How to Grow Coleus Plant Indoors?

How to Grow Coleus Plant Indoors?

Variegated foliage plant is a trend. Indoor plants with attractive ornamental foliage are seen in many indoor gardens or balconies. Plants with their unique patterns, colours and shapes add real natural beauty to the interiors. Among such stunning plants is the Coleus plant.

A genus of the perennial herb, Coleus belongs to the Lamiaceae family. In botanical terms, coleus is known as Plectranthus scutellarioides. Coleus plants have bright-coloured foliage familiar as a bedding plant in the Victorian era. Coleus plants look great in hanging baskets, planters, and containers in indoor gardens. Coleus is native to regions of Asia.

Let us look into more details about growing and caring for Coleus plants.

Potted Coleus plant

Coleus Plant Indoor Care

If you want to have a very striking and long-lasting ornamental foliage of the Coleus plant, then you need to religiously look after the plant every single day. Here is a stepwise guide about caring for the coleus plant indoors.

  • Coleus plant loves partial to shade and is not fond of sun exposure
  • The soil required for this plant must be moist, rich and loose
  • The pH level of the soil is recommended to be a little bit acidic to neutral
  • Keep this plant away from pets as it is toxic to them
  • The soil should not be wet continuously as it can lead to the rotting of roots
  • Do not neglect the plant for a very long period as it may slow down the growth
  • Use mulch as it can help in soil retention
  • During the hot season, water the plant twice a day while for indoor coleus, water it after every 2-3 days
  • Indoor coleus must be kept away from AC vents and similar cold areas
  • A good quality fertiliser is recommended for this plant to improve the plant health
  • For plants grown in containers, a slow-release fertiliser can work well
  • Prune or pinch the outgrowing stems to maintain the growth of the plant
  • If required, repot the plant after every 1 or 2 years

Coleus Plant Cuttings

Propagation of Coleus is easily carried out from stem cuttings and then rooting them separately. Cut a long stem about 4-6 cm and insert the stem in good moist soil while keeping the leaf nodes open. Then keep the newly planted pot in a plastic bag, but do not let any parts of the plant or the stem touch the bag. Place the container under a bright and warm spot unless and until new roots grow up. This procedure can consume about three weeks. After that, take out the plastic bag and let the baby coleus plant grow at the same spot. 

Growing Coleus Indoors

Indoor Coleus plant

This is how growing Coleus indoors look. This beauty just can’t be ignored.

Growing Coleus from Seed Indoors

Now, how to grow the coleus plant from seed? It is not too difficult though. It can take about 21 days for the seeds to grow. When the seedlings start to appear, it will take another 3-4 weeks to grow fully during the warm temperatures.

Take the potting mix in a tray and sprinkle the Coleus seeds all over. With a plastic bag, shield the tray and keep it under a bright and warm spot where the seeds will start sprouting in about two weeks. After that, remove the bag and let the seeds grow at a moist temperature. Once you see leaves growing out, you can transplant the tiny sapling in a pot and let it grow efficiently.

Coleus Indoors Winter

Coleus plant needs extra care in winters

Coleus loves warmth. It is extremely important to keep the indoor coleus plant alive during winters. For this keep your plant near a humidifier and completely avoid AC vents.

Coleus Flower Indoors

Charming coleus plant flowers

Coleus Plant Indoor Benefits

Having an indoor coleus plant is itself a benefit for it gives a cheerful vibe to your home. Apart from that, Coleus is a thoughtful gift idea. The colourful ornamental foliage is a wonderful gift no one can ignore. Coleus can also be used for upgrading your interior décor.

Hope this helps to make you buy this lovely plant for indoors.


You may want to go through some FAQs below:

How long do coleus plants live?

If the coleus plant is kept away from dry and frost-free regions, it can healthily live for many years.

Can coleus be kept indoors?

Yes, Coleus is a popular houseplant and can be grown indoors.

Is coleus good houseplants?

Yes, Coleus is a popular houseplant and can be grown indoors.

How do you keep coleus alive indoors?

Give it enough warmth and bright indirect light so that it grows well indoors.

Does coleus like sun or shade?

Coleus survives in partial shade.

Does coleus die after flowering?

Coleus plants may die after the flowering season.

How do you keep coleus plants over winter?

Place the coleus plant under a warm spot with partial sunshine and provide enough humidity to the plant.

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