15 Surprising Indoor Garden Ideas

There isn’t a single way to decorate your room. We have our unique ways, we have our tastes and preferences. Some people would have their rooms covered with books, or some would do the same with games. What we surround ourselves with has a lot to say about our lifestyle. Our mood depends on where, who, how, and with what we spend our day with. We gotta start with our very own room. Give it everything it deserves. Psychologists always advise on working on the place we spend most of our day – our home.  

There are different ways you can work on your home and start decorating it. Give it the tone you love. If you allow us to speak, we would say – Let’s just build an indoor garden. It’s always nice to give your room a taste of greenery and not limiting yourself to the four walls. You might have heard people having a garden in their backyard. Indoor gardening is also a trend these days. It's because people love this very idea – of spending their day in their room or their home which is also a garden. Most of the psychologists and interior designers would approve of these indoor garden ideas. They know how beautiful it would look, and the positive effect of the same on your mind.  

How to create an indoor garden in your living room 

First things first. Stop worrying if you are a beginner. Plants indeed need care, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Just follow the article to the very last, we hope to clear your doubts. Secondly, don’t believe people when they say that you do need a big space if you are up for an indoor garden. Well, you don’t. Any size or structure of rooms would do. And you can have your indoor garden in almost any room in your home. It can be your kitchen, your bathroom, living room, or even your bedroom. Every place has its own style though. But, nothing’s stopping you. You can even mix some of our indoor garden ideas and come up with something unique. It’s all about how you want it to be. You gotta choose your indoor garden plants wisely.  


There isn’t an end to what you can use and how you do the same. You can go for the flower pots – can be made of clay or plastics. You can go for the hanging pots as well.  You’ll get to know about plants that can even grow in water, it just needs a jar. You can place your plant near the window to feed it the bright natural sunlight, or you can even go for the LED lights or the hydroponic systems. You can have an indoor garden full of veggies, herbs, flowers. Anything you want. As we said, it’s all about your taste.  

15 indoor garden ideas 

  1. Indoor Atrium 

Indoor atriums work best when you have a spare room, which you can use for your indoor garden. A porch area in your home would also love this amazing indoor home garden idea. Or, you can also just add some fences to create an appearance of a closed room if you don’t have one. Atriums are elegant. As much as you want it to be. You can be flexible if you are working with Atriums. Place it up a window or a table, or you can even place it down. It will give you these superb chills. 


  1. Window Herbs 

Window herbs are one of the most popular indoor plants when you are looking for an indoor herb garden of your own. They do need bright sunlight, so you gotta keep them near a window. That’s where they suit the best. You can use almost anything to plant window herbs. It can be a pot or even a mug. Plant as many planters as you can in the container – depending on the size of the container you select. Not all herbs need a lot of water, but most of them do. Keep the watering schedule in check. You can plant them anywhere from your kitchen sink to your room. Enjoy your indoor kitchen garden.  


  1. Miniature tropical forest 

It’s not that you can only grow an indoor garden with bright lights. If you prefer darker rooms, that’s fine. Try Miniature tropical forests. Most of the tropical forests prefer shady places. That’s just how they are. You can go for the Monsteras to the Colocasias. If you like glossy and exotic looks, go for the philodendrons. Planting the Miniature tropical forests in your indoor garden isn’t as hard as it seems. They are quite affordable as well. Just remember the fact that they prefer shady lights. 


  1. Sansevieria Garden 

If you are scared about the fact that you need to water the plants every day, and that’s something you might forget. Go for the sansevieria Garden. They are quite easy to handle, apart from that, they work as an air purifier as well. They prefer partial shady to filtered bright light. Once you plant them, you will see them growing their exoticness, even if you don’t put much of an effort.  


  1. Green wall garden 

Some people might not like the idea of covering the rooms with pots and jars. No issue, you can simply cover your wall and have a walled garden of your own. Indoor wall garden is becoming more popular these days. Most of the indoor wall plants are very much fond of artificial lights as well. Flowing ivy is the most popular plant in this category. Other than that, you can also go for tropical plants to cover your black wall. Welcome to your indoor vertical garden.  


  1. Cupped plants 

Don’t let people fool you by saying that potted plants need a lot of care and are high maintenance. You can go for little cups also, to create an indoor garden of your own. You don’t always need those large pots to grow plants. With quality soil, you can grow the same in little cups as well. The size might be smaller in comparison, but they look great as a garden. Go for herbs, or you can try some vegetables for this indoor vegetable garden idea. 


  1. An Indoor Zen Garden 

This is one of the most unique and creative ideas for an indoor garden. There’s not much need of watering the plants regularly. You just need sand, rocks, moss, or maybe some statues to decorate your garden. Many psychologists prefer the idea of Zen gardens. 


  1. Indoor Water Garden

If you want to get rid of all the clay and soil from your room, you can simply go for a water garden. Plant different plants which can thrive in water and plant them in jars. You just need to ensure that you change the water every month. Ferns and money plants are the most popular choices. 


  1. Chicken garden

Nothing weird. This is just the time to get creative. The regular garden with the fun charm of chickens. They are one of the most decorative ideas for your indoor garden. This has already been a trend now. Add those little chickens with different colours to your garden.  


  1. The fairy garden

This is just the perfect idea for kids. Why just limiting the fairy tales to books and stuffed toys? Add this to your garden. This depends on how and what you want to add – according to your taste. Add the scarves, dolls, candles, and tiny furniture to make it more attractive. Give it a go. Your kids, especially, are gonna love it.  


  1. Aero Garden

Some people would say that they dislike the whole idea of indoor gardening because the ideas are messy and it makes the home the same. The best part about Aero Gardens is that they are mess-free. They just need these small seed pods and a water reservoir along with a pump – that can self-water. Go for built-in LED lights, which help the plants grow easily, and a lot faster. You can select anything from cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, radishes, and indoor herb gardens as well. You just gotta sit back and relax, as the whole process starting from the lights to watering is automated.  


  1. Kokedamaindoor garden 

You might have heard about the Kokedama balls. They are just perfect for your indoor hanging garden. In the Kokedama balls, the plant is wrapped in moss. There’s no container, pot, or jar. Kokedama balls dry out much quicker than other containers. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to water more often.  


  1. LED light terrarium

This looks beautiful when done right. All you need is a full spectrum LED to design the practical environment for your garden. Most people prefer hanging them. You can hang them anywhere. Choose larger bulbs and smaller plants.  


  1. Swinging plant garden

You just need wood, metal, and strings to make the perfect swing for your plant. Use soft metal rings and oval-shaped wood along with cotton yards. Tie the rings together followed by adding the wood to the bottom. Modify the project according to your likes.  


  1. Terrarium garden

Here’s another beautiful indoor garden idea for you. Use terrariums for your garden, choose humidity-loving plants. Choose the perfect size and colour for your container. You would need fast-draining soil for your terrarium garden. You can add rocks, sticks, or small figures to make it more creative.  


Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas 

Similarly Sized Garden 


This gives a different taste. Instead of going for differently sized and mixing things up, try and maintain order. This looks best when you go for mid-sized plants. Might have seen the Oakland home, this just fixes up any awkward blank space. Even if the plants are medium-sized, the impact is large. The best part is that the plants aren’t high maintenance at all. As they are mid-sized, they are easy to move around as well. 

Eclectic Indoor Garden 


Let’s start by mixing and matching the plants and pots. Unlike the above-mentioned similar-sized garden, this garden creates an authentic and creative taste. Mix up those old canisters, and the antiques to create the taste you like. Time to get creative, shoot those handmade pots. Try including old and unused containers by drawing or painting them to your likes.  

Hanging Herb garden 


Herb garden as your indoor garden is always the most comfortable idea. You can get flexible and add your taste to come up with something unique. You can plant the garden almost anywhere in your home. Try your kitchen, and your dinner is gonna get tastier. You don’t need to change anything from your room or kitchen, you can adjust the herbs almost anywhere. Tie up the strings and let them hang. There’s your low-maintenance indoor herb garden.  

Vertical Indoor Garden 


Combine tiny pots and create a vertical structure and let them grow to their fullest potential. You need to keep checking the amount of water you give, because of the vertical structure, ensure that none of the pots misses anything. Start planting herbs, strawberries, veggies according to your preferences.  

Succulent Garden 


Add some cactuses to your succulent garden, mix them up to create a perfect match. These are one of the most comfortable gardening set for beginners. They won’t need much care. With minimal water requirements, you can grow this garden even if you like chilling on your bed. Ignore it if you want, they will still grow. An introvert plant? Might be. They like to be left alone.  

Air garden 


Well, they are one of the cutest garden sets you can grow indoor. You would need a suspended bow of glass. Succulents and cactuses, as said require minimal care and water, so they would also grow inside thin glass vases. And that’s just the perfect look you can gift your home. Do space them a bit apart so that they cover more space. Make sure they stay somewhere safe.  

Windowsill Planters 


They just increase the charm of the windows. Follow the photo, this works the best with a wooden frame. They do live almost anywhere, even outside. Plant some succulents, they give more of a quaint look. This is almost like a DIY project.  

Types Of Indoor Gardeners/ Indoor Gardening 

Container Gardening  

This is the most common and popular type of Indoor gardening. Using pots, empty containers, grow bags is one of the oldest forms of gardening.  



Corner Raised Beds 


Raised beds do look beautiful when we grow veggies and herbs at any corner of your place. You just need potting soil and grow vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, and other small vegetables.  

Living Walls 


Transform your bedroom walls with indoor garden plants. Using irrigation tanks or dripping water techniques is the best way to have a Living wall garden. Plants like lettuce, strawberries, herbs suit the best.  

Microgreens Corner 


Growing microgreens indoor is always adoring. Microgreens grow a lot quicker and faster than other plants. It even doesn’t take a lot of effort to grow microgreens.  



This type of indoor garden doesn’t need soil or gravel to grow. You can grow them almost anywhere, they just grow when they get provided with valuable nutrients and water growing methods. If you are looking for an indoor garden under stairs, they would work just right.  

Creative Small Garden Ideas 

Most of us prefer small gardens when we talk about indoor gardening. Here are some small garden ideas for your home -  

Small Terrarium Garden 


Add a few glass display cases or some air plants to get the perfect combination. 

Colourful Hanging garden 

Mounting your planters from your ceiling always looks attractive, try this colourful idea to sparkle a few colours in your living room space.  


The greenhouse 

Add small plants to utilize a laundry room or a mudroom to give it a beautiful touch. This idea would enliven all of your utilitarian spaces.  


The 9 Best Herb Garden Kits of 2021 

We know how much you love indoor herb gardens. So here we are with a list of the 9 best Herb garden kits along with their pros and cons.


     1. Home Starter Kit


Pros -  

  • Comfortable setup 
  • Faint running water sound 
  • Can grow a wide range of plants 

Cons -  

  • Changing water can get tricky
      2. Garden 3 Pod

Pros -  

  • Fully compact 
  • Available built-in timer 
  • Lamp extension as a bonus 

Cons -  

  • The app might not be quite useful 



           3.  Organic Indoor Herb


Pros -  

  • Has organic seeds 

Cons -  

  • Suitable for new pots only Modern Sprout Hydroponic Kit


     4. Modern Sprout Hydroponic Kit


Pros -  

  • Can grow without soil 
  • The glass mason jars are recycled 

Cons -  

  • You get only one herb in each kit 


         5. Aerogarden harvest Elite


Pros -  

  • Has a wide range of seeds 
  • Customized LED lights 
  • Stainless steel material 

Cons -  

  • Expensive than other kits 


            6. Indoor Herb kit


Pros -  

  • Affordable 
  • Can hold 12 pots 

Cons -  

  • No reminder tool is available 



          7. Smart Garden 9


Pros -  

  • Multiple lighting options 
  • Easy setup 

Cons -  

  • Extension arm - fixed 


           8.  9 Herb window Garden


Pros -  

  • Affordable 
  • Stocked starter set 

Cons -  

  • Made of plastic 



        9. Sower's Source Seed Kit


Pros -  

  • A wide range of seeds 
  • Several accessories 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor 

Cons -  

  • Repotting is required in some cases 





 1. How difficult is indoor gardening? 

Indoor gardening isn’t as difficult as it seems. Following the perfect guide, even a beginner can start his/her own indoor garden. One might face difficulties in soil moisture regulation.

2. How to build an indoor vertical garden? 

First, you need to select the types of plants you prefer. Ensure you have got adequate light, and then go for the design. Each plant has its own characteristics, make sure they match with the environment.  

3. What are some indoor gardening tips? 

Hold the fertilizer, there isn’t much need. Check the watering schedule regularly. There isn’t much need for watering in most cases of indoor plants. Refresh the soil and keep the humidity in check.  

4.How to design my own home garden? 

Conduct proper research. Go through the blog multiple times. Visit garden centres or nearby gardens to take inspiration. Keep your garden size in check. Include plants according to the room’s environment and your taste.