  

The collection 

 The collection

Snake plants also look great when they are teamed up. Mix them up with different pots to get the perfect look for your room.  


Indoor Decor Plants for Living Room 

Peace Lily 

 Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the ideal plants which tops our list as the indoor plant decoration in the living room. The shiny leaves are gonna look perfect in your living room. It's also gonna bloom those lovely white flowers to bring the charm to your room.  



You can also use this as an indoor plant wall décor featuring in your living room. They won’t miss you if you miss the watering schedule. You can also plant them at a certain height so that they drape down a shelf or an almirah. They can tolerate low light conditions as well.  

Moth Orchids 

 Moth Orchids

They can live for years and years and will gift you the cute flowers along. They need bright and indirect sunlight to thrive. Plant them accordingly, you can plant them near a window for best results. Watering them once a week does works as well.  

Coin plants 

 Coin plants

Coin plants are another popular living room plant. The cute rounded leaves add charm to their coloured leaves. They do prefer bright lights. They don’t like to stay wet throughout, keep that in check. 

Decorating with Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Decorating with Fiddle Leaf Fig

The empty corner 

Use the fiddle leaf fig trees to fill the empty corners of your house. You can use baskets, they would stay there happily for as long as you want. 

The edges of the furniture 

Most people add fiddle leaf figs to soften the edges of the furniture pieces lying around. It can be a TV unit, a sofa, or perhaps a dresser as well. They are meant for a cohesive look. 

The green accent 

The green accent colour of these trees' leaves, always emphasizes the colour scheme of your house. Pick a colour and repeat it in the space – this creates a perfect sense of balance.  



What type of plants do we place for home decor? 

There isn’t a single type for home décor. If you go through the blog, you’ll get through different plants and ideas to decorate your place. It can be anything from big to small plants. Remember that every plant has its unique style.  

What kind of plants should I put in the living room? 

If you are placing the plant near the window, you can plant anything from a Peace lily to Orchids or the ZZ plants. But if you have a darker room with fewer lights, go for Pothos or the succulents.  

How to decorate my house with plants? 

Every space of your house can be utilized to plant the indoor plants for home décor. But every plant has its taste and requirements. Be it a small plant or a large one, stick to the plan to get an organized result. 

Can artificial plants be a good home decorating idea? 

Yes, they can. They can upgrade the looks of the living spaces, be it your desk or your dining table. But don’t overdo the use of the same. The natural ones are far better because they are always good for your health. Or, you can just combine the two to create a mix.  

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